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"Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1" is aimed at learners who are seeking to augment, expand, optimize, and increase the efficiency of their Excel spreadsheet skills by tapping into the powerful programming, automation, and customization capabilities available with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This course is the first part of a three-part series and Specialization that focuses on the application of computing techniques in Excel/VBA to solve problems. In this course (Part 1), you will: 1) create macros to automate procedures in Excel; 2) define your own user-defined functions; 3) create basic subroutines to interface with the user; 4) learn the basic programming structures in VBA; and 5) automate Excel’s Goal Seek and Solver tools and use numerical techniques to create “live solutions” to solve targeting and optimization problems. New to computer programming? The extremely intuitive and visual nature of VBA lends itself nicely to teaching and learning - what a fun way to learn to code! No prior knowledge in programming nor advanced math skills are necessary yet seasoned programmers will pick up new and creative spreadsheet problem solving strategies. After you have learned the basics of VBA, each module will introduce foundational and broad problems inspired by situations that you might encounter in the real world. To pass each module, you'll need to pass a mastery quiz and complete a problem solving assignment. This course is unique in that the weekly assignments are completed in-application (i.e., on your own computer in Excel), providing you with valuable hands-on training....


26. Jan. 2018

Great course! I like it goes straight to implementation and is practice-oriented. What could be improved maybe is sound quality of lectures. And maybe it would be great to have some VBA notes in pdf.

18. Apr. 2020

The pattern of course is really nice.It first teaches all the basic information in video and the assignments are designed in a way that all the taught information are used to solve the assignment.

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von Alvaro D

22. Aug. 2020

Too much emphasis in mathematical issues and too shallow in VBA techniques

von Alessandro T

4. Aug. 2020

Too many examples on chemical engineering. It should more broad

von Amrane S

25. Okt. 2019

Missing some help when we blocked on the assignement

von Sandra C

4. Juni 2021

T​he excerises should be more practical.

von Osama S

30. Apr. 2021

Week 5 is so difficult to understand

von Cody T J C

20. Okt. 2020

Excellent material and learning objectives. -3 stars on clear instructions and support for assignment completion. Hot Tip: Grading file and starter file must be run from your local drive not a cloud linked drive. Plus other issues.

von Joshua L

17. Apr. 2020

I quit taking the course after week 2 because it had very few business applications and was far too math and engineering focused, and there was a lot of assumed knowledge.

von David L G L

27. Feb. 2021

its more suitable for engineering

von Cameron S

19. Dez. 2020

The course needs to cater for the general public instead of engineers or professionals. Many learners are people looking for solutions to improve and make their daily tasks more efficient, not learn how to write lengthy formulas. I would highly recommend to extend the duration of the course and start from the real basics including VBA terminology, structure and requirements. There is not enough video content with examples to explain the reasons for writing code in a specific way. Harsh reality is that I would not recommend this course to anyone.

von S D

14. Juli 2020

The course focuses too much on implementing math formulas instead of the power of VBA as a tool for automation and data manipulation. It's a shame as it's the only course on vba on Coursera. VBA has amazing uses but this course does not get straight into the VBA, instead the focus is on mathematical application which should be a completely different course

von shane n

20. Juni 2020

Not very clear, jumps straight into advance debugging before the format and layout has even been discussed. The course is suppose to be for someone learning the very basics, but yet we are learning advanced de bugging techniques in the first week. We have not even start writing simple VBA macros yet...

von Aleksander B

18. Okt. 2020

This could have been a supercourse... however the grading system deters me to such a degree (it uses an 'automated' grader whereby every step such as naming should be 100%) that I will not be taking the exams.

von Raffaele M

15. Juni 2018

Lots and lots and lots of errors, in the slides, in the speech, and also in the quizzes (with the author writing ("I need to fix that"). Part 5 really interesting.

von Josh M

14. Feb. 2021

Would give zero stars if I could. Assignment #1 had technical problems. Reached out for help and got no response. Thanks for taking my money.

von Vaughan P

4. Apr. 2020

i have tried the to take this course several times and there is not enough information to pass the quizzes, this course is not for beginners

von Rita

20. Dez. 2019

Only for engineers. Very disappointing experience. Save your money unless you are looking to compute square roots and exponentials of pi.

von John K

8. Aug. 2020

Not what u was looking for

I want to withdraw from the course

Please advise soonest how to cancel

Thank you

Regards John Keszler

von Nicholas C

17. Mai 2021

Products do not work on Mac and course creator does not respond to the forums when people have issues.

von R_D B

30. Aug. 2020

Help is very poor and one way or high way is the approach.

von Ali U

16. Juni 2020

Very Bad explanation of things and quizzes to

von Adewale A

12. Aug. 2020