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Examining and exploring the various types of images and graphic elements will be the focus of this course. We will start with color theory to distinguish between CMYK, Pantone and RGB color options and their usages. Then we will review the various types of images used in both print and digital design projects. Finally we will look at logo designs to determine what makes for the best images and graphic elements for corporate branding and imaging....


6. Juli 2020

This course is really good for beginners like me. All the topics are clearly explained and I feel like I've learned a lot. Thank you very much to Dr. Poole and all the team behind this great course.

7. Feb. 2021

I love how each subject are presented in a very simplified manner and how each course in this specialization complements one another. Miss Lori Poole is a great teacher, we're so lucky to have her.

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von B J V T C

18. Mai 2020


von Ronnie A G

27. Nov. 2020

It is great and almost perfect course for the beginners like me but like the way it uses to, it is not perfect because it is not fully complete, I feel like there's a deeper meaning behind this course that I need to know. I think I have to dig deep to know it, anyway thanks for everything and to anyone that constitute this course especially to Dr. Lori Poole, thank you! I hope you will continue enhancing other people like me that thirst for knowledge, again thank you to all of you Sir/Ma'am keep it up...😉👍

von Alice R

6. Dez. 2021

C​ontent was great - short but with lots of resources. I learned a lot about why there are different colour systems. The only part that is difficult is the peer reviewing. I understand why we have to do it but it puts limits on getting through the program quickly. We have to leave messages in the Forum with links to our work. I always review more than I need to because I know people want to move on to the next courses. Otherwise, I am really enjoying these courses.

von Kruti P

1. Juli 2021

I have gained really good understanding and knowledge of colors through this course. It is just one thing that I would improve, the kind of design the instructor showed us, was like she was teaching a 10 year kid to design. this course is professional, I wish it was treated that way.

von Alejandra

28. Juni 2020

The course help me understand the color theory and really make me aware of a lot of things graphic designers need to do in order to have a good piece. Really helpful for beginners like me who wanted to improve and aspire to be a graphic designer.

von Antonella L G

6. Apr. 2021

Buen curso, creo que me hubiera gustado que fuera un poco mas largo, para que sea mas completo, sobre todo que características tiene cada color, y cuando usarlos en cada cosa, mas ejemplos, etc. Pero estuvo bueno.

von Isaac F N V

17. Juni 2020

It's a nice way to get introduced into basic Design concepts, and many doubts about color are getting clear in my hue (*Badum tsss*) I really enjoyed it!

von Simran S

28. Juli 2020

i like the ease of the course and the way mentor presented everything in the videos she is just amazing, i got to know some very important terms.

von Tauhid A

27. Juni 2020

great course but i wish i could learn more about color theory and how to apply the best colors. but overall, the course was good enough

von Berhan a

7. Dez. 2020

This was my very first course i take from Coursera

it was great and contain a lot of great ideas and informations

von Ambuja B

14. Apr. 2020

This course provides a nice start for people who want to start their journey in the world of Graphic Designing.

von Siddhesh P T

20. Aug. 2021

Very nice and nicely curated course though can be a bit more informative regarding the designing process

von Deleted A

24. Aug. 2020

Still very simple and perhaps a bit too easy course, but the assignments are interesting

von Hafiz M T

22. Dez. 2020

A good course. Many things learned. Thank you, instructor.

von Sabrina A

27. Dez. 2020

Quite an useful course.

von Sabeur M

7. Mai 2020

Very Satisfied


1. Mai 2020


von BayaN

26. Feb. 2021

Love it

von Aastha D

16. Juli 2020


von Philipp C

13. Juli 2020

I just want to mention 3 things here:

1. It's not a 3 week course. It cost me 1,5 hours to watch the course video, 1,5 hours to read and watch all the materials attached, and 2-3 hours to make the final task.

2. I think this course is a good example where it was more fast and useful to read 3 articles then to watch 1,5 hours video.

3. I suggest you to revise the final task, It will be more useful if you will setup the topic and the contexts. In this way, it will be more interesting to examine other participant works.


29. Mai 2020

this course teach me something new this is a good for understanding color theory.

von john a k

20. Mai 2020

Not a lot of content, I'm afraid.

von William C

5. Nov. 2020

Repetitive (there was one specific concept she explained literally seven times throughout the course), incredibly shallow, and in general hard to listen to. She kept flubbing her words which is understandable if she was talking into a camera without a teleprompter, but since she was talking over images, there's no reason why she couldn't have just read off a script.

von Akash S M

12. Juli 2020