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Personal and Family Financial Planning will address many critical personal financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout your lifetime....


25. Mai 2018

The course was very accessible and very at ease when it came to completing the various assignments for evaluation. Was very satisfied with the video presentations and the various tutorials as well.

24. Aug. 2020

I am from technical field and had no knowledge about finance management and this course has really helped me understand many concepts in a easy, interactive manner. The host/teacher is expert!

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von Pritam G

31. Aug. 2020



14. Juli 2020


von Kajal S

10. Juni 2020


von Jafarov A R

31. Mai 2020



3. Mai 2020


von Erina P N

2. Okt. 2020



1. Okt. 2020



24. Aug. 2020



11. Aug. 2020



11. Mai 2020


von Rick C

21. Nov. 2019


von Andrew1224

1. Okt. 2016


von Sanjay P

26. Mai 2020


von Utkrisht S

20. Apr. 2020


von Shivam V

19. Apr. 2020


von Tinneke P

12. Juni 2020

The course is a good starting point for beginner. Some of the reference sources are very good. I get a big load of new information from the Insurance Institute websites, VITA sources, etc. which I really appreciate.

On the other hand, I also notice that some sections need to be refreshed. The lectures on tax for example, is based on 2016 regulation, which is outdated. The course prepare should investment in updating the materials according to the latest development in the tax regulation. I also notice that the section about investing is too brief and narrow. It is useful if the lecture can be deepened and include more explanation on asset allocation, risk appetite, behavioral finance, tax implications on types of investment, etc.

All there being said, thank you for the course. I enjoy the learning and I take a lot from it. The course gives me a lot of idea on how to manage my finance better. To me this course has served its purpose. Thank you.

von MiguelAndres G

29. Sep. 2020

An exciting and engaging class. Dr. Gutter seemed very knowledgable about the topic and presented in a way that kept me focused. As someone with little knowledge of the financial world, I found the class extremely useful, especially regarding topics such as investing. I rated the course with 4 stars instead of 5 because some of the links do not work, the material regarding taxes is outdated (2014), and on one of the quizzes, the questions did not exactly line up with what was taught that week. Other than that, I highly recommend the course.

von Aden H

14. Juni 2020

Very good course with a lot of comprehensive information around a lot of important financial topics. A lot of it is directly related to the US only. Certain parts like taxes and retirement accounts and some parts of insurance will vary country to country but otherwise I feel a lot more confident in my ability to properly analyse and investigate options and then make plans using my financial knowledge as a result of this course.

von Raffaella V

3. Dez. 2016

I think this is a great overview for beginners in the subject of personal finance management. It contains lots of useful information, references to websites for everyday use, practical examples and exercises to absorb the content and put it to action. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the subject matter is US centric so part of it (taxation for example) is not as relevant for those who live in other countries.

von Kaley F

5. Aug. 2020

This course was very educational and helpful especially for those looking for a base level understanding of personal finance. I gave 4 stars because I believe that the course was not audited / edited at a very high level. Several links were no longer active, the lectures were often redundant or referenced outdated data, and the discussion section was very unorganized. Simply put... great information, but average execution.

von Anna C C C

27. Mai 2020

Kindly unenroll me in this course for I thought that it won't be too technical, yet this is a very technical course that would need a financial calculator and someone with a background in Finance. And I don't have that background much more the equipment needed for the course.

The class is informative thought, but I can't follow through with the computations.

von Maia C R

10. Nov. 2020

Great course! I was able to clearly compare the similarities and contrast of investment behaviour and other factors to our country. Was surprised how US has more investment opportunities for low-income families. Hope to take more courses like these. Hopefully, copies of the modules will be available in the future. Thank you so much!

von Aksh S

11. Apr. 2020

i really enjoyed this course. but some times i feel too many new things are coming and i have no knowledge about that and lectures don't have deep understanding about them. also, there are many things like knowledge of tax and 401k plans are not useful for students outside of us. (i'm from India.)

von Daniel R Q Q

27. Mai 2020

The course is a great introduction to Financial Planning, especially for young adults interested in securing their financial situation for the future. Some examples are grounded in the US, so learners outside North America may need to explore their own country's finance systems in their own time.

von Melanie W

7. Juni 2020

More helpful for younger people, or people with truly no background in personal finance. I found the latter weeks on investing and mutual funds to be more helpful than the earlier units, and I would recommend picking and choosing weeks based on the topics you really have no familiarity with!