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If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path. Making games is a creative and technical art form. In this course you will familiarize yourself with the tools and practices of game development. You will get started developing your own videogames using the industry standard game development tools, including the Unity3D game engine and C#. At the end of the course you will have completed three hands-on projects and will be able to leverage an array of game development techniques to create your own basic games. This course is for individuals interested in becoming a game designer, game artist, or game programmer....


29. Sep. 2019

Great course, got to learn and understand good things about developing games in general and particularly in Unity. I highly suggest it for someone who has no experience whatsoever at game development.

6. Feb. 2016

Very great course. The instruction is spot on, allowing me to listen while I work without the need to actually watch the video. Definitely worth it for novices and even intermediate level developers.

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von Calin T

7. Jan. 2018

It does teach the basics of Unity, but it does not touch very much at all on the crux of game development - programming. I wish I got more opportunities to practice C# with Unity, but the only time I did was a little bit on the last week. The rest of the courses in the specialization also don't focus much on that aspect

von Bernardo S d L

2. März 2020

The teacher is great, but they should update it and choose a version of unity to work with. Even future classes can work in an older version. Every peer assignment that I graded had a different version of unity. Most I could just update to the newer version but there were a few that crashed.

von Marco T T C

26. März 2016

It's a good, but timid, introduction to game development with Unity. It addresses many relevant game development concepts, like programming, collision detection and 3D coordinates. It course may be better appreciated if taken as part of a specialization.

von Γιώργος Μ

29. Okt. 2016

3 stars because the lecturer is really good but talks a little bit fast so foreign students cant clearly understand what he means or get "lost" in the course. You will say "you can reduce the speed" but this would reduce the sound quality too.

von adarsh s

19. Mai 2020

Its a big let down that the instructor didn't teach us actual C# coding in week 4 and most of it is just a little code walk through.Except that course is good.

von Connor W

14. Feb. 2020

This course is great, but I've had to reset my deadlines for 6 months because how the thing is uploaded doesn't work how the professors say it should.

von Deleted A

18. Juli 2017

This class is a pretty good introduction to Unity, I just don't know that it is better than the free tutorials provided by Unity.

von Thiago G

17. Dez. 2015

The course introduces the student to the production of a game using Unity, but it lacks on programming focus.

von Alvaro M

24. Mai 2016

Very basic introduction. Though it covers all the needed information it lacks of interesting content.

von Sumesh P

10. Mai 2017

For the person who has no programming background, may find the week 4 project difficult.

von David C

24. Feb. 2016

Great course, although I would've liked a bit more emphasis on coding.


20. Aug. 2017

Its ok but udemy has better courses for gamedevelopment

von Kevin K

4. Okt. 2017

Course needs to be updated and the audio isn't great.

von Ahmed A S R

9. Feb. 2017

A good start for learning game design and development

von Miguel M V

23. Dez. 2015

I think this course is ok but it is not enough.

von Ash j

27. Aug. 2017

good for unity progarmmer

von Nguyen D T

22. Feb. 2016

Thanks for your course!

von Thiago d B

12. Aug. 2017

Fortunately for me, I have a solid background in programming. Had I not, I would have had no idea what was going on towards the end of this course. I didn't like the false sense of security given by the instructor when he said, after the first follow-along "congratulations, you are now a game developer".

I think there needs to be a LOT more teaching of programming fundamentals and C#. This feels more like a 'trial' of a real course than anything else, and it's a bit frustrating that I am, for the first time, paying for a 'specialisation', resulting in a negative experience.

von Johannes S

21. Sep. 2020

The course itself is not bad but there are many problems.. 1. The Forum does not really gives helpful advise or in other words you are happy when you get an reply anyway..also the "Mentors" are not supporting or helping in anyway. The Forum is basicly just "pls review my projct" spam 2. it is based on Unity 5 which can cause or causes many problems which is very frustrating. It is an very old course. Anyway just looking at the course itself and the classes it was very interessting and a good course!! Just the above mentioned issuses made it sometimes very frustrating .

von Matthew N

17. Okt. 2018

Bad rating is for lack of response to issues. Six days have elapsed and I have yet to hear from someone that runs the course to help me fix a problem. The problem: button does not work after replicating video with 100% accuracy. Probably a version issue, but again... no response from staff. I could understand waiting a couple days, but 6.... come on.

von Nicholas D

25. Sep. 2016

Provided Unity scripts for projects don't work properly with newer versions of Unity. Quality of video recording is kind of crappy esp. audio. Most of the stuff learned in this course you'd be able to learn straight from the Unity tutorials anyway. Not recommended unless you absolutely need scheduled assignments in order to learn.

von Chloe O

21. Juni 2018

Don't waste your money. The course was too easy, and you could easily learn the same amount of material through Unity's free online tutorials. The instructor provided a few explanations of general game design concepts, but nothing you can't find through a quick YouTube search. Disappointing.

von Moe M

1. Nov. 2015

This was much less about the development of games as it was an intro to Unity. Furthermore, the assignments weren't graded on a timely basis, which left very room to collaborate and refine. Overall, I felt like I learned to follow a few basic things about Unity, nothing more.

von David R

11. Okt. 2020

Structure is great, however content is outdated as it was made in 2018. Instead of keeping with the times and coding changes to unity 2019 or 2020, you're forced to learn older techniques that are now obsolete.

von Sunny W

17. Juni 2020

It needs to be updated to a more recent version of Unity. Wasted a whole bunch of time trying to get the example project (from version 5 several generations ago) working on my machine. Very frustrating.