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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from the Faculty of Native Studies that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....


17. Nov. 2020

Thank you so much for this course. Also thanks to Dan Levy for suggesting it. The course and weekly chats helped educate me in Canada's true history, information that I should have received in school.

21. Okt. 2020

I really enjoyed the course! So much I didn't know about the history. I also didn't have a true understanding why there is so much discourse between Indigenous people and government. Total eye opener.

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von Jessica L

5. Aug. 2020

The instructors were amazing. I learned so much more about Canadian history and about indigenous peoples. I have a better understanding of protests, treaties and colonization. I know there is so much more to learn and explore.

von Fiona M S

4. Juni 2020

found this course to be very interesting. Information about the indigenous people that i hadn't heard before or mad me think about things from the indigenous peoples point of view rather than the general European point of view.

von Alyssa M

13. Nov. 2017

Every Canadian should take this course. I am so thankful that I came across it. It has added to my perspective and knowledge even more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend it and already have been doing so. Thank you!

von Luminita

14. Nov. 2017

Loved this class, every module contains fascinating information about indigenous peoples in Canada, it really provides a basic, well-rounded picture of indigenous Canada. Highly recommended for anybody interested in the issue.

von James H

14. Feb. 2021

Highly recommended - I have recommended it some of my staff who are interested in both taking the course and reading the materials. I should note they are First Nations and are as interested as I was.

von Mariana B

10. Feb. 2021

I am deeply appreciative of the care, effort and sharing that went into this course. It was excellent and I am grateful for the opportunity to take it and learn about Canada’s Indigenous people.

von Dave M

3. Okt. 2020

Informative and thought provoking. This should be a required course for every politician and policy maker.

von Virginia C

3. Feb. 2019

Very informative and easy to follow. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about Indigenous culture.

von Alonso P H

4. Jan. 2019

Excellent course. Very insightful and a very good introduction to many different issues.

von Bambi L

11. Feb. 2019

Very thorough, very informative. I like the delivery and convenience of this course.

von Tomos S

28. Jan. 2019

Excellent course. Very well prepared and informative.

von Keith B

16. Dez. 2018

Very interesting and will pass on to others.

von 戚兆禹

11. Feb. 2019

very coool

von Alexa W

1. Juni 2017

The videos were very well done: not overboard with animations, but helpful with maps and pictures, etc. The course was logically organized, and created a good momentum to Indigenous contexts in Canada today. As many people have already mentioned on the discussion forums, some finessing of the quiz questions would help students truly demonstrate their understanding of the material as opposed to only being able to figure out tricks to the quiz. A self-pacing online course is one reason why many people will take this course: that flexibility is great. However, I will say that as the weeks went on (and I was following the 12-week schedule until only the second last week), I found the discussion boards a bit lonely. I would read and sometimes respond to a post, but it had been posted weeks before and that person was likely never going to return to that particular discussion. The TA Sara, though, was awesome had providing helpful and encouraging comments. As someone who has done a lot of work in this topic area already, I was hoping for perhaps an opportunity to write and get direct feedback. I realize that a MOOC isn't really designed for that. But perhaps just as there was a fee for those who wanted to take the quizzes and get credit, perhaps there could be another level for those who want to do assignments and get individual feedback. I'm glad I took this course: it filled in some gaps in my knowledge, especially in the older history. I hope that this course proves successful and that tons of people take it. Thanks!

von Camilla B

10. Juni 2020

While it was hugely educational and I learned so much. I believe the course would be better if it was able to be more interactive at times. Watching the videos was good but sometimes difficult to concentrate on. I did read and watch the video at the same time to enhance my learning.

The material was informative and opened my eyes up to how much I didn't know and how I can be a better ally to the Indigenous people of Canada and in my own community. Thank you for making this course free / low cost. I believe having it so accessible will encourage people to take it and learn more about Indigenous people.

von Joan H

12. Nov. 2020

I enjoyed the content very much and learned a lot. It thought it was well presented. Lecturers were engaging any easy to listen to. My first online course.

I did not like format of the quizzes. Two things. Sometimes there were not enough questions. It’s hard to get a passing Mark if you get a couple of questions wrong if there are only 5 or 6 questions. Plus I thought the phrasing of the questions was terrible. Far too many questions were asked in a negative way. “What was not...” And they were just asked using obscure language that did not really reflect what we had been told, in my opinion.

von Terri T

8. Nov. 2020

Many of the quiz questions were testing my reading capabilities instead of course content. Asking double negative questions is ridiculous.

von Carrie W

10. Dez. 2020

Redundant format for each module. Questions in quizzes felt designed to be tricky.

von Judy W

29. Okt. 2020

Felt that very little use was made of visual aids and that the lessons seemed to be read off a teleprompter with little expression or spontaneity. Lots of great information but I would have preferred more depth and more experienced guest speakers. I was fortunate enough to take an indigenous course at Loyalist College in Belleville, and it was much more dynamic.

von Cheryl G

3. März 2021

The two students were excellent communicators. Tracy Bear needs to learn how to speak without moving her hands in such a distracting and off-putting manner.

The course does an excellent job of providing an overview of the negative impact of colonization, but completely fails to mention any indigenous issues from before colonization, instead characterizing everything as perfect prior to colonization. Some mention of Iroquois slavery or other historical issues would paint a much more balanced picture. Note that I do not condone the horrible treatment from colonization.

von Melissa B

12. März 2021

I am not learning much. This isn't taught in a coherent fashion. I am not learning in a way that makes sense for me. One video shows dances, the next, suddenly I'm in a language class. Also, I can't Unenroll, it won't go off my list. I was very interested in gaining some knowledge about Indigenous groups in Canada, but this isn't the format for me I guess.

von melanie w

17. März 2021

The course was great (5 stars) but I paid for a certificate course and can't share it or see it. There are no links to contact Coursera to find out where this is or how to get it. I would recommend taking the course but without paying for a certificate that you can't even access.

von Lucas T

1. Okt. 2020

Could not follow lessons. Information in the videos is very scattered.

von ken c

30. Jan. 2021

Not worth finishing. Mostly redundant info.

von Melanie J

18. Nov. 2020

Not receiving certificate