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Welcome to Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most! In this course, you’ll learn how science, philosophy and practice all play a role in both finding your purpose and living a purposeful life. You will hear from historical figures and individuals about their journeys to finding and living a purposeful life, and will walk through different exercises to help you find out what matters most to you so you can live a purposeful life. As an added benefit, you will also have complimentary access, for a period of time, to the Purposeful App. This groundbreaking mobile and desktop app is designed to help you build a purposeful rhythm into each day, so you can bring your best self to what matters most. Look for more information in Week 1 of the course! By the end of this course, you will: 1. Understand that having a strong purpose in life is an essential element of human well-being. 2. Know how self-transcending purpose positively affects well-being. 3. Be able to create a purpose for your life (don't be intimidated, this is different from creating "the purpose" for your life). 4. Apply personal approaches and skills to self-change and become and stay connected to your purpose every day. We are thrilled that you are here! We look forward to hearing and learning from you throughout this course!...


23. Juni 2021

I abolutely loved this. It has helped me tremendously in my understanding of self and setting a personal transcending purpose. And Vic, thank you for sharing your story. It made me tear up at the end.

6. Juni 2020

Short and precise course to get some perspective on finding focus on things that really matter. Vic is an excellent professor who just connects so well with the students even from the computer screen.

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von Scott M

7. Juni 2020

The instructor spends too much time promoting his own app, which is apparently not free after a 30-day trial. I don't this is appropriate for Coursera.

von Sheryl A

25. Mai 2020

I didn't feel the content was very relevant or helpful in finding one's own purpose or meaning. The course focused mainly on history, data/statistics, and the "what" and "why." It explained why it's important and how having purpose affects people, but it didn't really go into how to actually find your purpose. Perhaps my expectations were different from what the course is offering.

von Suyam S C

25. Apr. 2020

This was a great course and I recommend that everyone on Coursera take this course ! This is a lively course with great content that helps you connect with your inner You , the true You . Come , discover purpose because purpose is the vista to discovering your life .

von Rajesh N

3. Mai 2020

This is a deep spiritual topic but its addressed in a cavalier fashion. There is just no depth. For eg, to find out what you value most, the Prof / instructor asks one to look at what one has on his / her smartphone ! Really ?! I discontinued very early into Week 1...Disappointing.

von Ben L

28. Apr. 2020

A good course if you know nothing about the topic. Almost a complete waste if you've read any serious book about it.


30. Juli 2020

The course for me remembers a TED-talk, not a course itself...

For those who never had contact with basic philosophy or never reflect about life, it might be a nice start to know a little. But on a superficial level. Also, it might be suitable for the ones who want a "self-help" content. The lectures are nice and instructive.

There are somethings I do not like that made me un-enroll:

First of all, I know by the title the course is to help you to find a life purpose. However, I thought the course would also help you assist those that do not have a purpose, are lost, fragile, and do not know where to start. Somehow helping guide people that are in a hard situation and that would not be suitable to watch a "self-help" lecture. As it is a certified course ... It does not do that. And I believe that some people who enroll in searching for self-help might not get the help they expect as it does not address topics related to specifically insecurities.

Second of all, the first survey asked questions as ZIP code and information that make me feel uncomfortable. It felt for me it was a product research (commercial) rater a survey to understand the profile of learners engage the course as other Coursera courses does.

Finally, the instructor spends too much time promoting his own app.

To conclude, I don't think is a course that you should purchase a certificate or apply for thinking about developing on your job/career. You should enroll only if you feel like you are lost on your life, without directs and in urge for simple self-help.

von Barbara G

22. Mai 2020

This is one of the best courses I have taken. It makes finding 'purpose' accessible in the things one does everyday and not only in the big achievements which may not be in the reach of everyone.

von SAMIT P B ( i C

7. Juni 2020

Short and precise course to get some perspective on finding focus on things that really matter. Vic is an excellent professor who just connects so well with the students even from the computer screen.

von Dan P

19. Mai 2020

I found this course beneficial in focusing my thinking about what is and should be important to me in life. Taking a self-critical approach to this issue has been difficult but revealing and freeing

von Oluwabukunmi B

2. Mai 2020

Please I need financial aid to get my certificate. I can’t submit my assignment without payment, and I can’t afford the money

von Loreto R

24. Apr. 2020

I have love this course. It's been a life-changing experience. Science-based, well explained, it has been a wonderful experience.

von Luisa B

22. Juni 2020

This course can give you interesting anecdotes and research about the importance of having a purpose in life, but I think it doesn't actually help much towards creating or finding your own purpose.

von Aashiqe R

2. Mai 2020

Beautiful, you learn why it's essential to take a moment for yourself, step back, and see the bigger picture! and that's precisely what this course helps you to do!


11. Mai 2020

Great course! Time commitment worked out very well while working at home during COVID-19 restrictions. This course gave me a starting point and a structured plan in creating a purpose and actually living a life that engages actions needed to fulfill that purpose(s).

von Sabrina I

9. Mai 2020

The best course I've enrolled in on Coursera! I recommend to anyone who wants to know how to live a full, meaningful life and help their loved ones do the same.

von Patricia E

6. Juni 2020

High quality course, good mix of research evidence and cultural references. But overall it didn't help me to articulate or FIND purpose, it just described why it's a good idea to have one. So to the extent that it assumed one already knows what matters most, it failed to live up to the title.

von Catherine M

7. Juni 2020

Good day,

I signed up for this course but I don't find it academic enough and the lectures are superficial - in my view - brushing over Nietzsche, Camus and some other great philosophers, authors and thinkers.

I am not going to carry on with this course.

von Shiuan L

11. Aug. 2020

This course is on the theoretical side. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand while guiding you through the process of defining your life purpose, you would be better served in an in-person workshop. But if you are, like me, interested in the theories and philosophies underpinning our existential search for purpose and meaning in life, then you will be very satisfied by the depth and breadth of what is covered in this course. Professor Strecher speaks from the heart and you can feel his passion for the subject and compassion for his students. I think it will be a great privilege to learn from him in person someday.

von Timo K

22. Mai 2020

The course was very approachable and helped me to further refine my thinking, especially in the area of purposeful living. I especially enjoyed two things: 1) the course managed to stay technical (philosophically & scientifically) enough to be relevant and interesting, and 2) the course presented solid, well thought out methodology or model to be used as a template for establishing or maintaining purposeful living. It is my pleasure to recommend this course - I feel there's a point of view to be gained at least for beginners and intermediate purpose-thinkers. :)

von Arturo C D L

26. Nov. 2020

This is, by far, the most life-changing course I have EVER taken. I am so thankful for this learning experience. I hope I can someday see you teaching live. Warmest regards to whom it may concern.

von Teresa c

12. Mai 2020

I very highly suggest this course if you seem lost or absent minded in what you really want o see in life. Why? Because it explains a lot of why we can choose our own direction and how to achieve our actual purpose!

von Deon N

2. Mai 2020

Well presented and thought provoking. Good examples to illustrate the various concepts. Research findings were also helpful to solidify the concepts. Well done.

von Paul K

1. Mai 2020

This is, already, really prozaic. Really not what I had hoped for!!!

von Theresa C

9. Juni 2020

It is disappointing that this class cannot be completed without a paid enrollment. I've completed other Coursera courses and all parts of the curriculum are active for unpaid class members as well, but for some reason this course requires paid enrollment to take the quizzes at the end of each week. Not worth it.

von Teri D

10. Nov. 2020

Thank you, Dr. Strecher, for teaching a course that is so pertinent to our lives right now. I had so many moments where I could not believe how important the information was to my own life. You reminded us how important it is to have a valuable purpose and to not lose sight of the difference that can make in how we live our lives. I wanted to tell everyone I know to stop and think about their purpose in life and how to live by that purpose. Excellent information, pertinent studies that were so understandable, videos that were easy to listen to, as well as important advice on how purpose affects us as we age. Thank you for sharing your own personal story about Julia. I had tears in my eyes listening to you speak about your daughter wanting you to live your life. Very moving and important for us to hear.