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A unique and exciting introduction to the genre and craft of historical fiction, for curious students, aspiring authors--anyone with a passion for the past. Read classics of the genre, encounter bestselling writers of historical fiction, and discover your own historical archive while interacting with a global community of interested readers....


16. Sep. 2020

I'm not sure why I took this course. I'm glad I did. I enjoyed all the books and the interaction with authors. This was a way to experience literature without writting 5 papers on a book.

4. Okt. 2020

Too good! The instructor was way too awesome. I am not from Arts or Literature background yet understood everything easily. The author interactions were a really good learning experience

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von Colleen P

16. Jan. 2016

Great course!!

von Juan C A E

11. Jan. 2021

Great Course.

von Dr. R E M

25. Okt. 2020

Nice course

von Luiggy R A I

16. Nov. 2016


von Lê D T L

10. Nov. 2021


von Grace C

3. Sep. 2016


von deboleena k

9. Sep. 2021


von Christophe v

28. Apr. 2016


von Judy C

2. Mai 2020

An excellent course with some valuable insight into writing, and reading historical fiction. Several of the videos with visiting authors provide excellent insight to the development and use of character, the use of research and personal experience, and how to bring them together to make an enjoyable reading experience, and one which may lead the reader to further delve into history, or to pursue writing in the genre. The course provides excellent clarification on the definition of historical fiction; and examples, through author interview and definition by literary critics, of good, and not as good ,historical fiction. In the end, like all reading and study, it presents the student with a new, and more intellectual scope of choice for future academic and literary choices. The discussion forums, while many are older, offer a wide 'library' of resource for further reading of the genre.

von Monica M

16. Juni 2020

Pro: Really liked the professor's style, how he drew on guest lecturers, how he drew on material from many cultural backgrounds, how he wove it all together. I have created an excellent "To Read" list from this course, including many books I would not have known about otherwise.

Con: I audited this course, and unlike many other courses on Coursera, this course would not allow me to submit the quizzes or assignments. It had an oddly and significantly deflating effect on my continued participation in the course. I skimmed a lot more (rather than really absorbing with maximum attention), and now, even though I have completed all the lectures, I cannot 'complete' this course in a way that the Coursera system recognizes it as finished. I guess I will be in an eternal limbo situation, with the course telling my assignments are overdue.

von Tatiana B C

6. Apr. 2016

I personally enjoyed the course. However I was disappointed when I was told after week (3 or 5?) that I'd completed the course, when I in fact hadn't gotten to the end and had not done the final two assignments...? Regardless, I went ahead and finished the course, but I was also disturbed to see that some of the students did their assignments in a mockery fashion e.g. wrote song lyrics, or stated "I don't know what else to say so I will tell you about my day..." That was very irritating. The class wasn't described clearly in the catalog, I thought it would be more of a history of the periods plus literature, but it wasn't exactly that... Instead it was a discussion of techniques and prose, and exhibiting truly talented authors. I liked the class, just not what I expected.

von Dr A M

24. Sep. 2021

Excellent resources, and the lectures are interesting. As a review and introduction to the genre it would be difficult to fault. The quizzes are easy and are best done as you go watching the videos. To get the certificate you only need complete these. As the course is an archived one few people do it at any point in time so doing the assignments is questionable in terms of your time as there is little likelihood of (a) getting them marked quickly or (b) meeting the peer review hurdle. As a reading & resources course it is fine but if you are looking for interaction this aspect will be hit and miss.

von Joe K

20. Mai 2020

This course is mostly fantastic. Prof Holsingers lectures with students are insightful and the visiting lecturers give many tips on how to write better historical fiction. Exactly as I hoping the course would give me. However, the primary source and writing assignment at the end to give closure to the course are not being peer reviewed and seems to be a falldown in what is otherwise a great course.

von Arya V

11. Juli 2020

Very informative. I really liked the course. It really helped to understand how the historical narrative is different from historical fiction and why is it important.

von Jose A L S G

1. Nov. 2020

This course has made me appreciate literary techniques in writing historical fiction. The dialogues and discussion were informative and the books are interesting.

von Meredith F

30. Aug. 2015

Great course. I loved the seminars with the different authors. The course was fun and interesting and the professor was knowledgeable and easy to listen to.

von Lindea Y

11. Sep. 2015

A very interesting course. Only negative thing is that some of the authors are not very good at leading a lecture, and seem to stumble in their words a lot.

von Antonella C

23. Okt. 2015

I liked the curse a lot. However, I would consider some more gradings throughout the course, not just the few. Otherwise people lose their interest

von Maia J

21. Jan. 2021

This course was much longer than I anticipated, but is overall filled with great information about historical fiction and I learned a lot.

von Heather J B

21. März 2021

An interesting survey of how history may be reflected in a fictional way to add to an understanding of the past.

von Paul

23. Dez. 2015

A good introductory course to historical fiction and the mechanics of writing it.

von Blanca I M R

18. Apr. 2016

I really enjoyed this course, I understand better the literature

von Lorenzo A

26. Feb. 2017

Excellent course for those taking the first steps into hi

von Joy S

7. Jan. 2017

Enjoyed this. Lots of lectures by guest authors.

von Aimi I

3. Feb. 2016

Fun course I feel I learned a lot.