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"Feminism and Social Justice" is an adaptation of Distinguished Professor Bettina Aptheker's long-running course at UC Santa Cruz. In the course, Professor Aptheker presents a broad definition of feminism that serves to frame three significant events in the history of feminism and social justice: the Empire Zinc strike of 1951, the 1971-1972 trial of Angela Davis, and the #metoo Movement....


16. Juli 2021

The course gave me various insights and exposure to feminist and black struggles in the American polity. I could some leads from the lessons which might be useful to work on my future research papers.

22. Juni 2020

Everyone should take up this course because this course has a structured curriculum for feminism. The idea of feminism is something we have learnt from media, one will come to know about the meaning.

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von Advika R

24. Aug. 2020

This is an incredible introductory course. Take it to deepen an initial understanding of feminism, and to recognize the nuances (in the Western context) of the feminist movement through important moments in its history.

von Nazia N

18. Juli 2020

This course helped me a lot. The movements discussed here made me to think about movements in my context. The Angela Davis case was really unknown to me and as I have read a paper of her, it moved me too much, her case.

von Melissa

30. Juni 2020

I learned a lot from feminism terms, I have another point of view toward specific moments and situations that they were huge news, the professor has a lot of knowledge either by personal experience or actual information

von Zoé P

26. Aug. 2021

I really enjoyed this course, it was delivered in an engaging manner and the events chosen where so interesting. I would love an intro class to the various waves of feminism that are referred to throughout the course.

von Padmaja V K

19. Apr. 2020

The course was offered by a participant of the Feminist Movement in USA. Her personal experiences as a leading participant and keen observer made the course rich with authenticity. Kudos to Professor Bettina Aptheker.

von María F

26. März 2021

I learned a lot with this course and it help me to understand feminism and what comes with it, I've also learned about some social movement that were important in our history and crucial for what we are living today.

von Esau H

30. Okt. 2020

Sumamente interesante. Los aprendizajes de conciencia social, si bien enfatizan en elementos históricos y socioculturales de EE.UU., constituyen conocimientos invaluables para personas de todas las culturas y raíces.

von Ruth P

22. Sep. 2020

Excellent course. Four thorough, and interesting lectures with discussion forum questions and a review quiz for each module. Professor Aptheker’s style is engaging, warm and encouraging and I learned a lot.

Thank you.


22. Nov. 2020

Es un curso rápido y sencillo que te ayuda a observar como el feminismo no es un movimiento aislado, sino que se entrelaza con otros movimientos y otros tipos de discriminación, tales como la raza o la clase social.

von Rodrigo M L

22. Okt. 2020

I was expecting a bit more theory surrounding feminism, but overall, this is a great course to start on feminism and its history. A full specialization of 4-5 weeks could be a great adittion to the Coursera catalog.

von Rutuja V M

16. Apr. 2020

One of the best course.Everyone has an different meaning of feminism but professor apthekar has fabulously explained the meaning.The case studies were excellent and was fun to learn.Thanks for this beautiful course.

von Jean T

19. Aug. 2020

Thank you, Professor Bettina Aptheker! Enjoyed your historical perspective! Enjoyed the videos! Enjoyed the course! We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go! Thank you for your part in moving us forward!

von Karen G V

20. Juni 2020

Great course, I learned a lot and Professor Bettina was really educational and entertaining at the same time. A big feminist thank you to her, for all the work she has made to advance the feminist cause in the u.s.

von Sara G d V C

15. Mai 2020

It has been a pleasure to take this course. Listening to Bettina is great, thank you for all your explanations and experiences. Easy to follow course, huge content. The kind of feminism I belive in: intersectional.

von Somto O

5. Aug. 2021

I​ absolutely enjoyed this course. It was awakening, enlightening and I just love the way the instructor used storytelling as a tool. It was not abstract learning plus I could actually relate. Thank you, Coursera.

von Lorencuana O

12. Nov. 2020

Me encanta la sencillez con la que explica, es humana y natural; pero sobre todo el manejo de la información, los datos, los fundamentos, simplemente le dan una visón poco radical y sí muy funcional al feminismo.

von Diana M G D

3. Okt. 2020

¡Excelente curso! Una aproximación muy interesante y agradable al pensamiento feminista. Todas las personas deberíamos entender estos temas y sensisbilizarnos sobre la igualdad y la dignidad. Súper recomendado :D

von Karla J D l H D V

27. Sep. 2020

It is an excellent course. I learned about historical and political events that were important for us to talk about feminism and women's empowerment today. Everything I learned I didn't know, so it was fantastic

von Haydee M C

15. Aug. 2020

Excellent course!

Most informative and enlightening!

The instructor clearly demonstrated how four historical events served as catalysts for drawing attention and increasing awareness of key social justice issues.

von Alina K

17. Aug. 2020

A great course for anyone interested in learning about intersectional feminism. Professor Aptheker does a great job combining the personal, the structural and the political into one coherent lesson in feminism.

von Cynthia D

31. März 2020

As a second-wave feminist I thought I knew a lot about the movement, but I was wrong! So glad to have learned about Angela Davis, Dolores Huerta, Anita Hill, and the Empire Zinc strike. This class was awesome.

von Katie P

28. März 2021

Insightful and empowering course.8 I have learnt about key moments in history that have had an effect and have informed and advanced the feminist and social justice movements. Fantastic lecturer and lectures.


20. Apr. 2020

Love the course instructor and the way she conducts the lecture. I have to say I feel very engaged with the class although it is online. I believe it would be a pleasant experience to work with her personally.

von .

23. Nov. 2020

Brilliant course! ..would highly recommend. Bettina Aptheker is a fantastic lecturer and shows real passion in her videos. The course content is very interesting and the lay out is very easy to follow. Thanks

von WONG K Y

24. Okt. 2020

Very inspiring and intriguing, the lectures aroused my interest and had induced much thoughts in me, brought me to a new perspective, for example, in viewing and understanding "equality"🤯🤯🤯

I love it😍😍