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Everyday across the world, thousands of businesses are victimized by fraud. Who commits these bad acts? Why? And, how? In this course we are going to help you answer the questions: who commits fraud, why and how. We’ll also help you develop skills for catching them....


16. Juni 2020

This course is one of a kind, it's simple, professional and straight to point. I've really been exposed to the concept of fraud and it's dynamics. This will take me a long way in my career.\n\nCheers!

7. Jan. 2021

I enjoyed learning this course . It made me aware about the various ways frauds are committed, showed practical examples, discussed data analytic tools . I look forward to learning this subject more.

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10. Aug. 2020

The quizzes and the exam called for knowledge not presented. Good information though.

von Damon D

6. Dez. 2020

Has some solid information but is really lacking without the accompanying text.

von Jakousi U C

25. Sep. 2017

Se siente como un infocomercial. It feels like a commercial.

von Gnananandan

23. Aug. 2020

Can be more diagrammatically represented

von faris a

17. Apr. 2021

It was fantastic and helpful course

von Stefan A

20. Mai 2020

Good introduction into the Topic.

von Nyoike D

11. Dez. 2020

very well structured

von Magno M S d S

4. Jan. 2017

Kinda superficial...

von Mark A U

19. Feb. 2016



von kristy d

23. Jan. 2019

Lectures are excellent -- clear presentation from three professors with great sound -- easy to understand. Video of interviews from people who are convicted of fraud are fascinating. However, in an attempt to make the testing portion appropriately challenging and less open to cheating the multiple choice questions can be really obscure or oversimplified to the point of being wrong.

I'm disappointed in the online discussions -- NOT the fault of the course -- they seem to be improving their accounting knowledge while working full time and English is a second language so there isn't much posting, there's very little dialogue between students. I do appreciate Vincenzo Ferri's role as monitor -- it helps connect us.

von Ong J W

15. März 2016

Too qualitative, too much theory, narrative.

Needs more specific examples of how numbers are manipulated for e.g. in financial statement fraud. Perhaps show real data on how outlier transactions are spotted.


13. Mai 2020

Very bad quiz as the options were terrible and did not have a clear justified answer. I could point out many MCQs which had more than 1 correct answer without an "all of the above" option.

von Radha A

5. Okt. 2021

The course only provides a theoretical introduction, it would be good it courses introduce practical techniques and analysis methods, only then can they become truly useful for students.

von Chain F

15. Juli 2021

Really, you can substitute the course with googling: "fraud motvation models", "benford's law" and "fraud demografics". That would be much faster and less tedious.

von Darko I

2. Juni 2020

Plenty of useful information. However, the whole course was based mostly on theory with case studies, and did not offer any practical and/or technical skills.

von Eric J

20. Aug. 2020

Most garbage and horrible course I have taken by far for accounting so far. The course has too many videos and the information is too repetitive and I got very bored. My enthusiasm was killed in week 2. The final part is 60 questions and it was shocking and disappointing. The final exam should not have 60 questions because I find that ridiculous and that it is too much and I unrolled this course as soon as I saw how many questions on the final for week 5. Execution is the worst thing I have saw by far. This course is so disappointing and could have been better. I give this course a 1 star out of 5. I wish I could rate this course a 0 out of 5 stars because really this course was seriously boring and depressing.

von Marcus K

8. Sep. 2019

The quiz questions where absolutely terribly phrased and the course lacked actual technical knowledge. It was too broad, lacked actual investigative part and had too big of an emphasis on theories and history.

von Shrikanth M

27. Sep. 2020

I was sent mail initially stating i will get certificate free of cost. when i completed, i am being asked to pay. I dont have zero grade to rate.

von t. p

11. Dez. 2016

exam questions are designed for raw facts instead of critical thinking and resoning. Sorry maybe its my poor english. Regards.

von Simon G

2. Juni 2017

Poorly written and vague questions and answers. Repeated questions in the final exam. Outdated examples of fraud.

von 🍞

16. Feb. 2018

too basic