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Do you realize that the only functionality of a web application that the user directly interacts with is through the web page? Implement it poorly and, to the user, the server-side becomes irrelevant! Today’s user expects a lot out of the web page: it has to load fast, expose the desired service, and be comfortable to view on all devices: from a desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. In this course, we will learn the basic tools that every web page coder needs to know. We will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML and CSS. We will then advance to learning how to code our pages such that its components rearrange and resize themselves automatically based on the size of the user’s screen. You’ll be able to code up a web page that will be just as useful on a mobile phone as on a desktop computer. No “pinch and zoom” required! Last but certainly not least, we will get a thorough introduction to the most ubiquitous, popular, and incredibly powerful language of the web: Javascript. Using Javascript, you will be able to build a fully functional web application that utilizes Ajax to expose server-side functionality and data to the end user....



10. Juni 2020

Actually the best online course i hv ever learnt,especially the professor yaakov is quiet outstanding.And a field trip in a online course sounds rare and good!!Thank You Coursera and yakkov for this!!


30. Mai 2020

Many thanks to the creators of this course! It was a very solid refresher for me, even though I have spent in web development a few years by now. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. Thank you, Yaakov!

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von Benoit K

24. Nov. 2020

Not a very good course. They state that people "tinker" with css or javascript. Once you've completed the course, you'll be able to say that you've tinkered but I'm 100% sure that you won't really understand html, css and javascript.

von José P

12. Jan. 2017

I wanted to write this review just when I'd finished the course, when I have seen all.

I want to thank Prof. Chaikin for this great course. I really liked it and enjoyed all the material. I'm new to HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the course just enlighten me a lot. I had the opportunity to understand a HTML, CSS and JavaScript file, and I know that now I can write a web page and a web application. Now it's a matter of time and dedication by my part. I also realize that my knowledge of Java still applies with JS. I really enjoyed our field trip to Baltimore. Thanks, Prof. Chaikin, for going with us and for sharing, more than the course itself, part of your being. I can tell you are an excellent person. I had lots of knowledge and fun. Thanks again, Prof. Chaikin. I was very nice to meet you...

I Also want to thank Coursera and Johns Hopkins University for made it possible for the course to be in my laptop near the countryside in Colombia. Thank you!

von Raven C

25. Juli 2020

A great introduction to front-end web development. The peer-graded assignments motivate me to keep going and stick to the deadlines. The restaurant project teaches not only technologies but also design. However, there are still some aspects where I'd like to see an improvement:

Firstly, as a course designed five years ago, the technical details are a little bit outdated though. Bootstrap 4 has been released, and ES6 has been widely supported. Although the essense does not change, I'm still looking forward to the updates of the course.

Secondly, I'd like to point out that objects are not passed by references in Javascript. Just like in Python, the value of the reference is copied and passed. Sometimes this makes a difference.

Finally, the book recommendation in every week is the same. Why not categorize the books and put them in related weeks? Also, it's sufficient to put the "Connect with me" section in the first and the last weeks.

von Ann N

13. Apr. 2020

First, the content of the course is too old for the ongoing changes in technology and how to do things - Github and Node, for example. There should be, at a minimum, additional instructions to correct the content of the video or make it currently-valid. Students spent a huge amount of time trying to find out what they had done wrong and how to mitigate. Second, the instructions are for professionals. The instructor just goes to destination (like launching Shell on his Mac), but no explanation on how to get there. again, students have to spend a lot of time figuring things out. I think if people already know how to do things and just want certificate, then this is a good way to get their paper quickly.

von Bhuvan C J

19. Juni 2020

course need to be updated it takes a lot of time when you stuck to a problem a then you realize its because of outdated content then it becomes very annoying.

von Ang K J

4. Jan. 2021

Course goes too fast at the end, too much content too quickly

von Rachele G

24. Jan. 2021

I felt like the course is very outdated and not up to date.

von Vahid M

16. Apr. 2021

It's outdated and must update with new tutorials.

von Stefano D G

24. Jan. 2022

Ok, this is not going to be a pleasant review.

I think that this course is very complete of notions and the teacher is very charming and enjoyable to listen to. The two stars are for these reasons that I just said.

BUT WE'RE IN 2022, JESUS CHRIST! THESE VIDEOS ARE STILL THE 2015's VIDEOS! Since It's mandatory to pay for the entire course if you want to take the assignments and the quizzes(70€, which is also fair for the content provided) and without the assignments is practically pointless, I think that the professor should provide an updated version of the contents! Otherwise, this course should be free and we should pay ONLY for the certification.

For the same reason, is literally a nightmare to follow the lessons and try to use Bootstrap, since in the last 7 years changed a lot of names for the CSS classes!!

Last but not least: Git. Have you ever considered that this course could also be attended by people who are NOT experienced programmers?? And maybe the same people just want to learn some basics, not to become Bill Gates! WHY DO YOU CONDAMN US TO GIT HUB WHICH IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE TO USE??? FOR THE ASSIGNMENT, COULD WE JUST PROVIDE THE FILES AND THEN EVERYONE DOWNLOADING IT AND USING A CODE EDITOR AND A BROWSER TO SEE HOW THE WORK HAS BEEN DONE??? GIT IS DIFFICOULT TO USE!!!!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY 70€ TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN WHEN I CAN CALL MY MUM AND HAVE IT FOR FREE??!

I don't think it's correct to force people to pay 70€ to have the assignments without an update of the contents and not considering that people not experts with this stuff probably will be frustrated. And it's a pity, since the subject is very interesting and the professor so good to show us how to approach.

von Jordan L

25. März 2020

out of date. git hub is completely different than the video and it's complicated trying to correlate it

von Edmund

31. Dez. 2021

The course presentation itseelf is good, but the course is outdated. For example, with Javascript, the lectures are based on Javascript ES5, while the latest one available is ES12. And for bootstrap, it's using Bootstrap 3, when the latest available is Bootstrap 5. So there are a lot of things discussed in the lectures that no longer applies, or may no longer be latest best practices. It also makes the assignments more difficult.

This may be good for someone to get a broad overview of the capabilities of these tools, without needing to dive into the details of it. But then it's also too detailed for that purpose. A simple quick solution is to have additional supplementary material that discuss how the latest best practices differ from the lectures presented.

von Amina S

30. Aug. 2022

The instructor hasn't taken the time to update his videos as all videos are from 2015-2016. A lot has changed with regard to the rules for bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. I haven't gotten to the point of Javascript yet but I know that will be outdated too. Bare minimum is to update the videos yearly - videos this old make it very challenging. I am very disappointed in this course.

von Marianne Z

29. Okt. 2020

Instructions are out of date and user has to toggle between FAQs, the course, and their own work, which becomes very confusing. Programs needed are not free (for example, sublime).

Also, the instructor is using a Mac and all examples shown are on a Mac, which makes it quite difficult for Windows users.

von X P

27. Feb. 2021

Out of date. Couldn't even get pass the environment setup without spending time to research the differences of the examples using github and how github works now.

von Olivier T

17. Nov. 2020

I can NOT un-enroll!!!! Why? Bad web site... Please fix it!

von Brian Z H

5. Feb. 2022

Course was informational but needs serious updating.

von Zoriana K

17. Juni 2022

Out of date.

von Artem I

9. Sep. 2021

A very solid course about front-end basics. Many authors avoid the deep dive to mechanics of the technologies they teach in order to simplify the course and attract novices, but not this one. And that’s truly exciting! Moreover, many trainers and mentors teach you how to do something, but they do not mention how to use this knowledge, when the course is over. How to start? What is the yesterday’s novice supposed to do in order to start his or her own carrier? Mr. Yaakov Chaikin gives not just a direction, but also a bunch of advices on how to communicate with the client, what strategy should a novice build to undertake the first steps on the path to the Junior developer position, etc.

Many reviewers admit, that the course is outdated (in 2021) in terms of environment setup and Bootstrap version. Yes, this course is about Bootstrap 3 and there is Bootstrap 5 out there. Moreover, while float-based elements had been used in Bootstrap 3 to create an adaptive layout, the flex-based (sadly, CSS flex is not mentioned in this course as well as CSS Grid) elements moved in with Bootstrap 4. Similar situation is with Bootstrap 5: Jquery library is not utilized in it. But I say, all these things are not disadvantages but opportunities. Opportunities to learn something by yourself, to improve your skill in navigating in the seas of information flows (joking, just surf through MDN, Bootstrap documentation and stackoverflow) and to be ready for tomorrow’s version of the web, because it is very dynamic.

As for me, I was an adept of HTML 4 😂 But this course brought me to the actual state of arts in the front-end world and yes, I’ve learned several things by myself but with the motivation and foundation I’ve got in this course. Last but not least, JavaScript part of this course ruined my underestimation of this language, because Mr. Chaikin showed its power and core mechanics (so often omitted on the Internet).

Conclusion: solid 5 stars.

P.S. I sincerely wish to see the 2022 version of this course.

von Zhai_

22. Aug. 2021

First of all, great course. You can't be lazy, if you do, you'll have to really pay for it in the future. Though the content is not exactly updated, if you don't know how to use Bootstrap 3, then just Google the documentations and spend 30 minutes reading it, completely worth it.

Module 1:

Very simple HTML, everything you need to know before moving onto CSS.

Module 2:

A lot of useful knowledge, such as "The Box Layout", custom responsive frameworks, pseudo classes (very used, such as changing the color of a button when you hover over it, etc.) and more things you can't go make a website without knowing.

Module 3:

A lot of basic Bootstrap things, though right now the latest Bootstrap version is 5v, a lot of things are from Bootstrap 3 and they'll be there. (except for Glyphicons, I recommend you searching up how to insert icons to websites using "fontawesome", took me a while to find out). With only being at Module 3, I was able to make websites that looked decent, but meh.

Module 4:

Oh boy, this is where the sea becomes the ocean and waves become tsunamis; first of all, I found it a bit confusing despite having knowledge on a similar programming language (LUA, not so similar but it's a programming language). The Module 4 assignment is a complete trick, you don't even need the other 2 sayHello.js and sayGoodbye.js files if you think hard enough, which really feels good when you do.

Module 5:

Well, Module 5 has around 4 hours worth of content (very short if you ask me), and AJAX is pretty important in a website. This is where if you have ADHD, you'll have a incredibly hard time, because here every information is going to influence whether you'll spend 30 minutes on the assignment, like expected or spend 4 days searching stack overflow on how to make a random number generator.

Overall, great course, the first 3 Modules shouldn't be a challenge to anyone, I'm 13 and I went through it, so no excuses about being too young or something.

von Martin P

29. Feb. 2016

The content of the course is excellent. Descriptions are also excellent and very complete. The course has been created so that most people can understand what's happening here (even if you're new to programming).

I'm only giving this 4 stars because there are some things that make this course too slow, in my opinion. I don't think you need to mention which file we are working on [after the first couple of times] because we can easily see that by the name of the file and the browser of Sublime. Those are a few seconds that are a waste of time.

Secondly, I think that the questions in the practice questionnaires are a bit too easy. I didn't feel like they prepared me enough for the project at the end of week 2. You mostly ask if something is true/not which is too easy to guess. I think you would greatly improve the quality of the course if you designed some mini-situations. For instance (not sure if Coursera allows it), show a mini mockup and give 10 lines of code. Then ask how you will add another div to the top right of the mockup so that it aligns with the current code without breaking. Making those exercises not the same as your lecture code is going to help improve self-awareness. Currently, I think that people find it way too easy to select the right answer, since it's easy to remember what you said and what not.

I also understand that you wanted us to like the page for good reasons (because you look an extremely radiant and happy person) but I think you oversold it a bit. You should have mentioned that once or twice, but no more. Seeing it in a few of the examples wasn't quite my cup of tea.

On a good note, I was extremely [pleasantly] surprised when you did that real world project thing. That was an amazing idea and you're executing the details quite well (not writing 100% code on-screen, etc.). I really like how you sometimes say that we should look up the reference by ourselves, since that's what most programmers do (I study CS and after 3 years, plus a 6 month internship at a big company, this can't be more true).

I'm definitely giving this a 5* if you fix the questions to be harder and a bit more different to what you said in the respective video. They should make you think. Also, some of them could be open answers, requiring you to recall classes/code by memory (or cheat by watching the video). It would be nice if the answer was in some reference, so people could learn to use that too.

von Benico v d W

26. Dez. 2016

The HTML, CSS and javascript parts are VERY enjoyable. The videos are nice and short and Yaakov is an extremely good presenter with lots of enthusiasm. There are a lot of review questions which builds up confidence. I personally found the ajax part to be over my head - because we are jumping into the code without a basic conceptual understanding of what the structures in the axaj wants to achieve. Thank you however for the explanatory links to the w3school ajax pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - and appreciate the manner in which you are making the course materials available. I also learned to use git in the process and this has been extremely valuable.

von Bruce B

22. Nov. 2021

This course was overall very good.

My only criticism (for which I've docked a star) is that that JavaScript section of the course was perhaps a bit too rushed compared to the HTML & CSS sections. Consequently I found the coursework assignment more difficult to complete, not helped by the fact that the assignment felt a bit like "filling in the blanks" rather than building something up from scratch,

That said, I did complete the course and feel like I can now at least approach some web development with a bit more confidence.

von Marcos I

31. Jan. 2021

Excelent course! The instructor is amazing and funny, I really enjoy every class, specially the tour to the restaurant, the only coin I found is a little old (on the css part we work with Bootsrap 3 and currently exist Bo5) but the classes are practice, easy to follow and useful. I really recoment this course for people who want to start in the web development and doesnt know how!

von Vladimir P

22. Feb. 2021

Some concepts for Javascript were a bit confusing and required me to find outside resources for explanations, otherwise a clear course.

I did not like that the final 2 JS projects weren't to do with creating pages, but editing created code.

von Odvar D D

26. Feb. 2021

The HTML and CSS sections of this course are good—I was able to follow most of it and learn and retain the concepts. The JavaSCript portion, for me, is much harder to grasp. In my case, I need deeper and more detailed explanations for me to grasp it and understand—the discussion forums are not helpful because either the replies take long (if any) to be immediately helpful or the replies don't really answer the questions. I think for JavaScript, an in-person class would be better or access to a tutor would be best. I'm not able to complete this course because you have to complete all HTML, CSS, and JavaSCript sections. I'm not able to complete the Javascript section because I don't understand it. So I recommend taking each coding language as a separate course.