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Humans often fail to make rational decisions that affect their health. This course seeks to heighten understanding of the social and behavioral factors that contribute to health decisions and behaviors, with an ultimate goal of learning how to utilize these factors in improving public health efforts. Through a set of experiential learning exercises, students will learn to apply the science of health behavior change in their own lives. The course is appropriate for students interested in health care and public health, as well as individuals who are interested in learning to apply the science of behavior change to improve their personal wellbeing....



17. Jan. 2022

The course was very useful and helped me set, plan and work towards my personal physical and mental health goals as well as share the learning with my colleagues at work. Thank you Dr. White!


2. Aug. 2020

It was a wonderful experience. Thanks again for introducing this course. I will look forward for more, especially, health behavior practice in children and young adults.

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von Julie M

6. Apr. 2021

The course was interesting but not very well structured. I was disappointed that it was mostly focused on changing our own behavior rather than learning how to influence others to change their behavior. I do understand the value of learning by doing but this course did not provide answers.

von Chia C L

29. März 2022

Thanks for offering such a great course!

Before taking this course, I already wanted to change my lifestyle for better. This course really kicked start my change process and offered some practical tips which I really find it effective. From the day I begin this course till its completion, I have been sticking to having 1 or more fruits serving almost everyday. I now see that missing out my plan once awhile is just part of the process. This make the change a lot easier. Even though I know i made a little change, it is at least something I know I can follow through and sustain rather than having the impulse to make a major change and eventually get disappointed by myself which I often felt in the past.

^^. Thank you!

von Evan B M

18. Jan. 2022

It was a real opportunity for me to take a course from such a distinguished university (Yale) and Professor (Marney White). I am a believer in 'Behavioral Change' as a solution to my (and the planet's) health improvement needs because of this course. I have a new name for my 'health journey'now, from this course, it is 'Self Care!' Self care using positive reinforcement / influences did help me have healthy habits while lowering my stress during the 'self trials.' I do recommend this 'way of being' after doing it myself... as well as recommending this course! Thanks to everyone at Coursera and Yale that brought this learning to us! Great job! - Evan McNeeley

von Selin I

28. Apr. 2022

It was a great course. Mrs Marney is a very good educator. Listening to her was very enjoyable. At the same time, listening to the perspectives and contributions of the students from the Yale University Department of Public Health made this course much more productive. This course has been incredibly useful for me as an health practitioner. I would like to thanks everyone who contributed to the preparation and presentation of the course. I am very glad for attending this course.

von Rebecca T - S

25. Okt. 2021

I thought this course would be beneficial for a health coach, since our goal is to help others achieve their desired health goals. While a lot of the information was not specifically relevant to that goal, the course was enlightening, and what I learned will make me a more effective coach in helping clients understand best how to achieve change in their lives.

von Sohini M

27. Dez. 2021

This was a great experience and really taught me a lot about the importance of our overall health and how it has an impact on our every day lives. It helped me implement and focus on aspects I struggled with in the past with better strategies to be able to be successful in my personal health goals.

von max u

25. Aug. 2021

E​xcdllent Course. It is changing my physical and mental health status in a exponential way. I am deeply grateful and it was just the right time when I needed to help propel myself and get out of a negative state of body mind.

L​oved it!


von Haley D

14. Jan. 2022

The instructor kept it simple and intriguing. For an 8 week certificate course, I would say that it was just the right amount of material to cover and I liked that she posted videos engaging with her students.

von Khushboo S

18. Jan. 2022

The course was very useful and helped me set, plan and work towards my personal physical and mental health goals as well as share the learning with my colleagues at work. Thank you Dr. White!

von Profe S

2. Mai 2022

I feel very happy. I learnt so much about nutrition, physical activities and mental heath. I think that I have the knowlegde to change my habits from evidence to action.

von Mark H

5. Feb. 2022

WOW! This class helped me take time for myself without the guilt. I feel I am better equiped to continue my health and well being journey. Thank You!

von Georgianna G

4. März 2022

Amazing Course. Very organized, evidence-based findings and practical application. I recommend this course to anyone interested in Behavior Change.

von Jeanne C

22. Juli 2021

This course helped me achieve my goals for nutrition, physical activity and mental health, something I have personally been struggling with.

von Jennifer H

28. Mai 2022

Applicable learning by doing and full of interesting information for my own improvement as well as to inform others

von Shweta D

19. Mai 2022

This is a beautiful course. It is very easy yet informative. The teacher explains very well.

von Rafaela R

28. Feb. 2022

A very good course for anyone interested in studying behavior in different domains.

von Miguel P S

8. Nov. 2021

Excellent course!! Very good videos and great instructor.

von Lynda

13. Feb. 2022

E​xcellent. Very inspiring to take care of health.

von Yuparat P

17. Sep. 2021

g​ood oppotumity to learned this course

von Liza S

23. März 2022

very rewarding and informational.


31. Juli 2020


von tale p

13. Juni 2020


von Ms. M Z

9. Apr. 2022

This was a great learning experience and gave new horizons to me to expand my thinking and work on. I really enjoyed learning strategies and interventions for successful behavior change. One thing that I would like to mention was to add some more practical examples for behavior change startegies, their application and tools to apply them. This will greatly increase the interest and understanding for various strategies used in behavior change.

von Katja S

3. Aug. 2020

I liked to see all this information in just one course. I liked to find strategies for my own goals and to have a peer group, so you do not need to feel alone while doing this.

Only negative thing is that I found the videos a bit boring, so it was hard for me to follow them.

But thank you for the course. I really learned some new things and will go ahead with finding strategies for changes!

von Amandi S

17. Feb. 2021

I think the lecturer is a nice individual. However, the lectures did not meet my expectations in terms of content. I was hoping more theories related to behaviour change would be discussed, and more evidence-based measures used to help change health-related behaviours would be presented. This lecture series is good but very basic.