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The Global Diplomacy course is a unique offering to the MOOC environment. Bringing together cutting edge research in the broad fields of Diplomatic and International Studies, award winning distance learning delivery and the instructors previous experience of delivering a successful MOOC. Please see the volume Global Diplomacy: Theories, Types and Models authored with Dr Alison Holmes, (Westview, 2016), and the Understanding Research Methods MOOC from Coursera. The Global Diplomacy MOOC has a direct heritage in the University of London International Academy/SOAS Global Diplomacy MA Programme launched in April 2013 which have attracted hundreds of students from around the world. The Global Diplomacy MA Programme is provided by the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy which has been teaching postgraduate courses in Diplomacy for over twenty five years. After completing the 'Global Diplomacy' MOOC, learners will have: 1. The ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy, drawing on a variety of relevant contributing disciplines in the broad field of International Studies. 2. An understanding of changes in diplomatic practices and procedures and the relationship of those changes to contemporary politics. 3. A sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches to debates in diplomacy so that students have been exposed to the and skills needed to analyse global diplomacy. 4. knowledge of issues in global diplomacy in historical and contemporary contexts....



Nov 01, 2019

Absolutely incredible course in diplomacy that gives you a perfect glimpse of understanding how diplomacy works in practice and what achievements you need to posses in order to become a good diplomat.


May 14, 2019

Excellent course for those aspiring to be career diplomats. Engages us with a history of diplomacy ever since it was widely practised and accepted as a form of conflict management and resolution.

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von Alexander L

Jan 23, 2017

Very little content on offer other than some short clips and mildly interesting readings. The vast majority of the course is dedicated to short writing tasks that are supposed to get you engaged (i.e. discussing) diplomacy, but the practical effect is at best busy work with little new knowledge or insights gained. Extremely disappointed.

von Dennis P

Jan 11, 2017

I have completed two other Coursera courses for certificates, where I learned much more. The quantity and quality of the content - both video's and reading materials - is significantly lower than that of the other courses, where I really had to take notes and read much more. The assignments are way to general and do not require much preparation, which hardly makes them serious learning exercises. Frankly, I could have done some interviews and research online and make a a course like this myself...

von Igor V S

Sep 14, 2017

Diplomacy is talking french, talking nothing and talking falsehood...

I think crearors of this course mastered at least two major diplomacy skills.

von Pieter V L

Apr 05, 2018

No content, just some random interviews and peer graded assignments of 100 words.

von Cameron M

Aug 31, 2017

Exceptionally shallow content. The course material consists of different academics giving their opinion on very general questions eg. "What is diplomacy?", "What makes a good diplomat?" Each week's content will take 5 minutes plus a reading, and you will have little to show for your time.

The assignments do not constitute enough of a challenge to facilitate learning or depth of thought. The bar for passing an assignment is "has the candidate made a genuine attempt at answering the question".

I have come to expect a much higher standard from Coursera.

von Margaret S C

Oct 01, 2016

Too many speakers. Not very well-coordinated or organized. Very wordy and diffuse. Where is the gist of what they are saying in so many words?

von Anna K

Aug 14, 2019

The whole course can be combined in 30 min lecture/video. All assignments are first-grade level, no recommended readings, no lectures. Most importantly, all assignments are peer-graded and there are not enough people to grade! I can't get my certificate because I need to grade at least 3 assignments each week and they are not available( because noone signed up for the course? noone submitted?), and my assignments are not graded for the same reason. It seems I have to go back to this course every couple of days to check if I can complete the requirements to get my certificate! It's so inconvenient!

This course is quite a waste of money, all the information provided is a basic common sense.

von Adina P

Sep 14, 2019

I expected much more of the course. The readings are interesting, but the rest is just general information or easy topics I already knew. It might be useful for somebody totally new with the topic, but if you read the news and some literature on international politics, it is not worth.


Sep 21, 2019

Very fantastic course related to my field of International Relations