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In this course, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of corporate finance. Based on the pre-term qualifying courses for Wharton MBA students, Professor Jessica Wachter has designed this course for learners who need a refresher in financial concepts, or for those who are learning about corporate finance for the first time. You’ll identify foundational concepts in corporate finance, such as NPV, Compound and Simple Interest, and Annuities versus Perpetuities. You’ll also learn how to apply the NPV framework to calculating fixed-income valuation and Equity, using hypothetical examples of corporate projects. By the end of this course, you’ll have honed your skills in calculating risk and returns to optimize investments, and be able to assess the right set of financial information to achieve better returns for your firm....


18. Jan. 2021

It was an Amazing journey learning with Coursera & University of Pennsylvania!! I went back to my school years and I remembered back my Algebra, thank you so much!!

21. Aug. 2021

the professor speaks very clearly. Not withstanding I have a question. Is there anyway to ask a question on this venue?Not withstanding I have a question.

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von Robert R

21. Mai 2021

Sucked. 110%. So much math, and so little explanation as to how to use it, especially in the context of the quizzes. I do not recommend for beginners because I had to draw on my experiences in a business calculus class to even grasp the concepts the instructor was failing to explain.

von Sara J H

25. Mai 2021

En los video que vi entendí mas o menos pero al momento de hacer el examen las preguntas estaban formuladas de diferente manera haciendo imposible que completara los exámenes.


6. Juni 2021

This is not a beginner level course without any introduction, it is explained in depth about finance.

von Mariam Y A M

25. Aug. 2021

t​oo difficult for beginners.

von Panwad M

7. Sep. 2021

While I can understand how some people feel that this course is challenging. Those with no background may find the course moves intensely into math and formulas and applying them. I also have limited background in Finance, but I did take the course "Introduction to Corporate Finance" before this course which made it easier for me to move along this course. So I recommend those who finds this course difficult to take "Introduction to Corporate Finance" first.

Having said that, I actually like the fact that this course focuses both on applying the concepts and formulas to understand finance as well as focuses on the math part as to how the formulas come about. Understanding, how finance formulas are formed helps me understand the concept more deeply. I also liked that this course use less multiple choices in tests, but rather type in the answer (numeric value), as it makes students try harder to come up with the answer.

The professor explains subjects well. The way the content and flow of the course is designed is superb.

Also, I do not see any problems or bugs or mistakes with the four quizzes. All of them has correct answers. Some answers may not be obvious at first, but after contemplating and reviewing the lecture over again, we will arrive at solutions.

von James K

3. März 2021

The course really gives me a clear insight on the basics on finance, It's really easy to understand and the lecturer do a great job in explaining the concept so it was easier to remember.

It explains clearly each of the financial terms and what it indicates, such as where NPV and IRR differs and where it's viable, Yield to maturity, etc. I would recommend this class to anyone new to finance!

von Anjana W

31. Juli 2021

I completed this course as a free trial course. I haven't studied Finance during my school years or in the university. But I understood every bit of it. Week 4 was a bit difficult but somehow managed to go through the course. It was great I got to earn the certificate during the free trial for this course. Thanks University of Pennsylvania

von Shunlong W

13. Aug. 2021

This is the first course that I came into contact with when I first entered the coursera platform. The course schedule is very clear. You can learn a lot of practical content about interest rates, securities valuation, NPV rules and so on.


27. Dez. 2020

The course format is good for finance beginners and the teaching is perfect.

the only problem is that I do not know when I should round up my answer in the test, that sometimes bothers me

von Ali M

20. Dez. 2021

A demanding course ... but so rewarding ! And the materials provided in the 5th week (optional) go much further ! Favorite learning experience in Coursera ! Thank you Dr Wachter !

von Pedro M S S

13. Dez. 2021

S​ome exercises could use a few hints, aside from that looks very good. The notes are good even for someone who is very rusty in algebra.

von Ayush k

7. Sep. 2021

this is an excellent course. i personally suggest everyone to go through this course once on starting career in finance

von Shahrzad S A

26. Okt. 2021

It was really great, I have learny some of the subjects before, but it raelly helped me to reme everyth

von Johannes L

20. Mai 2021

Very good introduction to finance, great as addition to Wharton's Business Foundation specialization.


28. Okt. 2021

The way of professor's presentation is well arranged and clear. Thank you, professor.

von Cheng Y W

12. Dez. 2020

Deliver the concepts of PV, bonds & stocks valuation, and IRR quite clear!

von Natalia O

6. Jan. 2022

Amazing opportunity to update my skills! I highly recommend this course.

von Rekryanta

18. Nov. 2021

i really love learning here, it is so accurate and easy to understand

von Seema C

17. Dez. 2021

B​est everything 🤩🥳

von Mark V H M

1. Mai 2021

I enjoyed the online sessions! Thank you very much!

von Divit J

23. Apr. 2021

Extremely helpful course to learn basics of finance

von Alex H

11. Sep. 2020

Solid Course covering basics of NPV IRR and others.

von mathieu j

10. Nov. 2021

Perfect course to start on corporate finance !!

von Emin M

21. Nov. 2020

Great Course if you want to learn some basics

von R G

23. März 2021

Very comprehensive material and teaching.