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In this course, you will get a thorough introduction to the emergency medical services system, and learn the foundation components to how it works as a whole. You will also learn the nuts and bolts of becoming a healthcare provider, and gain some basic knowledge about the human body. By the end of the course, you will be able to 1) understand the history and components of the EMS system, 2) speak the language of medicine with basic medical terminology, as well as have an understanding of basic human anatomy, 3) understand the different types of communications and how they are specific to EMS, 4) take vital signs and master the normal from the abnormal, and 5) master personal and scene safety, and begin the process of patient assessment....



21. Apr. 2021

I took this course as a refresher. As a Navy Corpsman I was a certified EMT and really wanted to maintain this skill set. So i used this as a refresher before my NRT. It was exactly what I needed.


16. Apr. 2020

I have no words for this course, I mean its, really a gem of a course for all healthcare providers and other people as well. I want to recommend this course to all of the people to, save lives.

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von Veronica J

29. Apr. 2020



24. Jan. 2019


von Charles H

9. Feb. 2021

This course was very thorough and easy to follow. The instructors did a good job and breaking things down to their most basic form in order to allow different learning styles to understand the information. The only issue I had was that some of the links, specifically the JEMS links, did not work properly. Not to worry, all you have to do is google the title of the link and a working link would appear. Excited for course 2 of 6.

von J. W

17. Dez. 2020

I appreciate all the teachers in this course. The information and the communication styles. I wish the 'in' video pop up questions were a little more challenging at times. And also...the subtitles are not always correct as far as what is being said and what is typed. This is technical and a small issue. Also, one of the links in an early session was broken. But overall it felt good for what this is as an online course.

von Mag

10. Mai 2021

Please consider showing more examples of the medical provider asking for consent when they touch the patient. Please also consider describing situations in which the presence of law enforcement can make patients or the medical provider less safe.

von Karishma K

7. Aug. 2019

This is a very short and easy to understand course that sets the pace for the rest of the specialisation. For anyone who has gone through medical school, this will mostly be common knowledge and will be an easy certificate to achieve.

von Aymen S

13. Feb. 2021

as begin ther is lot of informations to ge it all i 'd like to thak all the group University of Colorado to give us the opportunity and access to this course

von Sakshi S

15. Mai 2020

Nicely explained and tests were good. Only issue was the volume of most of the videos was a little too low to be able to hear properly. Good content though.

von Sierra H

22. Juli 2020

Course videos and lecture content are excellent. There are some training materials missing which I subsidized from the broader internet.

von Jenn B

16. Feb. 2021

Great course for people in remote locations needing to learn emergency first aid basics, human anatomy and overview of protocols

von Edgar A R E

3. Aug. 2020

It gives you the basic information about the EMS system and a brief inroduction to the EMT's functions and responsibilities.

von Emmanuel A L

14. Sep. 2020

I have really refreshed and learnt new skills. Thank you very the extensive and easy-to-grasp teaching methodology.

von Ha T T H

19. Apr. 2020

It's very helpful to me. Thank you very much

von Patrice E

3. Sep. 2020

This was an amazing course I learnt alot

von Bryson C

4. Mai 2020

Mostly professional and simple.

von samir e

17. Sep. 2020

اريد الغاء هذة الدورة

von Dahlila V

21. Apr. 2021

Great beginer course

von Audra B

18. Juli 2020

I would really love to see more opportunities in this course to test our knowledge. I feel like there were lots of long lectures with a moderate amount of information, but no opportunities to test ourselves. The simple ten question test at the end of each week is simply not enough to ensure we've truly learned the information. In addition, while I feel this course did a good job of testing on the information it provided, I don't feel like it fully prepares the student for the National Registry Exam. Its a difficult test, asking less for the right answer, and more for the BEST right answer. All in all, good effort. Loads of lectures but not enough pertinent information to justify the long hours the course demanded.

Audra, Former EMT/ Firefighter

von Juan F

22. Apr. 2021

I love the courses by the University of Colorado but I really find it "impulsive" dealing with online system that keep doing something called solicitation into my email account with ridiculous reminders of assignments that need to be completed. Also I don't care about other students completing the course in a fast manner, that may mean they know how to use skill, but not when to use it. The whole purpose of these courses is to improve a person strategy, not just to be another "Yes man" Please remove non-essential tasks such as statistics, that is my suggestion.

von Jacob T

22. Juni 2020

The knowledge covered by this course is a fantastic place to start for someone just entertaining the idea of becoming an EMT with little-to-no medical background. The course structure and execution was a bit lacking. I had a couple issues that went unanswered from Tech Support. Lots of a little errors throughout that made it seem not professional.

von Brian

24. Sep. 2019

Needs better attention to detail. Needs more frequent updates. Needs equipment list so that we know what we could use to start practicing our skills.

On the positive, good clear instruction. Useful demonstrations, nice they were in uniform, fun seeing the gear that they used.

von Bessoufekad T

8. März 2021

There is a lot of reading and video that are not available ,it would be great if those things were not missing .

von Aleksandra T

14. Juli 2021

Some of the links and info are outdated

von Muhammad R M

20. Apr. 2021

Good course