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Welcome! This course is an introduction to the primary concepts of gaming, and an exploration of how these basic concepts affect the way gamers interact with our games. In this course you will understand what defines a “game” and the mechanics and rules behind different types of games. Through four linked assignments you'll learn ways to create and describe a game concept, and specifically what makes a compelling game. This course focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of games, and all assignments can be completed with a pencil and paper – no previous programming knowledge is required....



12. Apr. 2020

I really loved doing this course. Learnt how to make a simple game and make it really interesting! I loved how the easily the instructor was able to teach us and make us curious throughout the course.


12. Feb. 2020

The lecture videos from Professor Fran and his old friend were surprisingly entertaining. Kudos to the team because they were able to make it fun, informative, and engaging throughout the four weeks.

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von Christina K

23. Feb. 2016

The course instructor was such a fantastic teacher! Being a beginner at game design, I found myself learning a ton despite the short videos (though these videos were so fun and entertaining to watch). I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in getting started in game design! After completing this course, I feel much more confident about taking my game ideas to the next step. I now even have a rough draft of a board game that I created throughout the course, which I plan to eventually turn into a polished 2 or 3-player game!

von Maria J d C M

4. Aug. 2022

A good introduction to game design concepts, for gamers that are absolute beginners in game design. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Reviewers have varying degrees of commitment but in general more engaged in reviewing than in creative writing courses I've taken. Other pluses compared to prior experiences are, the assignment platform works more smoothly, and the course instructions are clearer. Finally, I liked the friendly and non-assuming demeanor of the teacher. To me, the more non-assuming the person, the more knowledgeable they are.

von Shanna S

4. Feb. 2019

This was my first course on COURSERA and first course about game design. It has really opened my mind to many characteristics of game design. It a super helpful course if your starting in game design(which I am!). You'll have the opportunity to review others and be reviewed, which is very important! The feedback I got really helped me to go forward, and reviewing others gave me the opportunity to see many different designs and ways to build game mechanics. It's very great.

von Bianca M

3. Okt. 2020

I liked the content that was provided and I enjoyed the assigments! I think that some improvements could be implemented in the Review Homework system, as it is quite common to receive some unhelpful feedback from our peers... I think there should be a way to validate a feedback. Many people just write things like: "nothing" or "..." and so on. Also, I think that it would be nice to have a wider variety of examples of games in classes. It would help to clarify some topics.

von Robin W

5. Juli 2021

Amazing course! It helped me better understand the visuals and skills for game design! Fran Krause and his muppets character made me laugh through out the video, it was well entertaining and worth the time for learning all of the skills required in the course! The assignments were bread and butter, I was able to pass them all thanks to my pre written ideas! I recommend people who are planning to make a game, please take this course! It's well worth it for your time! :)

von Ethan A

16. Sep. 2019

I really enjoyed the course. The instructor knows what he is talking about, and he leaves you room to be creative. Game design is all about being creative, it is like any art. I believe the instructor can not physically tell someone how to be creative, it is something that is within us all. I am grateful to have had the oppotunity to go through with this course and create some table top games as a basis for game design. Excited for the future of this course.

von Ana R M B

24. Aug. 2018

I found the course to be very well structured and interesting; it was very exciting to learn all the basics of game design. The teacher was very engaging and the homework, while basic enough for beginners, was challenging enough to keep things interesting. My only suggestion is, if possible, also have a teacher grading our projects and not just peers. As much as valuable and important peer feedback is, I think it doesn't replace an expert's evaluation.

von Denisse M L M

5. Okt. 2017

Very good material, visually and content wise. It could have had more content to make it denser, but I guess it has enough to be an introduction course. What I enjoyed the most were the assignments. Having to think how to implement what the video lectures explained was a good challenge. But above all, receiving peer reviews to improve on the ideas, and also trying out the games of other peers is the best part of the learning experience, in my opinion.

von Negin k

31. Okt. 2021

It actually was the introduction so no complain about the few things I've learned, but the course was fun and completely understandable. The most important thing we need to know was mentioned and it was a good thing as an assignment we used our own ideas to create a game. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the financial aid to pass this course and made me more aware of what I have chosen for my future job!

von Ashley K

19. Jan. 2017

Content is great, the exercises are thought provoking, and I actually made a pretty decent game at the end. The only shame is that enrollment was very, very low when I took it. I hope that the next time the course is offered Coursera/CalArts advertises it more, share it more on social media, and really garner interest in it. It's a good course and many people would be interested in it if they knew it existed.

von Tanuj B

16. Juli 2021

It's honestly a very fun class to take, some of these principles are definitely applicable to building regular products as well. Only thing is I wish we would get some feedback from the teachers as well and not just class assessment, I feel like class assessment can be a hit or a miss.

Some people give great feedback which is useful while others just say something to mark their homework as complete.

von Bee K

20. Juli 2020

Overall the presentation of course materials was excellent, and I feel like I learned a lot through both the video lectures and the peer-reviewed projects. My one caveat is that occasionally some of the feedback from the peer review was either unhelpful or didn't seem entirely fair, but that's a general fault with the nature of being graded through peer review and not the course itself.

von Lilia P

1. Juni 2020

This is such a fun course, first of all! All of the lessons and assignments were really clear, and it's such a great beginning step towards game design as a whole. Everything was easy to understand, and really fun to work on! Fran is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend this course if you want to get into some form of game design/development but you may not be sure where to start.

von Zakhar Z

8. Okt. 2020

It was a nice course since I'm a complete beginner. Although certain things may seem like obvious, for a person who is only starting off altogether, there are interesting thoughts in the course. I liked the homework. It depends on the person: if you're a complete beginner and you take things seriously, you can complete this class in two weeks and gain knowledge from it.

von Nicole R

17. Aug. 2016

It was a well presented course that was easy to follow but offered a lot of information. It helped me put my gaming activities and plans to get into the industry into context. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments and making a paper based game for my peers to review. I highly recommend taking this course. The use of the puppet was an inspired and well chosen addition.

von Norman J

5. Feb. 2017

I enjoyed the course, I learned a lot about rule development, difficulty evaluation, along with other elements in game design. The peer feedback was important. As someone who designs games, input from your potential customer base is crucial. They definitely helped me design a better game. I could see the improvement from the first week to the last week. Thank you.

von Virginia M

24. Okt. 2015

Well structured lessons and basics concepts to learn. The course is absolutely accessible for everyone and all the concepts and words are perfectly explained with a lot of examples. Also mention that the spoken English is quite easy to understand, thanks to a good pronunciation and excellent pacing. In any case, you can enable the subs if you need them.

von Sitara A B

8. Apr. 2017

Having done this course has given me a better understanding of why games work and how they relate to the different platforms they are designed for. The coursework is limited to a paper based game, which has different dynamics from a video game, but it gave me the practice of evaluating my own work with a lot more clarity than I had before.

von Jenny F

3. Juni 2016

This course helped me a lot understanding the basics of Game Design! Definately good if you are interested in building a basic Game Design knowledge. I'm going for the specialization so I'm excited to keep learning more as I am currently working at a Game company but not in the Game teams... I would love to join them someday :D

von Jennefer P

27. Dez. 2021

V​ery engaging, SUPER fun course! You learn how to create a great game, what are things to keep in mind when designing your game, and you get hands-on practice by having to develop your 4 assignments. And the video lessons are very well done, funny and engaging, not dry at all! Get ready to have some laughs with this course!

von Wagner A

5. Juni 2017

The course is very funny and objective in the understanding of the Game Design fundamentals and concepts. Apart of that, the week lessons help the peers to keep track of the course and keep focused. The very basic way to design a simple game will turn you into a deep adventure and pleasant journey to the goal over the time.

von Alexandra

7. Okt. 2015

The course is amazing. No, wait, probably I would say THE TEACHER is AMAZING! I loved the way he explains the material, I love the music and graphical part, the jokes. I am very grateful for the CALARTS to share their knowledge with the rest of the world and can't wait to start the next course from the specialization!

von Mohamed S

22. Sep. 2020

Honestly I had so much incredible fun with this class. It felt more like being taken on a journey than taking a course. The presentation feels like it has personality and the barometer that is giving to us in our assignments helps us better understand what needs to be focused on while still giving us liberties.

von Tushar L

16. Aug. 2020

This course covers very basics and foundation of designing a game. The principles and guidelines to design a simple board game are discussed. I would highly recommend to a my colleagues to learn the course. I would like to pay my thanks to instructor Fran Krause, a wonderful teacher. Thank you sir.

von Leo H F

27. Apr. 2022

Although the knowledge is only stop at a basic level (since this is just an intro course afterall), This course can cover all the need / problem / solution you will face during the game making process. The course may look short but in the end, this is just an introduction. This is a fun course