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Learn about the role of environment in disease transmission and how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other infections in your facility....


24. Apr. 2020

Very informative course. I've already gained knowledge about infection, to prevent and control infection.\n\nSo, I would like to pay my thankfulness to all the staffs participated in this course.

2. Aug. 2020

This is a very good course, it has explained about infection and its prevention very well, one should make an improvement in this course that study material should also be provided as PDF.

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von Jason G

17. Juli 2020

This course is the first course that I experience to use reality show and soap opera as a media for learning, and I think it is very interesting and makes me very much eager to learn. Thank you for making this course. It is an unforgettable experience and knowledge for me.

von Samantha Z

2. Sep. 2020

Honestly this is one of my favorite courses. It is entertaining and informative. It is easily one of the more comprehensive courses I've taken and is spaced out well. I am so happy to have learned so much from this course. It is definitely worth your time if you take it.

von Florence w G

26. Juli 2020

I completed my course before time. I was able to schedule myself to finish the course before time.Im looking forward to finishing other courses so that i can change my career. This is a turning point don't waste this year you can do much .

Thank you


25. Juli 2020

This course is very much useful in understanding the causes of infections in nursing residents, types of infections, symptoms, treatment and prevention. And i liked the way of presenting the topics.very useful.Thank you for this opportunity.

von Maham

22. Juli 2020

It's amazing literally . I mean i learnt a'lot of things from this course regarding infection prevention. The basic things that we are ignoring and take it easy and this ignorance cause serious problems so i'm glad that i did this sucessfully

von Ayodele O

14. Dez. 2020

Modules presented an excellent introduction to Infection Control and practices which are relevant in any health care center. The combination of lectures and short video tools made it very easy to follow and exciting!

von Marwa S A

11. Mai 2020

Actually I learned a lot in this course not only how to deal with pt have infected but also to protect another healthcare provider, it amazing

Also how to deal with any pt with safe , and good protocol .

von Ching M J M (

18. Mai 2020

Amazing class with many fun, educating videos on the side as a means to enhance our knowledge on the topics. Great concept and usage of the gowns and gloves videos, PPP videos, and The Technique videos!

von Charles M

13. Sep. 2020

While I don't usually watch programs like Gowns and Gloves on television, I think that this was done very well and helps with learning. Also, the content of this module was very educational. Thank you!

von aline w

25. Aug. 2020

It is incredibly helpful, I've learned so much about the prevention of different infections, virus, and bacterias. I'm from and here we don't have anything explain so clear.

von Leonie P

18. Sep. 2020

This was a very informative course and well set out. The "Gowns & Gloves" and "The Technique" shows were both humorous and at the same time teaching important aspects.

von Vedes N

2. Juli 2020

A highly informative course that has developed my understanding and knowledge of infection prevention in nursing homes, which I can implement into my medical studies.

von Todd B T

26. Juni 2020

Very enlightening course,I learned a lot and enjoyed every module. Even the talent show skit and the nursing home skit though corny were quite knowledgeable..

von Arockiamary M

9. Juni 2020

It's very useful to everybody. I have learned about the infection prevention in nursing homes. How to taking care of the patient. Thank you so much.

von Abdulaziz M

11. Juli 2020

Great content presented in a talented, professional, and entertaining style. Its the only course that I rewatch though I completed the modules

von Sarocha C

5. Mai 2020

This is a very interesting course with interesting techniques of teaching. I like those role playing since it can catch my attention better :)

von Ray M S

21. Mai 2020

What a great learning method! It become feel so easy to understand because this course like watching telenovela! Believe me, it works!

von Redvers F C

19. Juni 2020

An absolutely superb course that is extremely interesting, informative and educational with lots of great lectures and fun acters.

von Ankita M

13. Juli 2020

Amazing course. So engaging and different from any other course I've taken! Only question remains- what was Dimitri's motive!!!!!

von Katrina M M

21. Mai 2020

This course is very significant not only for infection cntrol teams but either for students and professionals. Thank u very much

von Cherylann W

1. Juni 2020

I work in the Housekeeping department of a hotel, and with the current situation, I thought it would be a great course to take.

von Funmi A

18. Aug. 2020

The course beats my expectation and I felt so great having completed it. I am more equipped and a proud learner on coursera.

von Nuha A

4. Aug. 2020

Very interactive and videos really help you understand the material, especially for those going into a clinical setting.

von Jeannette J

8. Mai 2020

I learned so many things from this course. Very helpful. The content was easy to understand. The format was engaging.

von Sonia D H

31. Mai 2020

This course was very entertaining and informative at the same time. I was hooked to the little series they had. Amazing