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Personal and Family Financial Planning will address many critical personal financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout your lifetime....



2. Mai 2020

Although I don't live in the US, this course was full of information that I can use by my financial planning. I got more information than I thought. Its system is well strutured, clear and coherent.


25. Mai 2018

The course was very accessible and very at ease when it came to completing the various assignments for evaluation. Was very satisfied with the video presentations and the various tutorials as well.

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von Leonardo D B

13. Feb. 2021

An elevating course! It brings you from knowing nothing about personal finance to understanding concepts like time value of money, how credit works, how investment works etc.

It requires you to do the assignments to fully grasp it. But the assignments are not theoretical exercises. Instead you work on your family financial situation and come out with a financial plan for yourself at the end of the course!

It applies well to outside USA students, it just requires some further digging on the different aspects of your country such as tax, healthcare systems, pension plans. But you will know in which direction to look.

von Venkata B k P

21. Sep. 2021

My expections before pursuing this course was okay types. But once after I completed the course, it completely changed my thoughts. I'am going to recommed this course to all my connections for sure. The way of teaching and the assignments, quiz and the online practise templates were informative and awesome. I recommed all the finance students to pursue this course. And to Dr. Michael Gutter, after listening to your classes and the way you are teaching the concepts were really awesome. Thank you so much sir for this wonderful classes and also to coursera and University of Florida for the wonderful opportunity.

von Benjamin M

22. Apr. 2020

Though the material is somewhat dated (if I recall- the most recent info discusses 2016 tax law) the subject is timeless and just as important now. Dr. G does an amazing job of presenting information in a manner that is able to be understood while doing so in a fun manner by seamlessly weaving in subtle jokes and personal stories to make the material relevant. Whether you have experience or need some guidance in how to direct yourself regarding your financial future this course will teach you something.

von Papoj T

20. Feb. 2021

This course provides a great introduction to personal finance -- something that was never taught in school. Throughout the course, I learn that a financial goal isn't just to "get rich". It's about managing day-to-day spending well, aligning my financial strategy with long-term wealth accumulation plan, and being well-prepared against unexpected losses. I look forward to applying what I learn here to build a more robust personal financial planning for years to come, and I will keep learning of course!

von Connie C

29. Aug. 2022

I shall be forever greatful for the financial planning knowledge that I have learned in a very easy to comprehend lectured by Dr. Gutter and to the Coursera Management for the opportunity that they have given me, this is the sweetest reward and certificate that I have received. I shall be sharing this knowledge financial literacy one person at a time in our community, starting to me and my family. Thank you Dr. Gutter & to Coursera team! More sucess! and Cheers!

von Michael W

30. Aug. 2020

Coursera is a great online learning platform. It's easy to get lost navigating through the course, but equally easy to go back and trace through to where you should be. The choice of following the transcript with a mini-video is fantastic.

The Personal & Family Planning course is quite good for those just starting out on their financial journey, and was a good insight to the options available to US residents. It was a good refresher for me.

von Maryam Y

30. Mai 2020

This course has been so helpful in understanding finances. For a person , who has started her professional career, I have always been confused of savings and taxes and never really knew where and how to begin with. Today, with this course, I am able to do my own taxes and look forward to having a savings plan without relying on anyone's assistance.

Many thanks!

Special thanks to the Dr. G for making this a delightful learning experience.


12. Feb. 2021

I would suggest this course should be made compulsory for all high school students. The sooner student gets the understanding about Financial Planning he/she gains clarity and insight, the more pragmatic attitude they can develop towards life. With right knowledge and understanding about how the financial world works ,will surely help each individual. "What we don't know, can hurt us.." This sentence got me hooked to the course..

von Marilou E B

11. Juli 2020

By financial plan it will help you by creating a timeline for you to follow for your goals. It may helps you to focus the way you manage your money and your time on reaching your financial goals, so that you can do the things you want to in your life. So an important part of your financial plan is your budget. So your goals and objectives that is including their priority and desired time frame for achievement, where applicable.

von Madhavi R

23. Nov. 2020

Dear Dr. Gutter,

This is a great course and a great idea. Every working professional, particularly with no background in finance must take this definitely and every university student. It can make them aware on financial matters. My heartfelt thanks to you for designing and offering this course. I wish you many more such laurels and bigger milestones in your professional and personal life. God bless you.

von E L

15. Dez. 2020

I gained knowledge about financial planning: Cash, credit, risk management, investment and savings plan. Dr Michael S. Gutter is very competent, he explains very well and the presentations/slides are easy to read and can be easily understand. I think it is a very well-done course. To all the people that helped to do this course: Thank you so much for the effort. Keep up the good work. Have a good day!

von Adrianne C

26. Mai 2020

Incredibly helpful resource for everyone. A crash course in all things finances and investing with helpful external resources for more information on all units. Very accessible (no extra purchases needed to pass). Presentations are clear and well thought out with useful powerpoint presentations for note taking. Expect to do some extra researching to understand some of the points better.

von Bruce A K

11. Feb. 2022

I think this was an excellent introductory course for personal and family financial planning. Ideally we should all have this course in senoir year of high school, or certainly in our early years of college. As you have stressed, planning in our early years should be a must so we can make life more enjoyable in our later years. I wish I had this course 40 plus years ago. Thank you.

von Santosh A

22. Apr. 2020

Truly Speaking I will be remembering the resource person and this course at every step of my life as this course is not only necessary for a particular person but to all the individuals in the world so that they can get sound knowledge of managing their financial part of life which at the end will manage all other parts. Proud to be one of the students of this course. Thank You.

von Fathima F J

1. Juni 2020

very informative

Investing in Gold is also a great option, especially while loosing hope on Government

Shares are other sort of great investment (Blue chip companies especially, going to try)

from indian context, the agencies services available in US is of not much use, but gives an idea that there are certain agencies available in all the countries to support the investors


19. Apr. 2020

It was really informative and interesting course. I have learnt many new things that I will use in my daily life especially for investment purpose. And the most important thing is that the Instructor had good teaching methodology and he had enough knowledge about the course. Thank you so much Coursera and my Instructor for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.

von Ashley W

6. Sep. 2018

I absolutely love this course! Recently I decided to become a FInancial Coach and the information here is very detailed & explained well. This course has given me a good refresher, and I've also learned some new things. I now have the confidence I needed to better assist my clients since starting this course. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful course!!

von Ronique B

12. Juli 2020

The Course was very informative and provided a wealth of financial knowledge at a level that a person without any financial background could understand. I also commend the Professor Michael Gutter for his excellent and clear presentations and funny stories. I am still shocked that he got sued because his cat bit a neighbor and his house insurance covered it.

von ARUN V A G

4. Sep. 2020

Hi I am Arun vijayan .

The online course provided by university of florida through coursera was abosuletly worth it and increased my knowledge about Personal and financial planning .

i will do more online courses from coursera to utilise the time because we are staying in home due to pandemic.

thnaks to coursera and university of florida .

von Alifa A

1. Juni 2020

Very helpful basic information for people who generally have no idea on financial planning. Starting from setting goals, planning, to risk management, to investing, all are discussed in a way that people can understand easily. The course not only teach us the knowledge and terms needed, but also the application of it in our daily life.

von Ali'i G

9. Juni 2019

Wonderful information for the finance amateur. Getting your house in order is an important skill to acquire. This course does a wonderful job at tackling the aspects of personal and family financial planning across all stages of life. You might need headphones though as the lecture videos tend to be softer than the announcement videos.

von Pamela R

12. Sep. 2020

One of the best courses out there in the entire MOOC universe. Learnt the basics of investment from a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic course conductor. Thank you, Professor Gutter! I will be so grateful to Coursera for providing me with this fantastic opportunity to learn for free and advance in life! Would give this course 6/5.


13. Nov. 2020

I recommend this course to everyone. Very informative. I started saving and investing when I was in my 3, newly married. I would say, it all paid off because we are living comfortably now with our children. Budget your money, start saving for your retirement the moment you get your first job on top of the savings for an emergency.

von Sydney S

24. Mai 2020

Amazing course, very easy to follow and Professor Gutter is so great to listen to. He knows how to get his point across and makes small jokes to keep it less formal of a course.

I really enjoyed his tips and tricks for personal and family planning and was eager to start the next week's videos.

Thank you for the wonderful course!

von Alexandra M

25. Juni 2020

As someone with no foundation on this, I appreciate the thorough discussions in the classes and the supplementation of basic information. There were times in the discussion were the pacing was off. It's a good thing that you can adjust the video to your pace. The assignments and exams were good for recall. Thank you for this!