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"Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1" is aimed at learners who are seeking to augment, expand, optimize, and increase the efficiency of their Excel spreadsheet skills by tapping into the powerful programming, automation, and customization capabilities available with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This course is the first part of a three-part series and Specialization that focuses on the application of computing techniques in Excel/VBA to solve problems. In this course (Part 1), you will: 1) create macros to automate procedures in Excel; 2) define your own user-defined functions; 3) create basic subroutines to interface with the user; 4) learn the basic programming structures in VBA; and 5) automate Excel’s Goal Seek and Solver tools and use numerical techniques to create “live solutions” to solve targeting and optimization problems. New to computer programming? The extremely intuitive and visual nature of VBA lends itself nicely to teaching and learning - what a fun way to learn to code! No prior knowledge in programming nor advanced math skills are necessary yet seasoned programmers will pick up new and creative spreadsheet problem solving strategies. After you have learned the basics of VBA, each module will introduce foundational and broad problems inspired by situations that you might encounter in the real world. To pass each module, you'll need to pass a mastery quiz and complete a problem solving assignment. This course is unique in that the weekly assignments are completed in-application (i.e., on your own computer in Excel), providing you with valuable hands-on training....



26. Jan. 2018

Great course! I like it goes straight to implementation and is practice-oriented. What could be improved maybe is sound quality of lectures. And maybe it would be great to have some VBA notes in pdf.


18. Jan. 2020

Great course!! For a Part I it introduces you to useful functions and ways to approach different kind of problems. Challenging course but reasonable with low algebra. Exactly what I was looking for.

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von Muhammad K S

26. Juni 2021

great course but not to be classified under fiance category

von Aldo A S Z

16. März 2019

Very nice course, I learned the basics of VBA programming.


16. Feb. 2021

all was okay but could not understand some in quizzes.

von T. D

6. Apr. 2022

I'd appreciate more coding and less video watching

von joaquim l

26. März 2021

Very good, I enjoy learn with this course.

von Vijayasekar R

28. Dez. 2020

course a little bit difficult for learning

von Manikavelu K

24. Mai 2020

very good learning class, thankyou so

von Anurag A

23. Dez. 2019

Can you put an example for booleans?

von Jose F B D P

29. Juni 2020

Try it! This course is essential

von Sameer B P

2. Aug. 2021

Informative and well explained

von Jesse

24. Juli 2019

Good and relevant instruction

von Krrish C

14. Feb. 2021

Great course to explore VBA


21. Juni 2020

This course helped alot!!!


11. Nov. 2020

Tough but well explained.

von Balaram S

6. Juni 2020

good content covered

von 刘诗语

2. März 2019

It's really useful!

von Enrique L R L

19. Aug. 2020

It was very fun.

von Shaun T

1. Sep. 2021

A bit difficult

von Luis A B O

2. Aug. 2022

Great course

von Kanchangauri K

7. Aug. 2020

very useful

von Brent A K

29. Mai 2020

good course

von Hasan Q

8. Juni 2020

Good One

von ThiTTK

23. Juli 2021


von Hugo M F N

20. Aug. 2020


von Ben T

24. Nov. 2021

Great course; would recommend, but it could be better

-Though anyone will benefit, it's not really designed for business folks looking to automate procedures.

-Could improve the production quality: why not use a flowcharting software and then distribute the week's flowcharts in a PDF?

-The quizzes after the screencasts ARE HORRIBLY FORMATTED. Because the quiz is tied to the video, you can only see small snippets of the question. It makes reading very difficult. It would be better to (as other courses have done) put the quizzes after the screencast as a separate section.

-Times are wildly inaccurate. A week may be listed as 4-5 hours, when the end assignment alone will take you 3 hours. If you're really intent on learning well and not being in a hurry, double your time budget.

-I LOVE the difficulty and challenge of the course. However, what I don't like is how uneven it is. The week end assignments, which again I enjoy, are such a step up from the lessons that it's hard not to feel unprepared.

-1-2 page handouts for each week would be great. Sometimes you feel like there's no thread between lessons or very little tying things together. Even a simple summary of what functions / statements / object classes we use that week would be great.

-I'm currently working through the 2nd course, and I'm a little disappointed in how little "meta-learning" there was: in other words, one of the most useful things to me would have been a more thorough review of the object model, the microsoft reference guide, and how to use that resource to tackle novel problems. As it stands, I feel like I don't have a systematic understanding either of VBA itself or how to continue learning VBA. (Admittedly this is a high bar!)

-I wish he would have covered a lot more of the basics: understanding all the parts of the VB Editor window. I still have to figure out what a lot of the windows / options do. Again, it really didn't feel like a very systematic approach.

Once again, thank you Coursera / Professor N., great course!