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This course gives you access to an exploration of physiological systems from the perspective of overall health and wellness. In particular, a focus on yoga, meditation and mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention in chronic illness and long term treatment. This course is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers, as well as college students and medical practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of the physiological benefits of yoga. The value of taking this course is to understand the impact that yoga can have on reducing stress, and aiding in healing or preventing physiological pathologies. Throughout this course, we will learn about different physiological systems and highlight yoga practices that can influence different systems and reduce pathology. Reading material will include analysis of scientific studies that have successfully utilized yoga practice as a tool for treatment of various illnesses such as: hypertension, stress, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain and PTSD. In order to understanding these conditions, lectures will provide a complete understanding of the correlating physiological system. The weekly course assignment will include physiology lectures, a weekly yoga practice, suggested readings, and optional discussions for a total of 3-5 hours per week. The course will provide a tremendous amount of information and hands on experience for those interested in alternative health perspectives and a more in depth scientific understanding of this ancient healing method....



24. Feb. 2020

In this course I have learned more about anatomy than my entire life and all yoga courses together. I can't enough recommend this course for any yoga level practice wether students or instructors!!


25. Okt. 2020

Excellent course, it tied together the physiology and yoga very well, the videos that showed how to do the poses and then reminded you what that pose was doing physiologically was very helpful.

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von Shivani R G

28. Sep. 2021

Incredible course, full of relevant subject knowledge as well as very-valuable personal experiential wisdom from Teachers. I have been a Yoga practitioner for 15years and this course has helped me cross-over from being a Yoga Enthusiast to a FIRM BELIEVER - in its powerful & intrinsic impact on living a Healthy, Integrated, Wholistic life, and achieve balance in one's Body, Mind and Soul. I will revisit the learnings and knowledge of the course, to ingrain them and apply them. My thanks to Alex and Eddie, and hoping that I meet then when I visit NY :)

von David D

24. Dez. 2020

I found this to be a perfect course to teach oneself the basics of yoga but more importantly the scientific explanation why and how this works on the various systems and organs of the body. It covers many weeks but I welcomed the amount of material, with an interaction of theory, research and practice. I would think anyone could find value for this time investment.

All the lecturers were outstanding but the two main lecturers were superb, able to speak clearly and directly to you without reading from a screen prompt. Bravo!

von Klára K

19. Juli 2021

This course is a beautiful combination of yoga and physiology. You'll learn about the affects of yoga on chronic diseases, chronic pain and stress as well as other pathologies and it's numerous benefits on our overall health and wellbeing as well as that yoga is not just the movement but rather holistic approach to life. It affects many aspects of our life and can help in many areas of our life as stress reduction, that has a big impact on all the other systems in our body. I recommend to everyone that found this course.

von Shibaji M

3. Dez. 2019

This is a gem of a course, this is the best course I have ever done in Coursera and it's same in standard as the classics from Tim (Algorithm) and Andrew (ML) and some of the Banking and Finance classic courses.

This course should go into the Hall of Fame. I have benefited immensely from this course and thanks the instructors from the bottom of my heart for producing a course like this.

My only request for future edition will be to provide pdf for reading suggestions, 70% of them are behind a paywall.

von Susana P

19. Juli 2020

Este curso me encantó! Abarca todos los sistemas del cuerpo, te ayuda a profundizar más en el conocimiento sobre yoga y la meditación. Los impactos que tiene sobre el cuerpo y mente los he podido emplear en mi vida diaria y en mis clases. He logrado que mis clases tengan otra intención, que es sanar a mis estudiantes y ayudar a que tenga mejor calidad de vida a traves de la practica de yoga y meditación. Infinitas gracias por su trabajo y espero que hagan más proyectos parecidos.

von Terry H

13. Nov. 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed learning in an interactive way, by participating in yoga sessions, how practicing yoga has such an influential benefit on our physiological systems, such as nervous, respiratory, circulatory, muscular skeletal, and lymphatic systems, as well as it helps in reducing chronic stress and pain. The instructors are excellent in explaining how our complex physiological systems are influenced by yoga practice to reduce stress. I highly recommend taking this course.

von Rakesh K T

14. Apr. 2021

The course on Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology has added immense value in my understanding of Physiological systems of human body. It is a great learning how yoga practices and different breathing techniques demonstrated in the course modules can help in transforming our lifestyle, perception for maintaining good health, staying calm, reducing stress. Interviews with experts are very enlightening. Very beneficial course for everyone.

von Heidi S

9. Feb. 2021

Thank you for this course opportunity! I have always known that yoga practice was good for overall health and now I understand more fully the physiological reasons why. This was interesting, informative and fun. I have learned new elements for my yoga practice and have made a commitment to use it daily to develop my techniques to reduce stress and create homeostasis in my body and to be able to share this with my health coaching clients as well! Namaste

von Tracie C C

5. Juni 2020

This was an excellent course! It gave me a clear understanding of several yoga postures and the physiological effects of yoga, meditation, and breathing. After just one module, I quickly realized how important this information is for me and anybody who makes the conscious effort in living a healthy life and in protecting this amazing machine we call our body. Knowledge is power! Thank you for making it available on

von Megan O

1. Juli 2021

This was a very interesting and engaging course. It was a great way to learn some physiology in an applied manner that kept it interesting and fun. This course has also helped me learn how to manage my stress level with yoga and see how it can make a huge impact on quality of life. I hope to one day help other people manage their own stress and improve their quality of life through exercise and diet.

von Loveneesh S

5. Mai 2021

A very excellent course, and tremendous mentors. I have not seen any course anywhere so well explained. connection between human physiology and its relation with yoga. It also includes some inspections while learning that how far one could understand the lessons, and flexible timings also an advantage. Moreover, interviews are eyeopeners. Skilled doctors and professionals are a part of this course.

von Allison W

14. Dez. 2021

I​ am sooo glad I carved out the time for the course. With every module, I learned information that I was able to immediately deploy in my yoga classes. Most of the presenters/lecturers were excellent. Most of the material was presented clearly and compellingly. Although some improvements are needed, I still rate it a 5/5. It was worth every minute of my time!

von Silvana L K

6. Juni 2020

Thanks for this course, I have found and learned more than I expected, each lesson has a lot of useful information and tools that can help improve your life and that of others through Yoga. It was very valuable to me to access current knowledge about the benefits (studied by science) of practicing yoga and mindfulness. Excellent course

von Suthiwan M

6. Apr. 2022

This is a very interesting course for any level of yoga practitioner who would like to learn more details about Anatomy, digestive systems, endocrine systems, and how important and relationship between the nervous system, and sympathetic and parasympathetic systems is in yoga practice. The interview sessions are also very interesting.

von Farah F

28. Apr. 2021

The Course is very informative and clear. Very interesting not only for yoga teachers and therapists but for anyone who practices yoga or is thinking about starting yoga. In this course, you will learn much more than yoga asanas/ postures but the correlation between the body's systems and the effects of yoga in this system.

von Sarah W

1. Dez. 2020

Absolutely wonderful course that made science easier for me to digest when combined with the yoga! A great balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. I highly recommend this for not just yoga teachers, but anyone interested in learning about internal systems and how to better manage stress, pain, and overall wellness.

von Honey R B

12. Juni 2022

T​his course is very informative. I love how the lessons were supplemented by interviews of experts in the field of science, and included a lot of research papers to read and review, and yoga practices that are centered on the week's topic. This course has definitely enriched my practice as a student and teacher of yoga.


7. Mai 2021

the course is designed very beautifully for yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers, as a yoga teacher, I have never seen such a intelligently designed course, all the instructors were so convincing and clear. its truly amazing to see this course, i have never seen something as properly designed like this, hats-off.

von Smriti V

22. Feb. 2020

A very interesting course giving a good overview of how Yoga is beneficial to the overall health and well being of an individual. The correlation of the physiological background and the videos explaining how to do and vary the asanas as per individual capacity is highly informative and easy to understand.

von Nitesh D

24. Apr. 2020

I started this course few days ago and as I was going through it I learnt many things which were quite beneficial for me. I came to know about the benefits of yoga in our daily life . I really thank all my Instructors who delivered me this precious information of the link between yoga and physiology.

von Leanne M

7. März 2022

Most enjoyable course that I have completed in over four decades of health and business studies.

Further reinforced the benefits of embedding regular yoga practice.

What an honour to have the course facilitated by such expert lecturers.

My immense thanks for such an enriching opportunity.


28. Mai 2020

Excellent Course for all of us. The contents are very clear and informative. I learned what expected to learn from this course. I found this course very useful and there are plenty of great sources and reading materials available. I love the presenters and the manner of delivery.

von Alejandra P

25. Apr. 2022

Realmente es un curso muy completo, muy bien dirigido y con explaciones bastante completas para tratarse de temas tan complejos.

This is really a very complex course, good oriented and very clear expanations, everything is clearly aborded even being about such complex topics.

von Angelique R

17. Sep. 2021

I really enjoyed this course. Learning about the actual research and evidence-based findings of how beneficial yoga actually is for several pathologies was really interesting, and has encouraged me to continue to learn more and take my own practice further. Thank you!

von Lukáš B

8. Jan. 2021

I really found this course super useful. It provides a comprehensive overview of human physiology and a huge amount of benefits that yoga and mindfulness practices can have for overall health. I am very glad to have found this course and would absolutely recommend it!