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In this course, you will gain an introduction to the basic terminology and concepts in the field, along with an overview of the development cycle from identification and cultivation through stewardship and recognition. You will learn how to develop a case for support, identify and assess prospective donors, match a donor’s interests and needs with your organization’s mission and goals, recognize planned giving benefits to your donors, structure a successful solicitation, and respond to ethical dilemmas. You’ll also examine career opportunities in the field, along with contemporary issues and trends confronting today’s fundraising managers. Throughout the course you’ll gain hands-on practice developing an array of written products for your fundraising and development portfolio....



22. Dez. 2020

This is one of the best courses which has given me all the basic information. I have also started the advanced courses which are related to fundraising and development offered by UC Davis.


27. Mai 2020

Not only this course is interesting and covers everything you need to know, but this is also very operational and you can use it right away in real life. I highly recommend it.

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von Laura C

23. Apr. 2019

Very helpful course in terms of learning the basics of fundraising. Elevator pitch was critical for me. Thank you for great course content and presenters were passionate and knowledgeable. Negative: too much focus on and examples used - on University / Education fundraising. Also not enough information on Grant Writing or resources on Grant Writing.

von Sidney W

23. Sep. 2019

I learned a lot. I would have liked to have a "teacher" review my work, too. It was good to get peer reviews, but having an "Expert" give feedback would add to my confidence.

von Ingrid E N

4. Sep. 2020

Although the material and tests and expertise of professors are great, there is a disconnect on the way the grade the work. The first four exams are 60 percent of the grade and then we have to write a paper that has to be review by our peers and we have to review 3 peers papers. Well in my case, there is no other peer to review mine and no paper for me to review and I have no one to contact. I sent an email yesterday and no answer at all.

von Aleksandra S

24. Sep. 2018

It's very US oriented. Also the instructions for assignments are not clear; eg. "Elevator Speech" was supposed to be 1 min long (150 words max) , but was marked according to "Case for Support" structure.

von Andrew A

3. Sep. 2019

Great course, very many good and practical insights. Timing is great to combine with a busy schedule

von Cynthia B

30. Mai 2020

I would have like to learn more about Grant Writing in the Development section.. I learned a lot about the functions of Fundraising. My background is in back office sales work. I see how my skills could really be important ion a fundraising campaign. I am going to keep going and find that Grant writing course.

von Arbab N K

23. Dez. 2020

This is one of the best courses which has given me all the basic information. I have also started the advanced courses which are related to fundraising and development offered by UC Davis.

von Lorrain I A

28. Mai 2020

Not only this course is interesting and covers everything you need to know, but this is also very operational and you can use it right away in real life. I highly recommend it.

von Francisco P

12. Sep. 2021

Great overview of everything related to development! It's a good way to get your feet wet and start thinking about how fundraising works!

von Caylee W

29. Dez. 2021

This course was very informative and covered a lot of topics related to fundraising. I am excited to move on to the next course!

von Daniel J K

30. Dez. 2019

Great content and concise. Learning the terms of how to raise money is essential. UC Davis provides a great curriculum.

von Jaime F G

19. Mai 2020

Excellent insights and basis for fundraising and foundation development

von Martha G

11. Mai 2020

The instruction and information was excellent. I learned a great deal.

von Emiliano M Á

11. Okt. 2018

A must for anyone aspiring to work in fundraising and development work.

von Vijay A

21. Sep. 2019

This is a great course, very well put together.

I went into this course having a sense of what Fundraising for a Non-Profit would be, and came way with far more clarity and thought process in terms of how to structure the fundraising process. It is not just theory but also hands-on takeaways that I find extremely helpful and will be put to use right away in our non-profit.

von Brittany J

24. Okt. 2018

Great overview! I refreshed on basics and learned some new things. The only con for me was that the peer-graded assignments were sometimes difficult to get peers to grade on time.

von Gunawan E

21. Aug. 2021

I had always wondered how to raise more funds for my organization until I found this Fundraising and Development foundation program. I signed up a month ago and found out this program is what I need as the instructions are practical, too. Now, I am putting the four steps of the donor and development process into practice. The short-term results of this learning application are that our staff are more aware and appreciative of donors. They put in place a proper procedure to manage the relationship with the donors. It really gives me a satisfying feeling that I can gain knowledge and transfer it to our staff.

von Dexter D E

21. Dez. 2020

Thanks to MOOC's like Coursera, emerging leaders like myself can get a leg-up in competencies that peak our interest and are necessary to our professional development. The Foundations of Fundraising and Development course I took through University of California, Davis was timely, tactical, and thorough. I appreciate the peer-reviewed assignments and supplemental readings offered, as they taught me development strategies used by other global organizations doing progressive and substantial work.

von Zoran S

23. Jan. 2021

I was enjoying the Fundraising and Development Foundations Course. I like the way the videos, assignments, tests are structured because they secure the learning process. For me, through the course, I have learned many new and have refreshed old things. All my expectations are met and thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect and to learn a lot in fundraising and development. Looking forward to future cooperation.

von Devon

31. Aug. 2020

This was a well planned course with engaging learning assessments. It was very helpful to review the work of other students as well as receive feedback on my work. The course was well planned and I learned a lot that I immediately applied. The concepts and nuances changed my way of thinking when it comes to fundraising and development.

von Damaris W

22. Feb. 2021

The course was very enlightening. I learnt much about the jargon used in this field and practical knowledge on developing relevant communication and the various levels of engagement with donors. Peer review exercises ensured that I picked other learners' brains . A wholesome learning experience indeed!

von steve W

12. Aug. 2019

This course was very well done and very thorough. Aside from a few sections where the presenters were a bit speedy, this course was very informative. This is the first course I've done in Coursera and I must say, I'm impressed! I plan to finish the entire certification.

von Gaius S C

9. Dez. 2020

This course was my first foray into the topic of fundraising and development. I learned alot and am now inspired to learn even more, and take more specialized courses in the topic. The format did great and the instructor videos were very helpful. Thanks!

von Chiagoua K A

1. Juli 2022

Un cours qui donne les aptitudes concretes et assez concises pour maitriser le domaine d'activite de la formation en quesion. je suis contente d'avoir suivi cette formation avec des modules accessibles, simples et faciles a exploiter.

Merci UC Davis.


von marlies v e - d b

12. Aug. 2022

Even if you have been in the business more than a few years it is a helpful course that just might give you some new insights your organization will benefit from. Even if it means haveing to translate ideas to the specifics of your country.