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In this course, learners will complete several VBA projects. It is highly recommended that learners first take "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1" and "Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 2". This course builds off of skills learned in those two courses. This is a project-based course. Therefore, the projects are quite open-ended and there are multiple ways to solve the problems. Through the use of Peer Review, other learners will grade learners' projects based on a grading rubric....



2. Juli 2021

This is one of the best courses I have take so far. Real problem solving projects make this part (part 3) challenging as well as exciting. It sets you up for taking challenges of your own projects.


27. Sep. 2018

Projects were enjoyable and challenging. Instructor is excellent -- does a great job of explaining the material and interacting with learners. Content very relevant to real-world projects.

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von Maria C

29. Juni 2018

Thanks a lot for the great course and great specialization!Working in Supply Chain Planning, I need deep knowledge of Excel, especially now, when companies tend to save on expensive tools like SAP or Oracle. I always wanted to learn Excel VBA, but it seemed not easy to me.It was a surprise for me that VBA can be explained so well, in a structured way and with great examples! Instructor Charlie creates very nice and friendly atmosphere in the course and provides great and very talented teaching!Thank you for that! I will recommend excel VBA specialization to my friends and colleagues.

von Diego E

7. Nov. 2022

This course puts you up to the test because, not only do you have to apply what was learned in the previous ones but it is necessary to investigate some things for yourself. Much detail is provided in the assignment statements about how to approach a particular subject, but still I found the problems fairly challenging, and appropiate for a capstone course. I enjoyed making my subroutines, and they've given me an idea for solving other types of problems. I want to thank the instructor for making the course entertaing (academic wise) and keeping the topics somewhat updated.

von Matus K

9. Mai 2020

Excellent "trilogy" of VBA courses. This third one was about the application of all the knowledge learned in the part 1 and 2. I totally agree with the instructor professor Charlie Nuttelman - the best way of learning something is by doing challenging projects when we need to rack our brains. Thanks a lot for this series of Excel/VBA for creative problem solving. The instructor is awesome and provides a lot of useful tricks and information needed for the accomplishment of the assignments and also applicable in real problems.

von Aleksej A

26. Jan. 2020

Best course in the series as you really get to put your acquired knowledge into practice. I though the projects were diverse enough to find interesting applications across various fields. The final project was very interesting and worth doing as you get to create a sizeable application from scratch with a large amount of code that was as tricky to troubleshoot as it was to write and you had to learn from your mistakes over and over again.

von Albert L

14. Feb. 2020

I would like to thank the instructor for his engagement, high-quality material, and useful comments. This course has helped me cement the knowledge from the previous 2 courses, and I am now a confident user of VBA. Even though it is impossible for any course to cover all the aspects of a programming language, it does provide a solid basis which one can further develop their skills upon. Keep up the good work!

von Teo Y Z

27. Mai 2020

A great course by Professor Charlie Nuttelman! He teaches us the foundations for each project, without giving too much away so that we can use our creativity to solve the projects. Some projects take longer than others, but they definitely help to reinforce the concepts from parts 1 & 2 of the course. There's also new contents learnt that can be applied to real-world scenarios.

von Ehtisham R

12. Aug. 2020

Very interesting and wonderful course. Projects are really professional and a great source of learning. Instructor has put a great effort in designing these projects. I really appreciate instructor's effort. Overall i learnt a lot in this course. Although there are some stuff which i think is more advanced which should not be covered but overall it is an Excellent course.

von Lindsey

31. März 2019

Excellent course. Charlie is very good communicator. Encourage anyone learning Excel VBA to take it. The Week 5 problem was challenging but not difficult. There are some things I wished had been covered such as coding best practices, variable naming, in code documentation. Also, would appreciate suggestions as to other course to continue improving my programming skills.

von Yuan L

31. Okt. 2019

I love this specialization!

Charlie is a very nice and patient instructor.

He starts from the very basic knowledge of programming language. He explains each project from the sketch and the structure of each project is very clear. He is good at using concise words to describe a complicated issue. I learned a lot from these real projects in this part3. Thanks!

von Charles H

4. Juni 2020

Great, great series of courses. I consider myself a VBA veteran, but I learned so much in this class. I was also able to apply the fourth week project directly into some analysis I was doing for my job (very good timing). Prof. Nuttelman is a great teacher who does a great job of balancing instruction with also challenging folks to figure it out.

von André L C d R S

5. Nov. 2020

I'm not able to express my gratitude to this course and especially to Professor Nuttelman. I had no previous knowledge of VBA and this specialization allow me to become confident in this tool. It's quite counter-intuitive but I didn't feel taking an online course as Professor Nuttelman was patient and very attentive in all of his videos. Thanks!

von Sam L

14. Okt. 2020

I think the course is pretty useful, and it gives me many new skills about VBA,I hope Chaire could give more courses about Excel/VBA in the future. Thanks Charlie, you are a good teacher, you are very nice and patient to us. Thanks all the classmates in this course, I get many good tips from the disscussion forum.

von Rohit S B

18. Jan. 2023

Learnt Excel VBA from scratch through Part 1 and 2 of the course. Part 3 was hands-on approach on the things I learnt in the earlier parts. It led me through a journey of wrapping my mind around the coding/debugging and getting better with each succeeding attempt. A very effective module in its entirety.

von Dan-Angelus Z

9. Jan. 2022

This course is the best for everyone who wants to become a pro in VBA and Excel . It changed my life forever and the content was very helpful. Charlie and his team are very hardworking and they keep updating the course with new features and assignments...... I enjoyed everything from start to finish

von Nigel M

27. Juni 2021

The journey through this course has been wonderful, very difficult along the way but it has been structured this way to ensure the students pick up the concepts. Appreciate the efforts taken by Charlie to create this course. I'd recommend this to anyone willing to learn who also likes a challenge.

von Peter K

9. Feb. 2021

It is an excellent course to learn Excel VBA. All 3 parts a totally worth it. You will learn a lot. Prof Nuttelman is there to support and will help out if needed. This course will teach you how to walk self confident in Excel VBA. Thank you Prof Nuttelman

von Francesco A

11. Aug. 2021

This is a well-structured course, with easy to follow screencasts, and a fantastic instructor.

Using VBA to build applications is a huge topic. Completing the assignments will definitely give you a very solid foundation, and a lot of gratification.

von Shibbir A

27. Juni 2021

Excellent Excel/VBA course. The course greatly solidify skills in advanced VBA coding and highly improves confidence in programming. The instructor is really great who teaches a highly technical subject in a very intuitive way. Many thanks.

von Andrés T R

30. Apr. 2020

The course was really helpful to develop my skills using VBA and I think that the approach of having to do projects to complete each of the course weeks is the best way to put in practice the things you learn on the two previous courses.

von jamal b

27. Sep. 2020

It s was a great and enjoybale journey , I m so proud of the tools that I m equiping with specially I took the courses witouht any Excel knowladge , I m so surprised by what I can do now.

I m so thankful to you M Charlie Nuttelman

von David R V M

26. Juni 2020

Amazing course. At the begining I though it wouldn'y worth it but I was totally wrong. It brough the best from me and I improve my skills with this projects. I also loved the way everybody complemented each other's doubts. Great!

von Sunil N C

8. Juni 2022

I found this course very interesting and useful. It is noticed that teh course grading takes long sometimes because the peers are less or the exercise done is noticed late.

Overall a very useful to develop skills in EXCEL+VBA.

von Lindsay C

10. Juli 2020

Loved this Capstone. I have taken some other programming courses and they always failed to provide a fair and interesting capstone project. But this course did a good job. I especially love developing the Regression Toolbox!

von Bruno C F

20. Juli 2020

Well, it was great to finish this Part 3 as well. Looking froward for the Week 5 and finally really finish it all. Thanks for all the shared knowledge Great Charlie. Al here will be very useful in my current job. THANKS.

von Alexandre C

31. Okt. 2022

A really great course with concrete projects, I enjoyed applying the VBA competences we learned for this last module. Practice makes permanent, and I'm really glad I chose this specialization. I strongly recommend it !