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Learn the general concepts of financial markets and economy. You will see the difference between primary and secondary markets and learn about markets for different products. You will also look at various economic Indicators and their influence on the markets. After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage in the Specialization. This course is designed to help students with very little or no finance background to learn the basics of investments....


28. Mai 2020

The course is quite comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of financial markets in a manner that makes the subject instantly interesting and engenders curiosity among the students to learn further.

7. Okt. 2019

Professor Vidya Nathan had delivered the training in simplistic manner which helps to understand the 5 modules and the contents.\n\nMay be if some data visualisation or hands on would further enhance

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von Sanchay K

18. März 2018

For a beginner like me, this course was indeed instrumental in getting me on the level ground with other investors and boost me up wit a confidence to start my own investment portfolio.

von Raj S

8. Okt. 2019

Professor Vidya Nathan had delivered the training in simplistic manner which helps to understand the 5 modules and the contents.

May be if some data visualisation or hands on would further enhance

von utkarsh a

13. Mai 2020

It was a great learning experience and Professor Vaidya Nathan is a thorough gentle man.I wish him all the best for his future endeavour and will apply tools learnt in my practical life.

von Yasas M M

14. Mai 2020

I got a great knowledge about financial markets through this and the lecturer is very practical about all the scenarios. So it will be much easier if we want to invest in any of the financial markets in a knowledgeble manner.

von Abhinav P S

3. März 2018

This course is designed to give an overall understanding about value investing. This course will be most suited for a beginner audience or a the group of people who want to strengthen the fundamentals of value investing.

Also, wanted to make a note on Prof. Vaidyanathan who has put together this wonderful course and takes us through the course like a breeze. Just listening to the lecture gives us lot of insight into the investment domain. Simple examples were given which complimented the course content.

Overall this is course that is must of beginners of value investing and I'm sure Professor has made this lectures precise, simple and it is well paced for every beginner out there.!

Thank you professor for sharing your thoughts and knowledge through this course, hope to learn more from you!!

von Arnab D

11. Juli 2017

This was a good introductory course for me to understand the financial markets. As a doctor, I had no prior knowledge of financial terms, and as such felt duped by so called financial advisers looking to make a quick buck. Basic financial knowledge should probably be imparted to everybody, irrespective of the stream they choose after passing their board exams. There are one or two glitches, related to the quality of the audio recording. I hope Mr Vaidya Nathan/ ISB develop more courses, with particular focus on the Indian market. A step up to actual investing for an Indian in Indian markets would be welcome. Also, I would like to learn about futures, options and commodities trading.

von Chaitanya N

8. März 2019

This course covers many fundamental topics which are crucial to attain success in financial markets.I would suggest this course to everyone who wish to attain financial literacy and invest in financial markets.A clear and in-depth teaching method by tutor really helped me to learn this course in a smooth manner.The weekly tests although a bit difficult, will help the individual to understand the areas which can be improved.

von Swetha L

28. Apr. 2020

I am glad to have taken up the course. I do not have any financial background in my formal education. And this course gave me a broad and necessary understanding of financial markets along with the confidence to participate in the same as an investor with the the caution of studying teh indicators and reports as suggested in teh course.

von Ajay V U

1. Mai 2020

Vaidya Nathan sir is really awesome!!!. he explained the concept of stock markets and bond markets in a very easier manner. His use of vocabulary is tremendous. After this course, I am able to know what is stock markets and what is the bond market. and I was able to understand the concepts of financial concepts. hats off to you sir!!!

von Pranjal M

28. Apr. 2017

Introduction to Financial Markets was a really interesting and refreshing course which was successful in furnishing new concepts and intricacies regarding the financial markets. The videos were well structured and Professor Nathan exhibited great knowledge and teaching style which kept me engaged and intrigued all this while.

von Khusan M

10. Mai 2020

I learned all the basic as well as in-detail information about trading. This really helped me to lay the foundation of my future carreer which is inextricably interwined with trading. So much thankful for a teacher for an outstanding teaching approach which was way much understandable!!!

von kinshuk s

15. Juli 2019

This course sets up the foundation for you to start learning about financial markets. From basic definitions of terms such as equity to prediction of stocks, bonds, currencies using economic indicators this course has it all.

von Shayak B

14. Mai 2017

Excellent course for beginners. The lectures are easy to follow and taught in a very understandable manner. I would love to attend the advanced courses from the same faculty.

von Colette H

10. Jan. 2018

Very useful. The lectures are clearly conveyed. The instructor makes basic financial terms and concepts easy to grasp. Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge.

von Narh D T

17. Nov. 2016

This course was really great. It help to broaden my knowledge.

This was my first time to take a course about finance, i love the course and the teacher is great also.

von Suman M

21. Jan. 2019

The course on Financial Markets is really informative. It not only adds value to your CV but also provides a right platform to learn higher concepts of Financial Markets. Any tall structure needs a strong base, and I feel this course provides the perfect launchpad to students who are greatly motivated to learn and understand the various concepts of Financial Markets. I would like to thank ISB on creating this wonderful course and Coursera for providing us students a platform to come across such an informative course.

von Mridul M

5. Nov. 2017

For a beginner with next to zero knowledge on Financial markets, this course was of perfect depth to start with. It was extremely well structured and paced. However, maybe quizzes are a tad too easy. Another area that could have been better was visuals, maybe making it more graphic with charts / pictures etc could make it more interesting. But contentwise, it was great. Looking forward to complete the specialization now and start my portfolio

von Miguel E L d C C P

6. Aug. 2017

Very useful, comprehensive and well explained. You really get the fundamentals in order to start investing with an essential knowledge. However, given the current unconventional monetary policy followed by the main central banks in developed economies (especially in the EU and Japan), an additional video on this topic would have been of particular interest, thus making the course even more appealing and useful for potential investors.

von Jalal J

20. Okt. 2017

The course is not engaging and it lacks visuals & illustrations. it is also slow in pace; I found myself pausing the video and reading the text. This is the first course I take on Coursera, and so I cannot fully judge, but if all courses offered on this platform is as basic as this course I don't see any value in the subscription.

von Prem K R

30. Juli 2020

It was a very boring lecture. I got an headache by this guys lecture. his words make me sleep.

von Sachin U

26. Mai 2019

It was a great course for me as a beginner in finance. The content covered lot of breadth and gave the top level idea of content. The teaching was informal which I liked. It was like instructor is just chatting with us and giving information rather than a class room kind of teaching.

von Dennis A

13. Apr. 2017

It was very easy to understand and has a lot of good information.

I would recoment this to anyone interested in the Financial market.

Only downside is that some of the videoes have sound issues, nothing major but a bit annoying that there is a buzzing sound while he is talking.

von Ravichandran R

27. Mai 2020

It was an excellent lecture of course content by Professor Dr Vaidya Nathan. Easy to understand with simple examples. It was mostly with American perspective. Suggest to include Indian perspective too. Overall it was a good learning and enriching knowledge. Thanks Professor.

von Hannah S S

18. Aug. 2017

I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to everyone! My favorite component of this course was being introduced to various economic indicators as well as what their results may suggest about the direction of the economy and why investors use then as tools.

von Hari B

19. Mai 2020

The course was extremely helpful for me to understand the fundamentals. Terminologies and concepts are explained clearly. Also, the learning program covers most of the important aspects and allows the learner to explore further using the base which is fundamentally strong.