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Often called “the cornerstone” of public health, epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases, health conditions, or events among populations and the application of that study to control health problems. By applying the concepts learned in this course to current public health problems and issues, students will understand the practice of epidemiology as it relates to real life and makes for a better appreciation of public health programs and policies. This course explores public health issues like cardiovascular and infectious diseases – both locally and globally – through the lens of epidemiology....



11. Apr. 2020

Very clear teaching strategies from the instructors. Some quizzes though are a little bit hard on my part because of the type of questions and answers. But overall it is a great course to take with.


17. Juni 2021

I just completed my course and I would like to appreciate the tutors for doing a great job, yeah! Also, I recommend Coursera for anyone who wants to experience advancement in knowledge and career.

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von Leyla Y

10. Mai 2020

As a person who had no prior knowledge of epidemiology, I can definitely say that I now know what epidemiology is and some introductory information and concepts related. This course definitely led me to want to learn more about public health, maybe even to possibly pursue it. The instructors are truly knowledgeable and the structure of the course enabled me to learn applicable information.

von Dipika S B

29. Juni 2017

This is a very good course indeed! Being a qualitative researcher, I found this course exceptionally well, especially when the course teachers explicitly described about the practical details of various quantitative measures with good and easy examples of public health issues. It was really fun to take this course. I would love to recommend it to many of my fellows. thanks and cheers!

von Ezgi U İ

21. Sep. 2018

This course is well-covered introduction to epidemiology and gives you a general notion over the enormous field of epidemiology. Instructors are dedicative and they even choose every word carefully to transmit the knowledge. I thank very much to our lovely instructors Dr. Karin Yeatts and Dr. Lorraine Alexander, NCU and to Coursera for providing us such an elusive opportunity.

von Meredith P

16. Aug. 2018

As a prospective epidemiology graduate student, I found this course informative. It has provided me with much needed insight that has helped me make decisions about my future career choice. I would recommend auditing this course for free if you are in a similar situation that I was in; just looking to expand your knowledge about epidemiology without earning a certificate.

von Perla Z

21. Juni 2020

Really awesome class! As an undergraduate student interested in public health, this course was very interactive and easy to understand. I enjoyed watching the videos each week. One thing though, the quizzes were a bit difficult at times and would require numerous attempts to pass. If the quizzes can be modified to be a bit simpler I think the course would be more enjoyable

von Khan G

11. Apr. 2018

Thank you so much Coursera for offering such an informative and useful course. it has been a wonderful experience with this course. course material were up to date and video presentations were quit interactive. once again thank you so much University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Coursera for such fruitful course offering. i highly recommend this to everyone.

von Arturo O

15. Apr. 2017

It has been an excellent journey for me, I just graduated from dentistry school, and want to enter to this field of Public health, to make a change in populations, and communities around the world, this is the start of an adventure for me, before I take my master degree, and travel around the world for doing a volunteering an internship in Africa and Asia. Thank you.

von Lam n

24. Juni 2020

This is the first online course I have ever enrolled, it's an amazing jouney to me. Actually, I have already learnt Epidemiology in my home collage so it is not too difficult for me to catch on the course. Thanks to Dr. Kirin and Lorriane, you did a beautiful job. However if anyone who is finding the most suitable course for Public Health, I highly recomment !!!

von Eisley C R

25. Juni 2020

The information from this course was helpful in expanding my knowledge regarding public health. It is very informative and covers many topics about Epidemiology. Though, it would be greatly appreciated to know the right answers to those questions that the takers got wrong. Overall, Hard but worth it for those who want to venture into the world of public health.

von Koushikur R

12. Apr. 2020

Firstly, thanks to the authority and coursera. The benefits I will get from the course can not be described in words. I had zero knowledge in Epidemiology before the course. Now,I have sufficient amount of knowledge and I am confident that it will help me to contribute in the society espeically during this Pandemic Covid19. Thank you again. God bless us all.

von Mark J S

28. Juni 2016

I am entering public health from another educational background. I plan to take the graduate course in epidemiology next spring when it is offered. This has given me a very helpful introduction to the field, as well as a review of statistics I learned in the past and different ways than I have used to analyze data. Thank you for making this available.

von Juan A S V

22. Aug. 2015

I am very grateful to you this introductory course, it has helped me a lot. I'm about to start a Master of Public Health and the seen here will be a great support. The topics were handled in a very practical way and explicit. No doubt in finding new college courses to which they belong, and considers much a doctorate. Greetings from Acapulco, Mexico.

von David G

27. Dez. 2020

Excellent course about epidemiology including the study designs and statistical techniques used for measurement association. The professors presented the material clearly and professionally with enthusiasm. The backup reading material was quite helpful. I really appreciated the course, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks so much.

von Rajen S

15. Juni 2020

Well, am so thrilled with each moment I spent learning more about the basic Science of Public Health.

Enormous thanks to Dr. Karin Yeatts and Dr. Lorraine Alexander. thank you for the time and the great knowledge enriching modules you put forward for us.

The Discussion forums were wonderful and helpful in many ways; thank you and thank you again.

von Pamela A

7. Apr. 2020

This class was extremely helpful to me in understanding how to read epidemiological papers that I am encountering in my research. The first week was quite introductory, but after that there was a lot of meat and I learned a lot. I would recommend this class to anyone who has to read medical literature as part of their education or their job.

von Deborah M R R

24. Mai 2020

Encanta con este curso. Con la situacion en la que estamos viviendo, este curso me ayudo a comprender mejor los datos y las estadisiticas de los casos reportados independientemente de cualquier enfermedad. Ademas me ayudo bastante a la hora de entender articulos cientificos relacionados a temas de la salud. Estoy sumamente mas que agradecida!

von John H

25. Mai 2021

A really comprehensive introduction to Epidemiology. As a result of the pandemic, and my work on systems change, I developed a real curiosity about public health and epidemiology as a way to 'change the odds'. I hope to apply what I've learned here to my work in changing the odds in other complex systems, such as a Mining and Reconciliation.

von Balbir S D

3. Nov. 2016

It was a thrilling experience to complete Epidemiology (The Basic Science of Public Health) offered by Coursera. I am now excited to obtain the Certificate as I have paid by net banking an amoumt of required 1928/-INR & also submitted my photo ID.I want to know how long it will take to issue this certificate

Thanks & Regards

Dr.Balbir S.Dewan

von Windsor T

17. Nov. 2017

It has been awhile since I completed this course. I just wrapped up my time as a Public Health Advisor in the US Army and this course was a review for me as I prepped for that new assignment. I recommend it for anyone trying to establish their baseline of understanding as well as to people in the field that have stepped away for time.

von Praveen K

10. Nov. 2019

Wow.. This is an awesome MOOCs.. I really loved the way in which the most complicated concepts are explained in an easily understandable way.. I got a lot of concepts and doubts clarified through this course.. I would like to strongly recommend this course for the epidemiologists who are involved basically in teaching and research..

von Nzoyishemeza R D

10. Aug. 2018

Very intersting for it provides a basic understanding of the epidemiology discipline. Once one have completed the course, he/ she still have eagerness to know about epidemiologic features in depth as they have been presented with motivating examples. I am grateful for the work performed by tutors of this course! Many thanks!

von Annabelle W

9. Apr. 2019

I was unsure whether or not I wanted to study Public Health before I began this course. Every lecture was interesting and left me wanting more, the quizzes were at times difficult and I had to review the lectures. It was everything I wanted and more, and I'm excited to say I'm starting my undergraduate degree in the coming year!

von Aidan N M (

19. Apr. 2020

Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health provides a fantastic introduction to the field of epidemiology! This course is a great way to learn about the causes and spread of disease as well as different mathematical techniques that allow epidemiologists to determine measures of occurrence. I highly recommend this course!!

von Minal M

4. März 2019

It was my first online learning experience and it was very good I would say. I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Public Health and the course helped understand the concepts in more focused and detailed manner with the help of multiple choice questions and the end of each sessions. overall it was a nice experience.


9. Apr. 2017

The teachers are fantastic. The content is introductory, but it covers a lot of information in an easy and clear way. Also, it helped me to pass the exam to enter into a Master's program in Epidemiology. It was really helpful, even more than some very well-known introductory books on the field. Thank you, it was great!!