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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....



Jan 22, 2018

Excellent course that provides a great foundation for learning about Indigenous cultures and worldviews. Provides thoughtful topics to explore and insightful knowledge. I highly recommend this course!


Feb 24, 2020

Very informative. They teach history and mention the aboriginal journey, but this tells another story. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to glimpse into to the world of an aboriginal of Canada.

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von Sean M

Jul 16, 2019

I would recommend Indigenous Canada to anyone with an interest in acquiring knowledge about Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relationships and how our collective history shapes our relationships today.

The course is a worthwhile investment of time for those who are interested in seeing matters from an indigenous perspective. It was certainly helpful for me and brought me to a new level of understanding of the complex history of indigenous people and the nation of Canada.

von Heidi M

Oct 27, 2017

It was fantastic in every way. I highly recommend this course. The format and the quality of the videos and course notes were very high. The actual content was delivered in a concise but thoughtful way. I have taken previous courses on Indigenous history and learned more in this course then I have in all the others combined (including the history classes/courses from high school and university). This is really something every settler in Canada should have to take.

von Nicole M B

May 06, 2020

There is so much covered in this course. It is very thorough in a lot of different subjects affecting indigenous populations, from the past up through the present. There is a lot of content regarding the various treaties, laws, and interactions with the Canadian government, and they are particularly thorough with this material. If you are looking for a class that will give an broad introductory base in indigenous law, culture and thought, this course is for you.

von Caitlin C D

Apr 30, 2017

This course is absolutely phenomenal. I learned a great deal about a wide range of topics, such as the diversity of indigenous groups in Canada, the history of colonisation and its ongoing negative impacts on indigenous communities, and the struggles currently faced by indigenous communities and individuals.

I would recommend this course to anyone. I want to thank the course creators for sharing their knowledge and insight concerning these important topics.

von Val H

Jul 03, 2017

Excellent course! I can not say enough good things about it. I especially appreciated going through history in chronological order from and Indigenous perspective. The lectures were extremely well done, the information was concise and easy to understand. I highly recommend this course for all Alberta teachers in preparation for the new Teacher Quality Standards. The information provided will give you a solid foundation to hang all future learnings from.

von kum m o

Aug 02, 2020

learnt a lot , enjoyed the course. Thank you I will be forever be grateful to the generosity for the indigenous people for allowing me to live in your beautiful land Canada. I hear and feel your sufferings, you have been unjustly and cruelly treated, I cried for you. Please continue to be the real caretaker of the land, the air the rivers, the animals, the forest, the natural resources and all that is beautiful in This Canada.

God bless each one of you

von Nina R L

May 18, 2020

A very well done course. I have learn a lot about the History of Canada from an Indigenous people's perspective and most important, I have understood and embraced way more their culture, their traditions, their sacred ways to do things and the value that they give to the land and their connection with it. Western world should learn so much about their values and their respect for the environment/land and the human soul. It's priceless. Thank you so much!

von Aurelija M

Aug 01, 2017

Fantastic course! Even though I knew quite a bit before, some passages were still incredibly moving to learn, making me angry, reading about the atrocities committed by the settlers. The materials provided were really good, the lecturers were really good. 10/10 would take this course again if I could! Would love to see more of such courses on Coursera as it's super important to learn about the history and how to become an ally, even though being European.


Feb 18, 2018

I am so grateful to the University of Alberta and staff member of this course "Indigenous Canada". It provides a vast knowledge on the people, history, and lives of Aboriginals in Canada which explores a distinct narrative through different forms of art, story telling, painting, interviews, and detail explanation with a great evidence and materials. I am so glad and also thankful to everyone involved in this thought provoking course. Highly recommended !

von Julio C M H

Jul 25, 2020

Although it is a "fast" course, I think that the diversity of topics gives a very complete picture of the history and contemporary socio-cultural problems of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Furthermore, despite the fact that they are many topics, the cross-cutting topics that guide all the sections are very good so as not to lose sight of the historical memory and the main problems with which the indigenous peoples in Canada have long had to struggle.

von Brenda D

Apr 18, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was nothing of which I was expecting. It opened my eyes to a lot of issues that I did not understand as I am not from an Indigenous background. I hate the stigmas that the Government has installed on us towards the Indigenous peoples, I guess it just goes to show that everyone no matter where you are from or what you have been groomed to know should always ask questions on the why's. Thank you for opening up my eyes.

von Elizabeth D

Sep 26, 2017

It was fantastic. Challenging enough for me and yet not so daunting that I couldn't do it. I felt like I might not be able to manage the course but, in fact it was very informative and easy to learn.

I liked the presenters very much and especially liked the thank you at the last lesson, because it did feel to me, after 12 weeks together that I knew the presenters. I learned a lot, it just showed me that I can go further, and I will. Thank you again.

von Tanya T

Sep 22, 2017

I really enjoyed this course, particularly that the format was video lectures as I could then hear the distinct voices of the people speaking. I very much appreciated to the stories, art work, and music incorporated into the lectures. I think this is an important topic for all Canadians, and our responsibility to educate ourselves on the past. Thank you to all who participated in the creation of this course, and thank you to Coursera for offering it.

von Anne H

Jan 18, 2018

Thank you Dr. Bear and your team for an inspirational course. I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels through it and have found myself abashed over my previous unawareness to this critical situation. As a retired teacher-librarian I wish I had taken this course sooner in order to assist my thousands of students in their knowledge of Canada's Indigenous peoples. Your information has inspired me to continue in my quest for learning in this area.

von Eun K ( C

Jul 10, 2020

Thank you for the well-organized informative course about Indigenous Canada. Although it was a short course, I learned a lot about the culture and history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The course helped me gaining a better understanding about the Indigenous people and with the enhanced understanding through this course, I am confident that I would be able to connect and relate better with the Indigenous people I come across. Thank you.

von Abigail E

Mar 25, 2020

This course was very informative. Not only did it give an overview of historical and current beliefs of the Indigenous communities, it also outlined some of the contemporary issues related to Indigenous life. I was grateful to gain a new perspective and it stripped away many of the racial and stereotypical views of western culture. I will be happy to share my new knowledge and advocate for Indigenous challenges and truths in my own life.

von Kathleen B

Jan 17, 2020

This is an incredible course for everyone! I learned so much and am inspired to learn more about the Indigenous people in my local area and throughout Canada and the rest of the world. I loved how much they spoke to the resiliency and adaptability of Indigenous people and looked at a diversity of nations and their beliefs, customs, and experiences from long ago up to modern times. I only wish there were more lessons! Thank you so much!

von Charmaine N

Aug 14, 2020

This is an excellent course! I learned a lot about Indigenous people in Canada, and also grew in my empathy and compassion towards them. I will bring these new understandings (both knowledge and awareness) to my elementary school classrooms in my role as a teacher, and in my life -- as a more compassionate, knowledgeable human being. Thank you for your hard work in designing and delivering this interesting and enlightening course!

von Colleen T

Jun 03, 2020

This is a very well put together course compared to a similar course I also took through Coursera. Notes are provided for each module that very closely replicate the dialogue in the videos which makes it easy to follow along and hilight key points. I have already found myself referencing back to these course notes even after finishing the course. I paid the fee to earn a certificate and would highly recommend this course to others.

von Kameron K

Nov 24, 2018

This course is an amazing experience and a great start towards educating yourself about the lives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. I can't recommend it enough to anyone who seeks to work towards reconciliation by furthering their understanding of the struggles, successes, and beauty of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people in Canada and the incredibly distinct and diverse cultures that have occupied this land since time immemorial.

von Vanessa A

Aug 11, 2020

The course is very high level but incredibly informative nonetheless, and it has sparked many opportunities for further self-directed learning. It’s also been a good way to buffer my knowledge of Canadian colonialist history with an Indigenous perspective from Indigenous instructors. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to begin or expand their own personal learning about the Indigenous experience in Canada.

von Jodine C

Jul 20, 2020

The course is well designed, informative, and easy to follow. It provides a great educational opportunity to gain insight on, and work towards understanding of, some of the historical and contemporary issues faced by our Canadian Indigenous communities. This course has helped me to become a more informed Canadian citizen and has undoubtedly enhanced my professional abilities as educator of Saskatchewan elementary students.

von Dan L

Jul 08, 2020

An excellent course that does a fantastic job giving some concrete background to Indigenous relations, culture, and contemporary resistance without falling into narratives of Indigenous people being from a static past or as being non-diversified. I really enjoyed a lot of the comprehensive art and political balanced lectures and would recommend this course to those interested in Indigenous history and cultural contributions.

von Talya R

Oct 26, 2017

An excellent, resource-full and all-encompassing eyeopener for anyone willing to listen and learn about the true past, present and future for Indigenous peoples in Canada. This course will positively enhance what you were taught about Canada's history, and more importantly, increase your own awareness of your personal contributions to the continued oppression and racism against indigenous peoples. Highly highly recommended.

von ET K

Oct 05, 2018

I really enjoyed learning about indigenous worldviews and history through this course. It challenged a lot of my previously held knowledge and views about Indigenous Canada (and to be honest, I did not know as much as I should have). I have recommended this course to family, friends, and colleagues, and I will continue to do so. Thank you to the course creators and contributors for putting together such an engaging course.