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Emotions: a Philosophical Introduction, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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Über diesen Kurs

Philosophy is like sex: sure you can get some interesting results, but that's not why we do it. Going one step beyond…why do you FEEL pain or pleasure? Do plants have emotions? How is possible that some people do not understand other’s emotions? Emotions seem to be everywhere, giving meaning to all events of our lives. They are the backbone of social activities as well as they drive the cognitive processes of several living entities. Several animals, including humans, have emotions but…what about machines?...Do machine can have emotions? This course will help you to understand and to identify most important philosophical ideas and debates about emotions, as well as it will provide you a rich source of data about neurological, psychological or anthropological analysis of emotions. In a nutshell: this is a course to feel and think about....


von TC

Aug 05, 2016

Love this course. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to understand emotions. Jordi, I can't wait to do your next course.

von BS

Aug 19, 2017

excellent class, truly unique and mind expanding, do it again!

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50 Bewertungen

von Alice Zerr

May 21, 2019

well done. So much more than feelings.

von Eme Ruggeri

May 10, 2019

Thanks Jordi.....!!!!

von Claudia Cardona

Mar 30, 2019

Awesome quality of the course/ Awful quality of the spoken English.

von karime e paulin gutierrez

Mar 20, 2019

Its a really great course, just consider that english is not his first language

von Egon Werlen

Feb 25, 2019

A Philosophical introcuction with a huge knowledge of different domains. I liked the course very much.

von Ritesh Kapoor

Feb 15, 2019

Nice course to start with..!! you will learn lot about emotions, & unlearn may things as well...!


von Leticia Passos Affini

Jan 24, 2019

Excelente Curso

von mansi gupta

Jul 02, 2018

it is very easy

von Harika

Jun 30, 2018

Its a great course that explains how our environment and the language we speak effect how we feel/express the emotions and how they play a major role in our cognitive tasks and also how the states of emotion are integrated part in brains cognitive functioning.Good intro to know how techniques like reinforcement learning are used also nice article on how our brains process and store information based on the idea of convolutions.

von Djana Ruby

Jun 02, 2018

Good course!