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If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path. Making games is a creative and technical art form. In this course you will familiarize yourself with the tools and practices of game development. You will get started developing your own videogames using the industry standard game development tools, including the Unity3D game engine and C#. At the end of the course you will have completed three hands-on projects and will be able to leverage an array of game development techniques to create your own basic games. This course is for individuals interested in becoming a game designer, game artist, or game programmer....



Sep 30, 2019

Great course, got to learn and understand good things about developing games in general and particularly in Unity. I highly suggest it for someone who has no experience whatsoever at game development.


Jul 22, 2019

Really great course! It was more challenging towards the end of it, but I enjoyed it and recommend it. I hope that my completing the course marked the start of my future as a game designer and maker.

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von Jason M

Oct 12, 2015

I loved it. I learned a ton about making games and I learned it by doing it. So, I have two games and a media simulation to show for it.

Unity was covered. However, 3D modelling, illustration, and audio were not really taught (but a little bit, in theory.) I think it somewhat has to be like this, unfortunately. For me, I used Blender, Photoshop, and Fruity Loops to create my assets, but mostly just the game development is handled in this course. I'm only saying this, because you should know this upfront, really, which I didn't.

Looking forward to the next class...

von David H

Oct 09, 2015

I'm currently starting week 3 of this and already I feel I have got a huge amount out of it.

I was not a complete beginner going in, but with the course taking me back to real basics, I found it helped fill in a lot of blanks that I didn't even know I had.

Even if the rest of the course from week 3 turns out to not be as good, I will still feel I got a tremendous amount out of this! The tutor is straightforward and an excellent lecturer, the course is so far structured really well and the practical exercises are simple to set up and get going on.

von Tomas V

Jul 06, 2020

This course and the instructor are great. The fundamentals of Unity and C# scripts are explained very well. Nevertheless, I don't think that a review from classmates is good idea (but this is rather a coursera problem than a course problem). I would expect review from someone who completed course already, or (better) from a mentor or an instructor. In other words, from someone who knows what should be achieved, and who don't need to copy your work and potentially use it to complete the course. However, overall, the course is very interesting.

von Elena M

Nov 18, 2016

A very useful basic course on the process of making a game and using Unity. The lessons are well structured and give an excellent overview of everything that is involved with creating a videogame, though never going into the detail (it's not a programming or 3D modeling course).

The quality of the lessons is the best I've experienced here so far and the videos are very comprehensible to a non-native english speaker because of the clear speech. I loved the fast pace, but I guess it could be a problem if you're not used to it.

von Moaz A

Aug 09, 2019

I just broke that barrier which always comes up when thinking about making games for someone only do play games his entire life , it was a scary one , just like when you hear that you need to learn coding , there is no shame to start copying and editing scripts , because one day you will be someone who give others scripts to be copied and modified , same thing to Unity it turns out it just needed time to learn , it's not hard , it's just experience you get over time as you learn more stuff .

von Anurag D

Sep 23, 2016

A brilliant course for all those people who want to know about game developing, who want to get their feet wet. This is just the beginning and will make you decide whether you want to pursue learning more about it or game development is not your piece of cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all those who would like to test if they have it in them to become a game developer.

If you enjoy this course you will surely enjoy the next courses from this specialization.

von Kyle D H

Dec 23, 2015

I loved the course through every single lecture and assignment. I think the projects we worked on were a perfect introduction for people who had never worked in Unity before, and for an experienced Unity user (like me) they were a great way to touch up on the basics and even learn a few new ways to organize projects. I'd take this course again a thousand times over, and recommend it for anyone interested in getting into the game development industry, programmer or otherwise.

von Joselito M C S I

Aug 30, 2018

I've really learned a lot on this course, and this knowledge will surely be helpful for my encounters in the future! Before I got into this course, I absolutely have no idea about game design and development, and have never used Unity or Visual Studio (C#). But now, I have finished three of your projects! I've gained confidence in exposing myself into the world of game design and development, and I'm hoping to have a career in the gaming industry. Cheers to you, guys!

von Alper A

Sep 24, 2020

This was a very informative course! The tutorials are very well handled and thorough. You learn some concepts as to how a game is formed with all the bits and pieces, in addition to learning how to build games in Unity3D. In the end, even though I would not be able to create an entire AA game by myself, I felt that I had now enough foundation to build upon by following other tutorials. I am looking forward to more courses in this specialization, for sure.

von Massimiliano h

Mar 24, 2017

Brian is a wonderful teacher he didn't take for granted all the aspect related to basic principles of game development in Unity. It's clear that he has built the lessons in order to teach you the method to approach the use of the tool rather then a detail explanation of specific features leaving the learners to deeply inspects this aspects on their own. The session are all well written and enrolled and Brian never leaves you alone during all the courses.

von Grant H

Jun 14, 2016

Brian Winn is an astoundingly good teacher, and has leveraged a huge amount of professional knowledge to pour his heart into what is arguably the best $400 I've ever spent in my life.

This teaching/learning format is inordinately effective, and I'm 100% looking forward to course 2, 3, 4, and the capstone.

Thank you for going above and beyond in creating a truly fantastic learning environment, syllabus, and a plethora of wonderful content.

von Grace K

Apr 24, 2016

I've always loved video games, but knew nothing about game dev. I decided to take this Specialization because the dev courses focus on Unity, a good choice for indie development. The example projects are fun and Brian Winn is an excellent, clear, and likable instructor.

I'm a software engineer by trade, so customizing scripts was fun and easy for me, but it would probably be challenging for someone who has never programmed before.

von Cosmin R

Oct 13, 2015

One of the best courses i have ever attended to.

Full of useful information. I can't remember a session that was dull, or out of context.

Nice pacing, application of the principles and technical know how in the projects.

After this course i have a very good understanding of the UNITY development environment.

It's a must if you consider a career in game design.

Useful for both technical and non-technical persons.

von Дмитрий Б

Feb 19, 2016

This course is absolutely awesome! During 4 weeks I realized that there's no such fun as making games in the world! Also with the help of modern tools (like Unity game engine) it is very easy even for the beginners. You only have to focus on your ideas and the engine will take care of all the physics, visualization and interaction. It's absolutely amazing!

Thank's to Brian Winn and all the comunity!

von Tony N

Jun 29, 2017

Want to study Unity3d game development? Do yourself a favour and take this course. You will regret if you don't.

I have try many online tutorials including official ones, but none of them help. The professor does an excellent job guiding me through most important aspects of creating 3d games using unity3d.

I am very confident that I can make 3D games after taking the course.

Thank you Professor Winn

von Shai Y

Oct 25, 2015

Amazing course, this is the first time that so much essential information about learning is accessible in a such well organized matter.

It was exciting to learn about the process and the organic materials in the brain when effective and non-effective learing process is take place.

I believe that this course can really help me to managie further learning processes on a daily basis.



von Angela H

Oct 17, 2017

I really loved this course! I've used Unity before, but this class really helped solidify my knowledge and I picked up a few new tricks in the process. I really liked the video instructions and how the teacher presented the content. The peer review grading system was clear on what warranted a passing grade, so I felt that doing a good job was recognized. Thanks for an excellent course!

von Ugo N

Mar 24, 2017

Excellent! Brian is very simple and clear in his instruction. No messages missed or trouble understanding the program. Also, when you think your system doesn't have something, they provide you with the equivalent of what they is required. For example in the build case and getting Web Gl support. yeah! You'll see it.

Thanks, I had a lot of fun doing this course. Now on to the next!!


von Павел

Oct 19, 2016

What do you feel when you've created something? Did you experience that exciting feeling playing your own 3D first person shooter? If you are keen on game development and looking for a starter course, this one is exactly what you need! The course content is well structured and easy to understand. So, if you decide to start this course you will be totally satisfied with the result!

von Luca R S

May 11, 2017

This course is AMAZING! Brian's videos are very concise and spot on, giving you all the informations you need; should you need more, there's plenty of references to where to look for in your browser, making it an accessible experience to everybody.

Before taking it, I already had many hours of practice and coding in Unity, and I still learned a lot! I really recommend this course.

von Konstantin N

Jan 24, 2018

Great course for beginners! I never used Unity3D but with this course I was able to create small decent game! It would be easier if you have previous programming experience in C#. I strongly suggest to complete Beginning Game Programming with C#University of Colorado System first. It would allow to better understand coding part and will accelerate your own Video Game creation.

von Roselle C

Dec 25, 2017

Learnt a lot from this despite I'm already in the game dev industry, especially from scripting. Despite he went a little too fast in it, it gave me a starting point and I have some understanding of how to approach. Learnt a lot in terms of computer science which I didn't really learn in other sources. The project assignments could be improved, but the course is great overall.

von Jonatan A

Sep 16, 2020

An amazing approach to starting game development. For the ones looking for more coding hands-on probably is not the right course for you but it is amazing for the ones who are looking to dive into game development and find inspiration to start learning C#. The instructor is great and gives you instructions step by step so that building your projects will be clear. Thank you!

von Heather B

Aug 08, 2020

Great course! I really enjoyed the videos and the game projects. I do wish some of the videos moved a bit slower, as I frequently had to pause the video and backtrack to keep up. But that was partly because I wasn't able to use the same version of Unity and had to find the settings in different places. Overall, it was a really great class and I'm kinda sad its over!

von Om P

Jul 17, 2020

I absolutely loved going through this course! The main reason why I joined was to understand programming in Unity, which was obviously fulfilled. However, I also learnt a lot of new design aspects which I didn't even know about earlier. The instructor explained everything perfectly. I would absolutely recommend any beginner game developer to take up this course.