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In this course, each module aims to build on your ability to interact with GKE, and includes hands-on labs for you to experience functionalities first-hand. In the first module, you'll be introduced to a range of Google Cloud services and features, with a view to helping you choose the right Google Cloud services to create your own cloud solution. You'll learn about creating a container using Cloud Build, and store a container in Container Registry. You'll also compare and contrast the features of Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine, also referred to as GKE. In addition to conceptualizing the Kubernetes architecture, you'll deploy a Kubernetes cluster using GKE, deploy Pods to a GKE cluster, and view and manage Kubernetes objects....



6. Mai 2018

The course can help deep understanding docker and learn about google Kubernetes that amazing product from google help deploy software or web app ,scaling, and management of containerized applications.


12. Dez. 2020

I already learnt GKE from Qwiklabs courses. But there are new things that I learnt now, like Architecture of K8s, Edge presence of GCP (GKE), Still there are things that can be taught about Anthos.

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von Peter P

12. Juni 2020

The labs don't work at all.

von Charles E

27. März 2020

too much copy and paste

von joyan s

19. Feb. 2020

Trainers are sub-par

von Shuvojit K

14. Jan. 2023


von Nathaniel R

1. Juli 2020

You have to read the comments in the reviews and the discussion. I didn't. This course was more of a list of commands and topics to self-research in order than an actual class. The instructors clearly did this in a single take and were speaking extemporaneously. If you look at the transcript of the video, sentences just don't make any sense. I still appreciated getting the list of topics to self research and would have given this a 2, but then the lab for "option 2, spinnaker" which I don't need and wasn't listed in the course overview has a known bug that appears an hour in and cannot be worked around, cannot be passed, and ultimately resets your lab, losing your work to date and blocking completion of the course. If you look it up in the forum, this problem has existed for a long time and nobody even bothers adding a note like "don't do lab option number 2, you'll lose all your work and waste your time". The quiz questions and multiple choice answers not only aren't answered in the materials, but are actually pretty difficult to even interpret meaningfully enough to research an answer for.

von Peter K

29. März 2020

I regret taking this class...the presentation of the material can be described as HORRIBLE... very abstract and too generic. Note to the instructors: EXAMPLES GO A LONG WAY!! When you are introducing a theoritical concept, follow it with a simple example! The quizzes were OVER-simplified and did not really test any of the supposed knowledge gained. As far as the labs go, i found myself just copying and pasting the commands with no real understanding of the steps that i was performing. There were too many applications that were introduced in the lab that should have been presented FIRST in a video instruction. Too many concepts are ASSUMED TO BE KNOWN ! ...i am sorry..but this class needs to be re-edited...especially the annoying "OK" coming out of the 2nd instructor every 15 seconds. EDIT THAT OUT!! It gets very very very very very very annoying....anyways...i wasted $49 for this class. Lesson learned, i guess.

von Robert M

16. Nov. 2018

I feel disappointed.

The course ought to take 1 week and 2 hrs of lectures in total according to the abstract. Maybe there were 2 hrs of lectures in total, but followed with at least 6 hrs of labs! I wasn't prepared for that and struggled to complete the course within week time. Please adjust the abstract, or, better, split the course in 4-5 consecutive weeks so that each week there's manageable amount of content to cover (1 - 1,5 h of lectures and labs).

Secondly, my personal opinion is that the teachers were speaking too fast and without good contact with the audience. As a result, all the time during course I felt in pressure of time and without solid understanding of the content presented.

Still, thank you for the course. I made my first step in Kubernetes!

von Nick E

2. Apr. 2020

Disappointing course. There are 2 instructors. One seems to know what he is talking about, but only delivers high level descriptions of things. The other instructor seems not to know what he is talking about and just reads through the slides in the videos like he's never seen them before, often misreading words on the slides and saying the wrong words. The labs are basic and you don't really understand what you are doing. The quizzes seem unrelated to both the labs and the videos. Most of google's trainings are pretty good, but this one is poor. Don't expect to know what you are doing at all after doing this course.

von Ivo P S

23. Juni 2020

While the first half is somewhat useful in grasping different k8s elements and how they relate to one another, the part about continuous integration is a complete waste of time and effort. Also, they course has not been updated in a while, so some of the instructions are outdated and referring to the forum is a must if you wish to pass it.

von Emilija P

17. Nov. 2020

Spent 5 hours on this course just trying to get through the first lab. I am software engineer myself, so I am pretty sure I executed all commands as I should. The environment is broken, leading to authorization issue, issue with the bash commands, etc. Support is not very helpful as well, keep saying everything works on their side.

von Rohith P R

4. Sep. 2020

Concepts are not at all clear. Its very hard to understand different pieces of Kubernetes architecture are connected and what is what. It is difficult to understand how node, pod and container are connected. I hope they provide a clear explanation of the architecture with a clear example of an application in CI/CD mode.

von Rossen R

8. Juni 2019

Uncompanionable English at some points.

I struggle sometimes to understand the narrator. He is using terms without explanation. I am struggling with the quality of the entire content.

I tried to open the Qwiklabs Course Labs without success, even if I tried the suggested Browser Incognito mode.

von Navaneeth C

30. März 2020

There is bug in the last step preventing you to finish the course. And no one really cares about the problem even after 1 month and many people complaining about this. Please avoid this course in particular. There are other good courses available in the platform.

von Aparajita S

11. Aug. 2019

Very poor presentation by the instructors, the quality of presentions (they were simply reading from the slides and that too making mistakes even in simple reading). Horribly boring as well. This course has brought down the overall quality of Coursera.

von Ma'asuma N

10. Okt. 2020

This course needs a review and a overhaul. The instructors made this course unnecessarily more confusing. The Labs had to many errors and mistakes, that I had to fix my self- this had a knock on effect on achieving my grade.

von michelle s

5. Nov. 2020

Zero support. No response to anyone having the same error on one lab to complete the useless course. Horrible experience. I would not even give it one star and never take another class from Coursera or from Google

von Chris T

14. Mai 2020

Can't do labs without paying. "Auditing" language is not very clear at all or is intentionally misleading to get you to commit some time to the first few free videos.

von Deleted A

14. Juni 2020

I think this could be better, I think the most interesting thing is the concept of cluster, pod and node, jenkins and spinnaker labs are so long, boring and buggy

von Pramod V K

18. Mai 2020

One of the worst f**king courses i have ever done in my life. WTH were these guys even thinking when they designed this course? Horrible horrible content.

von kaushal k

19. Feb. 2020

HI Team,

I am not able to perform hands-on on qwik-lab tool is not working for me.

It is asking me for purchasing certificate.

von roger a

2. Juni 2019

One guy deer in a headlight reading off a script. The other is reading notes like reading a fiction. Non-engaging course.

von Leon F

3. März 2020

The obligatory lab has been broken for over two months and they have not fixed it, what a waste of time and money

von Jose L M d M S

24. Apr. 2020

Before pay for the course, go to the Discussion forum to know what happen with the quality of the course labs.

von Fran C

21. März 2020

It took sooooooo long to solve the problem with Spinnaker, that I cannot give more than one *, sorry.

von Raj

10. Sep. 2019

Expected better explanation of stuff. Even Quiz does not discuss the answer why they are correct.