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"Feminism and Social Justice" is an adaptation of Distinguished Professor Bettina Aptheker's long-running course at UC Santa Cruz. In the course, Professor Aptheker presents a broad definition of feminism that serves to frame three significant events in the history of feminism and social justice: the Empire Zinc strike of 1951, the 1971-1972 trial of Angela Davis, and the #metoo Movement....


16. Juli 2021

The course gave me various insights and exposure to feminist and black struggles in the American polity. I could some leads from the lessons which might be useful to work on my future research papers.

11. Feb. 2020

This course was very impactful, I now understand the history of rape as a crime, the attitudes that have diminished and undermine women's rights. I am hoping that we will get things right as a people

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14. Aug. 2019

A great experience of learning the history and movements about Feminism and social justice. Professor Aptheker makes this course amazing. She quotes the original saying of the people who once in the movements, and just state the history and cases, making all the student could think their own thoughts about it, but not just get her opinions. I hope this kind of course will be opened and accepted in my country.

von Beata E K

11. Aug. 2020

I loved this course. Bettina is a very inspirational woman and hearing her talk about all these groundbreaking moments in women's history while she took part in them personally was truly educative for me. What was missing, in my opinion, was to present a broader context of the particular parts of this course. Each component was highly detailed, however, all together they weren't spanned.

von Gustavo A C A

17. Aug. 2020

It's an excellent introduction to the intersectionality of feminism and its social function. I would prefer the quizzes to be a little more insightful, as some questions don't call for reflection, but on repetition, but I suppose as an introduction to, well, feminism and social justice, it really achieves its purpose. The professor is also really interesting and makes excellent points.

von Xinyue Z

21. Apr. 2019

A very brief introduction to feminism history, not a good option if you want a detailed and broad study. I was actually sort of interested in why feminism has become stigmatized in some way but didn't get an answer. Nevertheless it was a great course and helped me a lot to learn some key historical events of feminism and see how women have struggled to obtain today's achievement.

von Younes O

24. Nov. 2019

first of all, thank you for the effort you have put into this course to make it accessible to us. It was an insightful learning experience; I managed to see how feminism started as a local fight for the basics of living and has grown into an international battle for women's rights regardless of their class, race and religion.

I am looking forward to the next learning experience

von Gustavo S d S

19. Juli 2020

The course brings us clear aspects about Feminism and Social Justice, with historical context and practical examples of cases, judgements and movements that happened in the last and current centuries. It is well-detailed, but the pace can be a little bit slow sometimes. The quizz assignments could be more elaborated and test different knowledges. But a great course overall.

von Dalia J

19. Nov. 2020

It's a lovely course covering different notions of feminism and social justice. Nonetheless, it also gives quite a subjective view due to the personal participation in most of the covered events by the lecturer themselves and does not provide a chronological overview of the developments in the feminist ideology which would have been handy. Thank you!

von Judith K

3. Sep. 2020

Definitely an important topic and intresting lecture. The only thing I missed was more background information, especially internet links or essays to read. Really focused on the US History and culture. What I would have like to see is a more connection from the first week (theoretical feminism) to the really practical lectures in the following week.

von faryal k

9. Sep. 2020

In this course I learned that in justice anywhere is threat to be justice anywhere. We should continue our struggle till the goal have been achieve.

Second I learn that women are not weak they can do everything in their live. Because Evey person have there own life own desires .so we should support them to achieve their goals of life.

von Sehrish

17. Mai 2020

I found the course contents interesting and informative. It is delivered in a prominent way. Not only it includes the cases from the past but it also highlights the movements happening in the current decade. I will recommend this course to everyone who is interested to learn the true meaning of feminism and its history.

von Samantha J

27. Apr. 2020

Very good course! Learned a lot about American history and the Feminist Movement as well as the importance of Social Justice. Apthekar is a great lecturer and story teller it was a treat to learn from her. Very much worth the time invested. I wish there was more reading material in the assignments/ suggested books.

von Chunying L

16. Nov. 2020

I don't exactly feel like I have actually learned a lot of things. Sure I had fun listening to the history and the stories, but I wasn't able to tell my friends about the course content without having to look at some notes. I wish there were more quizzes or some kind of way to let the students engage more.

von Ananya V

8. Feb. 2021

This course forms a great means to know about the historical events leading to feminism and provides a great deal of insights about what feminism is all about and why it is very essential in modern times. It gives a clear picture of the social justice system and the need to reform it for a better world.

von Alisson B

4. Sep. 2020

The course content is really amazing and eye opening. You will take these facts and look at the world with a socially sensitive eye thanks to Bettina. She brought triumph to the cause. I only took one star off because the long lectures were sometimes hard to follow in one seating due to busy days.

von tyevia g

7. Sep. 2021

T​he course was great for helping this Brit better understand the experiences of the ongoing struggle for gender parity in the US. This Coursera did not promote the course leaders book and I liked that. Not so impressed at the almost complete lack of links and recommendations for further reading.

von Cleide D

25. Nov. 2020

Informative, easy to understand, with subtitles that enable people who don't have English as a main language to better absorb the content. The Professor is impeccable at breaking down the matters, and celebrating women who wouldn't have received this much merit otherwise. It was a great course.

von Remington C

27. Nov. 2019

Fascinating ideas and very strong lectures by a knowledgeable teacher. That being said, I would have liked to see more interactivity and/or organization within the weeks. Possible ideas would be divided videos instead of a single lecture style, and more quizzes/essays. Overall quite worthwhile

von Chelsea B

4. Juli 2019

Professor Aptheker is a really good professor! This course was actually only the few times I encountered intersectional feminism, and I'm glad that I did. After this course, I'll research more about how I can make my knowledge in feminism more intersectional, more nuanced, and more inclusive.

von Andrea d l C C

18. Mai 2020

El curso me gustó mucho, sin embargo hubiera sido interesante poder acceder a un par de lecturas adicionales sobre los temas. La conferencista está muy bien preparada. Recomiendo este curso 100% para aprender más sobre que es el feminismo y como se relaciona con otros movimientos sociales.

von Michelle B M C

10. Mai 2020

Very good lectures - it was very easy and ejoyable (if we may say that to sure pressuring and important subject) to follow the course. I've only missed a little more exchange of ideas with some curation from the university, so we could have more debate over the topics discussed in classes.

von Pinar a

21. März 2021

It was an effective introductory course on the concepts of feminism and social justice. The lectures were very informative and the film was also inspiring. Now I am more motivated to learn and think more about feminism and social justice. Thank you for this concise but powerful course.

von Pamela E M R

18. Nov. 2021

Professor Bettina's own experience around some of these subjects makes this course very interesting. If people want to learn or refresh their knowledge about those events and movements, this course is very well explained. Also, it gives an understanding of what intersectionality is.

von Katie C

13. Dez. 2020

This course was my very first course on Coursera, and I am so excited to look into more in the realm of social justice and feminism. The professor was great, and the lecture length was just right. My only complaint is that it was only a four week course! I wish it was longer

von Blerta L

30. Juni 2019

Ein sehr kompakter, übersichtlicher und gut organisierter Kurs.

Man konnte sich sowohl auf der theoretischen, als auch auf der praktischen Ebene informieren.

Ich hätte mir gewünscht, der Kurs hätte ein bißchen länger gedauert.

Vielen Dank für diese tolle Möglichkeit!!!

von Sandra V S

2. Mai 2019

Was very nice to listen differents histories about the sexual harrasment on the womens and the striagh relation condition with the race or the class. The movie was very intereting for me, because show the struggle to women inter and externaly. The teacher was clear.