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What is sex? What is gender? What is sexuality? What do we mean by LGBTQIA? How are these concepts related to the workplace? How have our understandings of these terms changed over time, and how have these changes impacted work and culture? To help you answer these important questions, this course will introduce you to the exciting field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies, and to LGBTQIA identities. We will use a range of interdisciplinary concepts, tools, and methods to understand and analyze how identity shapes our experiences in culture and in the workplace. Because we all live with gender expectations, this course is crucial for any profession, and for understanding the world around us. Also, you will learn key concepts that will help you to interpret and understand the world we share....



23. März 2022

I really learnt a lot in this course. This is not something that you can learn in everyday conversations, and with a lot of misinformation being spreaded, taking this course can really benefit you.


3. Mai 2020

That was an excellent course. The video lectures and the reading materials were really good and I could learn a lot of new things from this course. Thank you very much for this eyeopening course.

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von Bharat M S

23. Mai 2021

Really helpful sessions, and the resources are very informative

von Kavya D

26. Apr. 2020

Good course to learn about LGBTQIA completely. Thank you.

von Qamar A

4. Apr. 2022

Excellent course with full of knowledge

von Fatima Y

14. Feb. 2022

Really helpful and informative.


26. Aug. 2020

Great experience of learning

von Guillem M

4. Apr. 2020

I've learned a lot!

von David

5. Feb. 2022

It was very useful

von samuel

10. Aug. 2018

Nice course

von Kyle S

20. Aug. 2017

About half of this course consistent of an excellent exploration of the ways that members of sexual minorities and underrepresented genders can be discriminated against and made to feel unwelcome in the workplace, and helpful suggestions for ways of changing workplace behaviors and policies to better include people. The other half, in which the professors defined terms and discussed the basics of sexual and gender diversity, was less focused and provided little evidence for a large number of claims. It was sufficient to serve as a refresher on terminology for people who are already familiar with and respectful of gender and sexual diversity, but I suspect for someone who isn't already well-read on the topic it may come across as preachy and subjective.

von Antonia A B

25. März 2018

The teachers are both lovely amazing and passionate people whom are very knowledgeable on their area! However I only gave this course a 3/5 star rating because i felt that there was a bit too much very long reading which i struggled to focus on and also because being already very involved in LGBTQIA+ issues i already knew a lot of the information provided in the course. However for those who are little educated on the subject i would highly recommend this course :)

von Bernarda P

21. Okt. 2020

I found it very interesting, but was perhaps missing a more global perspective on the issue

von Lara-Ashley M

4. Jan. 2022

A bit basic. I wanted something to make me think. I was disappointed with the focus some much on transgender and less on other issues. I was hoping for more depth and better insight from the speakers. Overall, quit disappointing.

von Sandra G A

1. Nov. 2020

El curso se ve muy bueno...lamentablemente esta en Inglés y mi Inglés no es para nada bueno como para hacerlo

von Ricardo A M

11. Aug. 2020

lacked the topic: discrimination for heterosexual and cisgender people (normal) in a LGBTQIA environment

von Michelle V

13. Aug. 2021

The videos are so slow was not what I expected, but thanks.

von Jennifer C

22. Juni 2022

Realizing this course originated from the USA it should be no suprise how outdated it is. The correct acronym is 2SLGBTQIA* to make your teaching more inclusive. The 2S at the begininng stands for 2Spirit people (queer indigenous people) who inhabited this land long before colonizers arrived. The University of Pittsburg is on the ancestral land of the Adena , Hopewell, and Monongahela people. As well, having the asterix (*) at the end of the acronym allows a space for all to feel included if they don't fall into the binary of gender and sexuality. Please update to provide the most up to date information on the queer community.

von Jennifer L T

19. Nov. 2021

I cannot watch the videos for this course :( They won't play. I don't understand why not? I tried multiple times on different days..