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This course introduces the Google Cloud big data and machine learning products and services that support the data-to-AI lifecycle. It explores the processes, challenges, and benefits of building a big data pipeline and machine learning models with Vertex AI on Google Cloud....



2. März 2019

Overall a good curated course to help understand the GCP offerings and high level architecture of how their offerings fit in the current landscape. Easy to follow along as this was fundamental course.


23. Sep. 2019

This course really helped me in understanding exactly 'How the Big data and Machine learning can be used in Cloud' and 'The ease to use it'. Thank you for summing all the fundamentals in this course.

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von Robert T

19. Sep. 2020

Disappointed with the week 2 lab, creating the data pipeline.

The instructions for connection BQ data to Data Studio, needs more explanation, when following the steps I got system errors on setting the date dimension to "dashboard_sort" a field in the BQ SQL summarizing statement. Posted to the forum hopefully someone will respond

von Jingjing W

23. Feb. 2020

This class has the fundamentals of GCP. It is pretty easy and all you need to do is follow the lab instruction and you can get the basic idea of using the google cloud services. However, there is no requirement for coding (mostly just copying the code). It is not recommended for advanced programmers who already know the services.

von Justin

25. Juli 2018

It was a decent course, but in my opinion focused too heavily on delivering everything via video lecture with very little supplemental material (other than what's already available from Google Cloud's docs). I would have liked to see some challenges as well, rather than just labs that required you to "fill in the blanks"

von Paul G

22. Dez. 2020

Very much enjoyed the course, excellent overview of what is possible. I would like access to the notebook for how to do the keras code manually as an example. Perhaps I can work through. Its very easy to read examples and copy and paste code, another when writing oneself. Great rpesentations thought. Valuable resource

von Felipe H

26. Apr. 2020

Great course, gives a great overview of the resources, some labs are really good but the machine learning part is not that well, you just learn a bunch of stuff but actually don't practice it that much so it's actually just an overview which will you give more knowledge about the services but not actual experience.

von Berry J

3. Sep. 2018

Machine learning concepts are at a high level for a beginner as all the concepts used in lab are new. I was not able to 100% understand the code but just understood what can be done through Google Machine Learning support. In the lab we just ran the commands but couldn't understand the terminology or logic used.

von Mananai S

31. Dez. 2018

A good introduction to GCP. The course covers tools you need to do big data and ML. Instructor is an expert in this field. The labs are practical help you practice how to do the real work. I have experience in ETL, both SQL and NoSQL . Now, I am convinced that Cloud solution is better than the traditional way

von Trilok K

24. Apr. 2017

It's a short but good course. Good instructions and delivery. Good introduction to Big Data and ML on GCP. Would have liked more assignments as a formal requirement to complete the course. The codelabs are disconnected from the course. Glad to know other courses in the specialization are under development.

von SAJ

16. Okt. 2022

Instead of demonstration, I suggest adding dummy deployment lab. Also, the SML steps in the last session i.e. Vertex AI were not very helpful and seemed to be incomplete., for example: it does not explain how the JSON data file can be edited. There should be additional information in Vertex AI module.

von Claudia C

15. Apr. 2020

The course was very very nice, with practical examples and good explanations, though the beginning can be improved for someone that did not work much with many services from GCP. Other than that, it is easy to go through, to get your skills from hands on examples and start new endeavors using GCP.

von Carl N

11. Apr. 2020

It was a good course for learning all the many Google Cloud Platform products and capabilities. As an introductory course, it doesn't provide enough depth to become proficient in a skill. It's exposures you to the highlight workflows, processes, and use cases of the various products and tools.

von Ruben S C

29. Apr. 2018

Me parece muy bueno el curso, pero por el momento hay algunos cambios en la plataforma practica, son detalles pero al momento de seguir las instrucciones, cambian algunos menús, se entiende que es por la constante actualizaciones de la plataforma web de GCP. (esto hace perder un poco de tiempo).

von John U

11. Juli 2018

The courses themselves are very good. My only complaint is the scoring did not always reflect the completion of the course so I spent a lot of extra time trying to get the score to reflect my work. I had in fact completed the course and when I finally ended the course, it was reflected correct.

von Robert S

2. Okt. 2020

Excellent course, but did have a few technical issues. The only 2 questions in one section quiz had nothing to do with the section just completed. Even so, the class was very much worth my time. The lectures were very well presented and the labs did a good job of emphasizing the content.

von Rap M

11. Aug. 2022

Need little bit improvemenst in Qwick labs like if you are sayng to go on Shell it shoud be more specific. rather than this course if help and i loved it #ilovegoogle . in the end iw ould like say that you guys did a great job i hope ypu guys will bring more offerrs for us. THANK YOU!!!!

von Justin D

21. März 2022

Provides a good introduction to GCP. Feels like the course skipped around a lot and was generally difficult to follow along with sometimes. The labs were beneficial but some instructions are vague and require lots of copy/paste of project IDs. All-in-all, a decent introduction to GCP.

von Fabio S

13. Jan. 2019

This course is very interesting and helpful, but the labs need some improvements as they can be quite confusing sometimes and I had a lot of technical issues. Another point for improvement is the support (from Google) for mobility as a lot of the labs were not working fine with IPad IOS

von Salathiel G Y Y

3. März 2021

Quite insightful. I discovered the use of a bunch of GCP services I use to see here and there. I also got to known a variety of the challenges on the path of BigData and Machine Learning, as well as both (1) how tackle them and (2) which GCP solution is already designed for me.

von Dj S

17. März 2017

Good introduction to using GCP services for machine learning. Utilizes google code labs for hands on exercises and outlines resources for further learning. Could use some improvement on quiz questions and course flow, 1 week 6 module format is different than many other MooCs.

von ricvolpe

5. Mai 2021

GCP content is crips and easy to consume as always.

The labs are a little buggy, especially in Safari. Also, they are not particularly challenging, so while you may not retain information because you don't fully engage with them, they are still a useful way to learn actively.

von Nixon M

11. Nov. 2020

The course is great. I got an excellent introduction to Google Cloud Platform. The only issue is with Quicklab instruction site: no way I can put my instruction site on one side, and cloud console on the other side, so that I can type instructions in stead of copying them.

von Prabhudev V

15. Juli 2017

Very informative course and good introduction to diff products offered on Google Cloud. There are some content issues and video usage issues that can be fixed to make it even better. If you ignore these then this is the best course that you can take to get started on GCP.

von Suraj J

19. Sep. 2020

Provided a very good intro. I felt that there were too many new tools to remember. But i expect it is the same for anything else. It is challenging for a novice. For someone who is looking for a challenge , it is very easy. For me, it was somewhere in the middle.

von yogendra b

6. Dez. 2022

Very good overview provides enough details and provides resources to learn more.

it would help if we were given 1 user id and password to do labs again and again and account is valid for say 3 months. it will allow us to get more familiar with google cloud.

von Edward C

24. Apr. 2018

The instructor does a really good job and there is a lot of good information. Unfortunately in several places the platform UI has changed since the course material was created, so it was pretty confusing at some points, but I finally figured out what to do.