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"Feminism and Social Justice" is an adaptation of Distinguished Professor Bettina Aptheker's long-running course at UC Santa Cruz. In the course, Professor Aptheker presents a broad definition of feminism that serves to frame three significant events in the history of feminism and social justice: the Empire Zinc strike of 1951, the 1971-1972 trial of Angela Davis, and the #metoo Movement....


22. Juni 2020

Everyone should take up this course because this course has a structured curriculum for feminism. The idea of feminism is something we have learnt from media, one will come to know about the meaning.

11. Feb. 2020

This course was very impactful, I now understand the history of rape as a crime, the attitudes that have diminished and undermine women's rights. I am hoping that we will get things right as a people

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von Ana B H G

19. Juli 2020

This course helped me to understand the history of this movement and all the values involved in it. I love the books they recommended and it was all clear, I hope that at another time this plataform will add another similar course.

von Nancy S

6. Apr. 2020

Such a knowledgable instructor. The course explored case studies that illustrated steps taken in the modern feminist movement towards social activism and cultural change. I recommend this course for its insights and thoughtfulness.

von Daniel F S G

14. Juli 2020

I think it was a really important course and I learn a lot, however I think the audience to which the course is directed is mainly an American public, but in a general view, it was a really informative course with many learnings.

von Valero O V F

13. Nov. 2020

Es un curso muy enriquecedor que te abre los ojos a mcuhas problemáticas actuales que vienen desde tiempo atrás. Te da conciencia sobre los cambios y la importancia que tenemos las mujeres en el cambio social de nuestra sociedad.

von Kelly C

9. Apr. 2020

It's an interesting approach as it introduces cases from the USA. I'm from Peru so this is a nice and clear introduction to the feminist movements and court cases that were turning points for women in the USA in the XX century.

von Vasiliki K

2. Dez. 2020

I enjoyed this course! I think professor Bettina Aptheker is a powerful speaker capable of engaging the audience in critical thinking processes. Her lessons had a huge impact on me. Thank you for offering this course for free!

von jesreman k w

9. Juni 2020

i am so happy that i took this course. it ia super informative while also being super interesting. anyone who wants to know the history of feminism should take this course for a clear and better understanding of the situation.

von Tomás B J

25. Sep. 2020

Una gran experiencia. Hay muchas cosas que no nos enseñan en la escuela y feminismo es una de ellas. Que orgulloso me siento por saber que hay personas que luchan hacia la igualdad....algo por lo que realmente no se debería.

von Shravani G

8. Aug. 2020

This course really provides a broad spectrum of knowledge on Feminism and social justice.I would like to thank prof. Aptheker for bringing us such an informative course which would enlighten our knowledge.

Thank you coursera.

von Alejandro V

5. Aug. 2020

Es muy buen curso y muy completo que te hace cuestionar los problemas de la sociedad actual, las veces que uno a contribuido, y sugiere una forma de comenzar a cambiar eso, todo en un ambiente de aprendizaje sin acusaciones.

von Saranzaya

19. Juli 2019

it was really interesting course that i completed without any bored and distraction. The Salt of the Earth movie was worth to watch and make me easy to understand what is intersectional feminism and social justice. thank you

von Vasudha M

9. Aug. 2020

The course was exciting and insightful. I was glad to how feminism has an actual impact on the social movement. It is very important to know that these are not just theories but have a concrete impact on lives and societies

von Lina A U H

27. Juli 2020

Excelente. Me encantó este curso. La docente es maravillosa. Se me hizo un poquitico complicado porque mi lengua nativa no es el inglés, pero creo que entendí bastante. Recomiendo incorporar subtítulos en español. ¡GRACIAS!

von Franco B

2. Okt. 2020

Very good course, Bettina is lovely and I could understand all that she said. It is also fantastic to hear the stories from a person whos really been there. A nice course even if you have some prior knowledge on this topic

von Nora D

24. Juli 2020

Most interesting material, well presented, and easy to understand. Thank you, this course gave me a fundamental understanding of Feminism and Social Justice. I am now equipped to carry out further research on this topic.

von Bernice C

16. Nov. 2020

I thought I knew about this topic and I learned so much (and also cried). The professor is amazing and what a bad-ass that she was active in the trial of Angela Davis, the civil rights and feminist movements in the U.S.

von Cortes G D A

15. Okt. 2020

It was a really good course, that showed me what does feminism mean, and know it because society has another meaning about it. and I learned how powerful we are and how this society movement has changed the society mind

von Advika R

24. Aug. 2020

This is an incredible introductory course. Take it to deepen an initial understanding of feminism, and to recognize the nuances (in the Western context) of the feminist movement through important moments in its history.

von Nazia N

18. Juli 2020

This course helped me a lot. The movements discussed here made me to think about movements in my context. The Angela Davis case was really unknown to me and as I have read a paper of her, it moved me too much, her case.

von Melissa

30. Juni 2020

I learned a lot from feminism terms, I have another point of view toward specific moments and situations that they were huge news, the professor has a lot of knowledge either by personal experience or actual information

von Padmaja V K

19. Apr. 2020

The course was offered by a participant of the Feminist Movement in USA. Her personal experiences as a leading participant and keen observer made the course rich with authenticity. Kudos to Professor Bettina Aptheker.

von Esau H

30. Okt. 2020

Sumamente interesante. Los aprendizajes de conciencia social, si bien enfatizan en elementos históricos y socioculturales de EE.UU., constituyen conocimientos invaluables para personas de todas las culturas y raíces.

von Ruth P

22. Sep. 2020

Excellent course. Four thorough, and interesting lectures with discussion forum questions and a review quiz for each module. Professor Aptheker’s style is engaging, warm and encouraging and I learned a lot.

Thank you.

von Sonia H C

22. Nov. 2020

Es un curso rápido y sencillo que te ayuda a observar como el feminismo no es un movimiento aislado, sino que se entrelaza con otros movimientos y otros tipos de discriminación, tales como la raza o la clase social.

von Rodrigo M L

22. Okt. 2020

I was expecting a bit more theory surrounding feminism, but overall, this is a great course to start on feminism and its history. A full specialization of 4-5 weeks could be a great adittion to the Coursera catalog.