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This course deals with the Israeli politics, economy, society and culture, since its creation in 1948 till today. It analyzes the construction of the Israeli historical narrative as an identity-building narrative, intending to inculcate a collective memory to a diverse society. We will focus on key events and essential components that shaped the Israeli society from the fifties till the present. We will also discuss the changes that the Israeli society experiences in its almost seventy years of existence and how it affects its politics and culture. Among the topics we will discuss issues such as immigration, economic transformation, political upheaval, religious Zionism and post-Zionism, privatization and Americanization, Holocaust increasing role in shaping Israel's identity, diversity and multiculturalism, as well as the enduring conflict with the Palestinians and the Arab world. This course is a direct extension of the first part "The History of Modern Israel: From an Idea to a State", so if you have not yet taken it, we highly recommend you start your learning from there ( In order to receive academic credit for this course you must successfully pass the academic exam on campus. For information on how to register for the academic exam – Additionally, you can apply to certain degrees using the grades you received on the courses. Read more on this here – Teachers interested in teaching this course in their class rooms are invited to explore our Academic High school program here – * This course is a joint effort of Tel Aviv University & Israel Institute ( * This course uses media material from various archives, courtesy to Yad Vashem Archive for their help. * This course is self-paced. Once you register, you can participate in the course anytime, as often as you wish and over any stretch of time...



Jun 21, 2020

Dear teachers and Coursera,\n\nthanks a lot for your job and my opportunity to get new knowledge about modern Israel.\n\nBest regards,\n\nAnna Vissarionova


Jul 01, 2019

well and in brief explained topics that allows us to understand History of Modern Israel.\n\nI also didn't find the course biased which is a good thing.

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von keren K

Dec 05, 2017

Interesting and summerise differet points of view and not taking any side.

von Romeo T

Jul 10, 2017

Factual Based. Without the bias usually found in course of this subject

von Sven S

Nov 15, 2017

Very interesting course, I learned a lot and the teachers are great

von Bartlomiej R

Oct 14, 2016

I wholeheartedly recommend this course. It was very interesting!

von Bryant C E

May 10, 2017

Very important course for those who want to learn about Israel

von Denise G I

Mar 14, 2019

Excelente curso a respeito da cultura e conflitos israelenses

von Paul M

Jul 02, 2017

I really enjoyed this course do keep up the good work.


von Miguel A J M

Nov 23, 2019

Una visión muy objetiva del Israel moderno.

von Esmeralda A

Apr 09, 2020

really enjoyed course, thank you!

von Elena K

Apr 03, 2017

Thank you for the course!

von Mahmoud E

Oct 03, 2018

very good .thank you

von Simon E C

May 20, 2020

Superb course

von Koh, Y H

May 08, 2018

Great course.

von Richard H

Feb 08, 2017

Thank you.

von Jessica B

Jan 06, 2018










von Huang ( H

Oct 06, 2016

all good

von Iurii

Mar 08, 2017


von YU L

Oct 24, 2016


von John L

May 26, 2019

An interesting that seemed to me (a non-Jewish Briton with some experience in the Middle East outside Israel) to have been a balanced and informative introduction to Israel since independence. I was pleasantly surprised, not knowing what to suspect. Naturally it did not go very deeply into any one topic, but I learned much that interested my and some things that surprised me too. The usual problems with subtitles persist, but the lecturers, though clearly not all native users of English, generally make their meaning clear throughout.

von Sami E

Dec 04, 2016

קורס מעולה המכיל ידע חובה לכל סטודנט ולכל אזרח במדינת ישראל. לטעמי יש להפוך אותו לקורס חובה בכל תואר.

לצערי, ישנם תכנים בקורס המציגים את עצמם כנייטרלים אך למעשה מביעים דעה הנוטה לכיוון השמאל על המפה הפוליטית, גך למשל הגדרת המצב ביו"ש כ'כיבוש', רמיזות שהכיבוש נגרם בגללינו ושאנו מונעים מהם זכויות בסיס, הצגת הקונפליקט היהודי-דמוקרטיה כבלתי פתיר, או הצגת הציונות הדתית כמשיחיים שאין בינם ובין הקרקע שום כלום.

בכל מקרה, נהניתי מאוד מתכני הקורס, ולטעמי מדובר בקורס מוצלח ומעשיר!


von kouassi n c

Jul 26, 2017

avant je résumais l'histoire d’Israël à la religion mais aujourd'hui je connais l'origine de ce peuple pourquoi et par qui ils ont été chassés de leur territoire et l’origine de leurs différents conflits.j'ai appris la construction et le développement de leur nation le seul bémol il n'y avait pas de sous-titres en français donc la traduction que j'avais était un peu archaïque.

von Malkat H

Jun 30, 2020

It was a very good course. I would appreciate a more nuanced presentation and a better depiction of the Palestinan Narrative for the Wars of 1948 & 1967. Nevertheless, you are free to complete your knowledge from other sources. Thank you to Tel Aviv Uni.

von Norma J

Dec 28, 2019

Very interesting material, and some interesting guest speakers! I always appreciate the graphics, especially maps. Lots of the material was new to me. Thank you !

von Cesar A G Z

Jul 10, 2018

No le califiqué con 5 estrellas únicamente por la falta de una bibliografía que me permita mejorar los conocimientos adquiridos en el curso

von Roman O P (

Mar 19, 2019

-1 star. some videos a VERY quiet. All other are fine.