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"Feminism and Social Justice" is an adaptation of Distinguished Professor Bettina Aptheker's long-running course at UC Santa Cruz. In the course, Professor Aptheker presents a broad definition of feminism that serves to frame three significant events in the history of feminism and social justice: the Empire Zinc strike of 1951, the 1971-1972 trial of Angela Davis, and the #metoo Movement....



16. Juli 2021

The course gave me various insights and exposure to feminist and black struggles in the American polity. I could some leads from the lessons which might be useful to work on my future research papers.


11. Feb. 2020

This course was very impactful, I now understand the history of rape as a crime, the attitudes that have diminished and undermine women's rights. I am hoping that we will get things right as a people

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von Ajnabi K P

8. Juni 2020

Social justice feminism is the practice of recognizing issues of oppression dealing with race, class, sexuality, and citizenship and challenging them through practice rather than theory. This form of feminism allows for a broader audience beyond the white middle aged women who began the movement. It actively fights racism and class privilege by “ensuring that those most affected by policies and practices are at the decision making table.” It advocates for more women of color in leadership roles and allows recognition for global gender justice and women's rights.

von Caroline k

17. Nov. 2020

i really like this course. no like is an understatement I love this course. The stories are so inspiring. not boring at all. It taught me the true meaning of feminism opened my eyes to how unfair this world is ,how many concepts we live on are entirely wrong. this difference btw man and women , between black and white, between classes is just a society abstract thriving for power while stumping on the weak.

i learned the relation between feminism, class, race ... Cause we cant reach a level of equality if some group of people cant get justice.

von Cemre A

29. Nov. 2020

Most of my life people called me "you are such an opposer" or "..such a feminist" in a very condescending way. I've always thought to myself "I am not a feminist because it is ridiculous to defend what I already have. It is like defending my right to blink". But I was in denial because people put so much negativity in the concept, made it sound like women are just being spoiled. This course gave me the courage to embrace feminism and understand it in a deeper level. And Prof. Aptheker is THE BEST. I am so glad I took this course.

von Eunice C

17. Juni 2020

A very good course especially for someone who wants to learn more about feminism! What made it more interesting to watch is because of Prof. Aptheker; not only did she know what she was talking about, but she has experienced and gone through most of it, too, which made it more personal for her and somehow made me more engaged in the course. This experience was very enjoyable for me and I definitely learned a lot. It has opened my eyes into the various injustices that women face everywhere. I wish the course had been longer!

von Giovana G P

8. Aug. 2020

This course provided a lot of extremely important knowledge to educate me even better about the feminist movement and social justice, Professor Bettina Aptheker's explains in a very clear and intelligent way her ideas, explanations, incredible references in addition to her life stories that undoubtedly make part of the revolution that has been going on over the years. It was an honor to be able to participate, this course should be taught literally everywhere for everyone, thank you very much for this experience.

von Lisa H

25. Feb. 2020

The professor was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of distilling a lot of complicated concepts into easily understandable parts. She is in command of the related historical concepts. Her presentation was organized and clear. I also found her to be very personable, with a great sense of humor (appropriately so). I also enjoyed the variety of topics covered and the specific examples that she used as the basis for her lectures. I would take another course taught by her without hesitation.

von Rodr�guez M D

24. Nov. 2020

Aprendí demasiados datos curiosos sobre el tema. Comprendí a profundidad el movimiento, sobre todo, entendí que el feminismo no es solo para mujeres, debido a que los actos contra los que van, nos perjudican a todos; en varios aspectos como racismo, homofobia, transfobia y clasismo. Recomiendo demasiado este curso, dice mucho sobre la historia de Estados Unidos, pero así entiendes cómo varios casos han influenciado a nuestro país (México). Agradezco a la maestra y soy su fan de ahora en adelante.

von Zheni Y

25. Okt. 2020

I found this course extremely insightful. I loved how it focused on the intersectionality of feminism and used historical examples to illustrate its main points. Professor Aptheker is an amazing teacher - I thoroughly enjoyed her way of telling stories, engaging not only the students in the classroom with her, but also those of us in front of our screens. Her first-hand experience with the presented events helped perceiving the explained problems as something universal that involves all of us.

von Avi

27. Juli 2021

A Great course for those who want to gain both further understanding and examine this area through some exceptional case studies.

I found each week grew my core understanding of this area by providing new insights and areas I had not considered.

The Professor demonstrates deep knowledge and is very active in this field. So you get insights from someone who "Eats their own cooking" as they say.

Thank you Professor Bettina Aptheker for making the complex seem simple for a newbie such as myself.

von Francesca N

28. März 2020

Brief but powerful. Intersectionality reveals to be an inevitable tool and method to look into only apparently separate struggles. I also appreciated the frequent references to historical facts, anecdotes, and personal stories, again not at all just personal, but rather loud enough to be inspiring and eye-opening about otherwise hidden patterns.

Would certainly recommend it, especially to those who are willing to challenge a stereotypical interpretation of feminism and feminist studies.

von Pamela J V G

3. Nov. 2020

Excellent course, I wish it never had to end. I found every example very pertinent to the course and also remarkable for explaining feminism and social justice with an intersectional focus. I learned a lot and also I think it was a privilege to have Bettina Aptheker as our professor. It has encouraged me to follow feminist studies, it is a relevant issue for achieving social justice in our world. So thank you for this course, there should be more about the topic of gender and feminism.

von Navid S

6. Apr. 2019

This course is truly educational and inspirational. It gives the power of knowledge that is a necessary step in making any kind of change in our society. We owe it to ourselves to learn, increase our awareness and knowledge, before we can change and improve our society. The first step towards change is knowledge, which this course offers, the second step is to change our hearts. That part is our own responsibility. Thank you for the course, Dr. Aptheker, and the gift of the first step.

von Yanick F

6. Apr. 2022

Highly interesting course which discusses topics of the US history I have never been confronted with before. I learned a lot about political movements in the 20th century in the US and their protagonists. Professor Aptheker teaches in a calm and fascinating way. The course is easy to follow and you don't need much time to finish it. After finishing it, I was even more interested in the topics of feminsim and social justice and I am looking forward to read more about these topics.

von Amy A

16. Sep. 2020

I loved this course! I could not wait to log on to learn more from Prof. Bettina Aptheker. The pace of this course was perfect and I especially appreciated the careful balance of theory and application of feminist principles. Thank you Prof. Aptheker (and Coursera) for making this course available. I consider myself a feminist and advocate for vulnerable women, however I have never taken a Women's Studies course. Participating in this class has opened a new door for me. In power.

von Emily C

18. Juli 2020

Weekly course topics were diverse and covered material and historical events that wouldn't necessarily be included in a typical introductory Women's Studies course. Lectures were accessible, but they provoked thought and listener engagement. Professor Aptheker's humor and personal anecdotes made me feel like I was inside the classroom. This was an interesting crash course in feminism and the intersections of gender-based oppressions with race, class, and other systems of power.

von Tramia J

15. Apr. 2021

Great course. My only critique is that it was too short. I would love to learn more about the feminist aspect of the Free Angela movement. Id also like more detail on the various waves of feminism and the theory behind women and black women feminists especially. I know that's a longer course, but I would love to take that. In any event, this was a really interested and engaging overview and I definitely want to learn more on my own. Thank you for the course and for your work!

von Helena L

25. März 2021

It was an absolute privilege to be taught (even if through a screen) by Professor Bettina Aphteker. Her poignancy, fluency and wide-ranging knowledge about the feminist struggle have made the lectures an absolute joy to assist, and her direct experience in the field - in the academic realm, as well as on the ground through her active involvement in civil rights movements - truly inspiring. Thankful for the University of Santa Cruz and Coursera for making this possible.

von Diana P

9. Feb. 2021

With a warm countenance, Prof. Bettina Aptheker welcomes you into this short but delightful introduction to feminism and the recent history of the movement in the US. I tremendously enjoyed taking the course, not to mention how terrifically privileged I felt to learn from someone so involved in the Free Angela movement, a childhood friend of Dr Davis no less! Thank you to Prof. Aptheker for providing this delightful resource to eager learners around the world!

von Katharina M

11. Aug. 2019

Ein großartiger Kurs, in dem man wahnsinnig viel durch spannende Vorträge von Bettina Aptheker erfährt und das Wissen durch das dazugehörige Quiz vertiefen kann. Ich habe den Vorträgen von B. Aptheker mit solch einem Interesse gelauscht und da bekommt man auf jeden Fall Lust mehr zu erfahren und in dieser Richtung zu machen. Ein sehr wertvoller Kurs, kompakt, aber detailliert, mit vielen Ausführungen, einfach nur TOP! Vielen Dank / Thank you so much / Спасибо!

von Rohini M

28. Aug. 2020

The lectures were educational as well as inspiring. The struggles women faced and many challenges they still face now, together around the globe connects us to form a bond. It gives us, women a perspective and vision into what many women are still facing; not all struggles are similar, but nonetheless we all are collectively united in our beliefs that one day things will be better than its today; till then the struggles, confrontations and equality goes on.

von Melanie V

2. Juni 2021

I really enjoyed this course, I was always a feminist but this course really helped me find more passion for the movement and fight for the rights of women globally by knowing more about the issue and certain popular figures like Angela Davis, inspired me to continue to be a voice for change. Thank you to Bettina for having such an in-depth and human approach to the feminist theory and sharing personal stories along the course, I enjoyed learning with you!

von serena s

18. Juli 2020

this was my first experience. it was incredible. i never had the opportunity to attend college. i am 50 years old and a stay at home mom caring for my disabled son. i was looking for a way to take classes. sharpen my mind. i wasn't even sure i could do this because of my schedule and also because it feels like a lifetime since leaving the 10th grade. i feel such a sense of accomplishment. and look forward to taking more courses. i would highly recommend.

von Marisa P

20. Sep. 2021

Really informative. Great start on the path to learning more about feminism. Excellent lecturer. Easy structure to follow. Thoroughly engaging. I Finished it way before I thought I would, simply wanted to keep learning about the history of the female struggle in a world where we hold the major population. We have so many heroines to look up to and follow their example. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about this. I shall now go forth and concur.

von Maria V G R

3. Apr. 2020

It was a great course, I am so glad I took it! The lectures are interesting, especially because they try to highlight the importance of intersectionality in feminism. I think it is an enjoyable course for beginners who want to have a better understanding of feminism, but also for people who have knowledge about it, as it reviews key events and concepts from an interesting perspective. I would love to take more courses with professor Bettina Aptheker.