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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in 3 Steps von The State University of New York

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This course, Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in Three Steps, will prepare you to stand out in a crowded applicant pool so that you can get hired or promoted. In three steps you will leave this course with 1. An upgraded social media presence (one that you can be proud of) 2. A visual, infographic resume that will get you noticed 3. A professional pitch that highlights your strengths and skills When creating this course, we listened to potential employers, took the advice of recruiters, conducted informal research on best practices and we drew from our own experiences as professionals who have sought out and hired quality candidates....



25. Apr. 2020

I have learned a few good tips about making an inforgraphic resume. Most of the info and comon sense but thet way it is presented is nice and there are still something new to learn from this course


23. Juli 2021

The course was great and I think that all professionals and even non-professionals should take this course. Also there is a page asking for additional outside of my profile, not sure.

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von Sophia B

13. Juni 2020

Τhis course was the best idea i had in my attempt to change jobs! It gave me the confidence to pursue what I want. Four days after sending my new crafted CV i had a positive responce from a multinational company.

von Molly Q

24. Feb. 2017

I found this class really helpful in my job search. Especially in a time that I was starting to feel hopeless. Having a few guides for how to best market myself really helped me keep moving. (And I got a job!)

von Jonathan C

3. Feb. 2020

A course that really helps to know what are the key points to write profiles, highlight skills and the best way to express them, whether in social networks, a curriculum or in a quick conversation.

von Shawn C

23. Juli 2021

The course was great and I think that all professionals and even non-professionals should take this course. Also there is a page asking for additional outside of my profile, not sure.

von Khandaker M A

28. Juli 2020

I liked the course very much for it's career-related tips. I will suggest everyone to do the course if they want to build up a strong career. This course really pleased me. Thank you.

von RAY J K

30. Aug. 2020

One of the best courses I have taken by far. Everything from the videos to assignments is amazing and informative. It has helped me tremendously. I encourage everyone to take it.

von Claudia R A

8. Sep. 2020

Great course, it teaches you how to improve your social network and media, how to do your resume, how to do your professional pitch, and its all in a easy way to understand it

von Loretta H

15. Juni 2020

Some of the information was a nice review for me. The new information for me (professional pitch and the info-graphic resume) was mind-blowing and a definite game changer!

von Mimi J

28. Juni 2020

This is so good, I can see now for the future what I need for interviews and job applications. This has also given me so much confidence to improve in my present position.

von Salma K O

14. Mai 2021

Very helpful course. I definitely now understand the importance of having an infographic resume and how much it matters to write down carefully my professional pitch.

von Vishnupriya m

28. Sep. 2020

The course helped me very much to understand that what are the external factors that can also influence my chances on getting a job or getting promoted

von Arun P M

10. Aug. 2020

Definitely an ice breaker , my coursera course after a long time and got full confidence on getting promoted soon, can't wait for the magical moment

von D R

25. Mai 2021

The information provided in the course is relevant and informative. The course material was presented well and in an easy to digest format.

von Sachin D M

16. Juli 2020

This course has taught me to prepare resume and professional pitch in a better way. I am sure this will help me to move ahead in my career

von Smita L

13. Juli 2020

very useful course and personally for me this is really needed as person like who is not so into networking will definitely help me

von Gryz C

8. Aug. 2017

This is a really helpful course, ideally for those who would want to present themselves in the industry that they want to grow at.

von 19PGM06 A P S S

26. Mai 2020

It's a great course to learn for freshers, working professionals on facets of resume preparation, cracking job interviews

von Niyati R

21. Mai 2020

Excellent way to explain all the things, Professional social media accounts, infographic resume and professional pitch.

von Danny L P H

31. Mai 2022

Very informative and they provide you with step by step how to improve your interview and resumes preparation skills.

von Sabrina S

13. Sep. 2020

Easy to follow and to apply into your life. It was a nice refresh as both a future candidate and a HR professional.

von Ulduz M

15. Mai 2020

I learned a lot. Applied everything, updated social media accounts, created infographic CV, and professional patch.

von Adaku C

20. Feb. 2022

Introduction is encouragingencouragingencouragingencouraginguraging. Looking forward to a knowlege filled course.

von Biju K

19. Juni 2021

Good opportunity to learn this course to improve my social visibility & approach during professional appearance.

von Amparo A

29. Juni 2020

This course is so interesting, it taught me to be more crative, consistent and to be proud of who i am and what

von Hope B

9. Aug. 2020

Was very informative indeed. I got a lot of resources to work with in creating a better profile of myself.