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This course, revised in 2022, will introduce you to the theory of music, providing you with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation, as well as to understand, analyse, and listen informedly. It will cover material such as pitches and scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, metre and time signatures, phrases and cadences, and basic harmony. This course covers the fundamentals of Western music theory, from the absolute basics to some more advanced concepts. As such, it is the perfect course for beginners and more experienced musicians alike....



1. Apr. 2021

Very good course which hammers home the essentials.

Good enthusiastic lecturing and importantly on completion progressed onto Coursera Musicianship Specialisation which I have now almost completed


22. Aug. 2017

It was a very nice course. We were able to understand the basics of music theory and how the notations and chords work. Thank you so much to the entire staff of Edinburgh University and Coursera..:-)

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von yousuf t

26. Juni 2019


von Alexander A

29. Juni 2019

Thanks to the lecturers for a good course!

Maybe the material can seems difficult to those who trying to learn the basics only through the videos. I preferred to combine the course with reading a book on the basics of music theory. Lectures with quizes became a good practical addition to the book and seemed easy enough for me.

The second part of the final exam was really hard. There were many questions in it for which the course does not provide sufficient skill training background. But I regarded it as a motivation for doing some research work. And after watching some videos on YouTube, reading Wikipedia and various articles on harmonic analysis, everything fell into place. It was worth it since after such kind of work the basic skills are strengthen very well.

von Arttu S

4. März 2018

Overall an excellent introduction to music theory. The course makes you work a little bit but rewards you by expanding your understanding of musical structures and ideas behind them. You're also able to analyse and write notation after you have finished the course.

I've always played by ear and never bothered to learn basic theory as I never felt I would be needing it in the future. I also felt that music theory was complicated and (excuse me) dull. In that sense, this course makes an exception and I was able to finish the five weeks in a month working maybe couple of hourse per week. Now, especially after this course, I think my musical understanding has progressed.

The Coursera learning environment works very well both on laptop and mobile.

von John B

17. Nov. 2020

This was an excellent course! I've played piano for years and never understood how the composers were moving from key to key or creating the effects they got. This really opened my eyes and I want to know MORE! My only minor complaint, is that I would have appreciated it if you had covered how to name the chords between the two staffs, how to deal with repeated notes, when is it an inversion, what to consider between the two staves and how to account for "extra" notes. As such, the practical part of the exam did cover this and I thought your grading notes were excellent. I was pretty wary about that part of the exam but am really glad I did it (including the peer reviews). Thank you.

von Dolly M

23. Sep. 2020

I really like this course. As a person who plays piano but don't know too much about music theory, I think this course i's a little difficult but not too difficult.

Feedback: I do have one feedback for the final quiz though. I think some questions from the final quiz is a bit stretching. For example the concept of passing note(a note you can overlook when analyzing chords), and a chord could be analyzed as different key is not mentioned much in the course lecture material. I know we have some related analysis in the last reading material for Bach's prelude. But I feel more explaining or introduction of these new concepts in video lecture will be even more helpful.

von Roie S

9. Jan. 2021

I'm 25 years old and I've been writing and preforming my music for the past 6-7 years. I've never received a proper musical education growing up so through the years I've mostly skimmed through the "basics" of music theory and just paddled along with my listening and a little help from my friends. This course is the first of its kind that I've ever done and it was splendid! The material was nicely spread out and was organized in an agreeable fashion that made things truly more understandable to me. I hope to continue getting better at understanding what works and what doesn't in the music world and this was another nice first step. Thank you!

von Wayne P

11. März 2021

I commenced this course as complete beginner, I have never owned a musical instrument or played a musical instrument or read a single note of music. This is a completely new field for me. Each week I put in a lot of hours (outside my regular job) to absorb, understand and apply what I was learning. It was very challenging, but the exhilaration of leaning the fundamentals of the language of music was so worth it. The course has given me a new appreciation and understanding of music that I was ignorant of before.

von Stella F

5. Jan. 2022

It is a very challenging course. The materials covered in the lectures are not sufficient to pass the quizzes and exam. I spent a lot of time looking up material on the internet, and am glad I made it in my first attempt! It is a great course for anyone who has a passion in music , and is willing to invest many hours to understand the fundamentals of music theory. I am now learning jazz piano comping, and better understanding of harmony and modulation would definitely help.

von Aaron Y

28. Jan. 2017

Love this course so far! As I am using this for a quick review for my music theory to supplement my years of piano music before taking the AP Music Theory exam later this year, this course is very informational and helpful. I wish they had released a vocabulary list each week as either an assignment too for just a completion grade, or given hand in hand with the printouts each lesson to help develop the musicianship and familiarity of music's unique jargon.

von Muskan C

24. Juni 2021

This course helped me a LOT with Music Theory. The explanations were easy to follow. The quizzes and the final exam reinforced everything I learned. I would always go and try what they showed in the videos; playing the scales and figuring out the chords, it's very helpful. So enrolling in the course requires practice from your side too! Overall an amazing course; a lot of concepts to take in which will be with me throughout my musical journey!

von Raul C M

10. Mai 2017

seria importante reforzar la aplicación en otros idiomas para facilitar lectura y comprensión de temas.

Francamente la semana 5 se me dificulto por las traducciones, recomiendo dividir el tema en dos semanas por su complejidad; el instructor es muy bueno pero las grabaciones se deben mejorar y citar mas ejemplos prácticos. las ligas a otros sitios para reforzar el conocimiento son buenas pero se podría recurrir a ejemplos de YouTube


von Beth B

5. Apr. 2017

What a wonderful course. The instructors were so engaging and knowledgeable... and talented! It is a topic that I've always wanted to know about but never had the opportunity in school to learn about it. It got pretty technical at times and, like learning a language, it really takes a lot of memorization or experience to fully grasp the subject matter, but the parts that I could follow, was just what I was hoping to get from the course!


4. Juni 2018

The course was a thorough review of Scales, Keys, Chords, Intervals, Progressions, Interludes, Modulations, Cadences, and much more. The reading and analysis of a classical work by Beethoven was very enlightening. I believe that most of the students found the course to be interesting and a valuable learning tool.

The instructors were very informative and well versed in their working knowledge of the fundamentals of music.

von Alexis G

2. Sep. 2020

This was a great course. The content was very challenging for a fundamentals course, but exactly what I was looking for. I really learned a lot, surprisingly (or maybe not) especially from the quizzes and final assessment. The instructors were great, and shout out, with much gratitude, to Zach for his extra tutorial on chord progressions and modulations at the end of the course.

von Siddharth K

1. Juni 2020

For a guitarist who has been playing things without having any theory background, this has been a very enriching course. Apart from week 3, the course was very well explained and the quizzes reinforced everything I had learned. I think this format of videos with two people having a conversation is very effective. I loved the videos by Dr. Zack Moir and Dr. Nikki Moran!

von Daniel R

7. Juni 2021

C​ourse was Very challenging for myself with no music theory background! I have been a Musician for 40 years playing electric Chicago blues & Rock music. My advice is to take good notes, re-watch the lectures and use outside sources such as Google & Wikipedia and print out scales,blank sheet music and study. Very much Enjoyed all the new Music Theory I have learned!!

von Laurel L

1. März 2021

My brother far away has been struggling with lockdown from Covid. Me too. I invited him to join me in taking this class. What an influence this class has had on both of us! Our conversations have been focused on something other than worries of the day. Don't wait to feel better to do something. Do something to feel better. Thank you from across the pond!

von Kelly S

15. Feb. 2021

Thanks for joy during covid. I anticipated that I would spend a lot of time alone during the pandemic. I bought myself a keyboard and some piano instruction books to start a new hobby. At the same time, I signed up for this class. The class really enhanced the whole process. The class increased my motivation to keep practicing the keyboard. Thank you.

von Kirkley S

31. Juli 2020

This class was fantastic, but as someone with a strong background in music from a young age, it was a challenge even for me! I don't believe this is a 'beginner-level' course, but it is an intensive and comprehensive overview and provides a very strong foundation in music theory. I loved it, and learned SO much! Thank you University of Edinburgh!

von Marco

22. Okt. 2017

This one of the best course that i've found on the web. Although I have some previous trainning, this course aloud me to recap go further. Irecommend it to any one who is interested to put all the things already known, and to those who are interested in aquiring some music theory foundations. I recommend to watch the difficult parts, several times.

von Jay F

12. Juni 2022

I​ enrolled in order to better understand chords and got a lot more than that. The course has helped me understand what I am playing and why. It was very difficult but the extra work it took to passs was worth the effort. I can now blend in chords without trying to read the left hand. Thanks. The professors were very knowledge and helpful.

von Uday

1. Aug. 2020

Had a blast, its a really amazing course with really good assignments.

I am a bit sad now that the course has completed. It was really fun watching and learning from all the lecturers( especially from Dr Zack and Dr Nikki) teach with such enthusiasm and interest.

Really recommend taking this course if you are new to music theory.

von Tom P

10. Mai 2017

The course is great. it's fun, interesting, engaging and all.

I think that what I would add is some more links to pieces of music, or videos of the mentors talking about and performing musical pieces, like in the one when John played Bach's prelude in C, and the analysis afterwards - This was really interesting and inspiring!

von Eugene B

31. Mai 2020

It's a course on music THEORY and in my opinion it does a great job at introducing you to the fundamentals of it. It's not exhaustive, in that you have to read around from other sources in order to fully understand certain concepts; the quizes and final exam reflect this. Overall, it's challenging, educative and rewarding!

von Alex R

4. Mai 2017

It is a very interestring course. It provides one with basic information about musical theory. I liked particularly the part about chords and their connections. I would like to see given a longer course dedicated to this part (Harmony). I would like to thank all the lecturers for a very enjoyable and informative course.