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In this course, each module aims to build on your ability to interact with GKE, and includes hands-on labs for you to experience functionalities first-hand. In the first module, you'll be introduced to a range of Google Cloud services and features, with a view to helping you choose the right Google Cloud services to create your own cloud solution. You'll learn about creating a container using Cloud Build, and store a container in Container Registry. You'll also compare and contrast the features of Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine, also referred to as GKE. In addition to conceptualizing the Kubernetes architecture, you'll deploy a Kubernetes cluster using GKE, deploy Pods to a GKE cluster, and view and manage Kubernetes objects....



6. Mai 2018

The course can help deep understanding docker and learn about google Kubernetes that amazing product from google help deploy software or web app ,scaling, and management of containerized applications.


12. Dez. 2020

I already learnt GKE from Qwiklabs courses. But there are new things that I learnt now, like Architecture of K8s, Edge presence of GCP (GKE), Still there are things that can be taught about Anthos.

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von Lee S T

30. März 2019

실습 난이도가 좀 높습니다


von Matúš C

21. Dez. 2018

There is a lot of paid stuff.

von Ahmed T

16. Okt. 2021

add some more stuff and labs

von Rajesh K R

24. Juni 2020

exercies need to be improved

von Desmond K

15. Sep. 2019

damn errors in qwicklabs

von Rushikesh Y

10. Jan. 2020

labs wont work properly

von 7066414 C I

14. Dez. 2021

Makes an OK overview.

von Mario M F

23. Juli 2020

Broken excercises.

von Shivakumar P

12. Juni 2018

Good One !

von KimNamho

17. März 2019

thank you

von rustx

27. Juli 2018


von Peter B

25. Aug. 2020

I cannot recommend this course. Also should have checked the reviews first myself.

It more like a collection of Google Cloud Labs exercises than an actual course.

Otherwise would be a nice overview and a place where you can try these out with practical demos, but that's it, nothing more. Absolutely not worth the price.

I had LOT of issue with the labs (instructions not working anymore is a very common case), especially for the more complex topics. I had to spend a lot of time talking to customer supports to get help, and finally really only fellow course users came up with possible workarounds.

von Boyko T

9. Nov. 2019

The labs are good, but the videos are sub par. I think the person spent more time saying "OK" than saying things of substance. I feel he often sounded incoherent, reading off a script he didn't really understand. It seems the videos were just quickly put together without much thought and effort. They make for confusing and frustrating experience. I ended up googling stuff, just so I don't get lost. Very disappointed!

von Amit R

9. Juni 2018

The content is so huge, may be a different approach to the course is necessary. May be links to appropriate sections in k8s website and ask course taker to read those and the take a quiz on those. It gave me introduction (i.e. first 7%) and then I had to understand the details by going through the entire k8s documentation. We need to setup a k8s cluster in house.

von Ankur A

6. Apr. 2020

Lectures are not good. Without prior knowledge this course would have been of very little utility for me. I am sorry to see such poor quality of course still being offered by Google and hosted by Coursera. Labs are useful, but you need prior knowledge and comfort with subject matter. Spinnaker and Jenkins labs are not well written.

von Carlos P d R

29. Juli 2018

Way too fast for beginners, even with Docker experience. Concepts are barely explained before being used.

The course seems to be getting old, many times in the labs you get DEPRECATED messages.

Worse, some of the labs don't work, or the provisioning has errors.

Good course to get kubernetes concepts, needs rehashing and more time.

von Sunil R

18. Mai 2020

Didn't learn much, since the videos are short and the lab had all the commands stated, I just had to copy and paste it to the console, there were lots of complex scripts but a very short explanation was provided. The length of the course should definitely be more than a week with more detailed explanation.

von Jasper B

3. Okt. 2018

The last lab cannot be finished without fixing the Jenkins file in your dev branch, as the "Fixed configuration" option that the lab tells you to pick isn't available. Several labs weren't graded after having completed them; ended up taking them twice or thrice before it was picked up.

von Max K

19. Apr. 2020

Not splitted by weeks, so small theory material, I regret to pay for that course. It's "Getting started with", but not "We assume you know a lot before". Every part of Kubernetes must be review better with more info and explanations.

von Jaap K

18. Jan. 2021

Text below the videos is clearly fabricated by Google Cloud Speech API. Number of misinterpretations is huge. Translates pods as parts, writes as rights, egress as ingress, up to the point of ununderstandable mire.


3. Juni 2019

Hard to follow. The videos are hardly helpful to understand much. All is about the assignments which are of course behind the paywall and possibly that's the reason the main part of the course is in only them.

von Leonardo L A M

7. Juni 2018

Curso raso demais e direcionado a público intermediário para avançado. As primeiras lições até a antepenúltima são maus explicadas com poucos detalhes básicos.

von Konstantin B

19. Juli 2019

Too superficial and without lab access absolutely useless! Need more value for free course and more real-world examples!

von Luis C

25. Apr. 2019

Very shallow. It feels closer to a marketing material than a real course.

von Dennis P

23. Juni 2020

Three of the Qwiklabs malfunctioned/did not work.