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Facebook, AirBnB, Tesla, Amazon, Uber. In just a few years, companies like these have changed the face of the global economy. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of start-ups are disrupting old business models, taking on centennial industrial groups – and winning. It’s clear that the rules of business have changed forever. This MOOC provides a knowledge toolkit for the ongoing digital revolution. You’ll discover 15 concepts that are essential for understanding the new mechanisms of digital business and innovation. Each concept is explained in its own beautifully designed, content-rich instructional video, along with additional resources for you to explore. The ideas are illustrated with up-to-the-minute case studies and examples from a wide range of industries. Week 1 : Why Digital Changes Everything Week 2 : Creating Value in a Digital World Week 3 : Thinking and Acting Differently Week 4 : Entrepreneurship in a Digital World This MOOC is ideal for learners from a wide range of backgrounds. It is brought to you by four expert professors and researchers from Telecom ParisTech, a leading European graduate school in the field of digital technology and social science. This MOOC is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation....



Oct 16, 2017

I just want to say a big "Thank you!" for setting up this course, it has given me so much useful knowledge, I can already not believe how I was able to do my work before I started the course.


Oct 01, 2016

This course was very well paced and designed. The information and the reading part was very helpful to understand the ongoing digital revolution and innovation leading to new evolution.

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von Akhilesh S

Mar 07, 2018

This is a highly recommended course, which identifies the basic ideas of digital disruption and digital innovation in today's day and age.

von BharathSai V

Dec 31, 2015

nice presentations and interacting pretty well i had learned and enjoyed

von Luc G

Aug 01, 2016

Obtain awareness and concepts in a short time. Learned a lot !

von Paul

May 19, 2016

Great introduction into digital marketing.

von Amit T

Sep 18, 2016

good course for realizing the innovations in digital world

von Marcel M S

May 07, 2017

Very relevant choice of subjects in this MOOC that I have enjoyed working through - thank you!

von Santosh I

Dec 21, 2015

The course does a great job of curating very relevant videos and articles to understand digital from a 360 degree perspective. While all of us are exposed to digital from a consumer perspective, looking at it from an entrepreneur's and investors' perspectives completed the picture in my head. I liked the short video format, it is engaging and easier to schedule into our lives. Some of the readings were called "not mandatory" but were needed for answering the quiz! I would request not to have really long readings - some of them were very intensive papers written as part of an academic exercise and I will be surprised if any of the students, who are looking for many small and engaging materials would be interested in tackling really long non-man

von Jean-Emmanuel A

Oct 06, 2016

Le cours reste un peu trop dans les concepts et n'est pas toujours assez concret

von Bouzid

Oct 08, 2016

I really like the content of this course and the quality of the readings. The videos are intuitive and help you go through the most important concepts. I definitely recommend it! And big thank you to the teachers that delivered high standard course!

von Evariste

May 13, 2017

cours qui donne une bonne base de départ à la compréhension de l'ère digitale et ses différents impacts écomoniques, entreprenariaux, sociétaux, ....

von De O P

Jun 30, 2017

Interessing course, a lot of good readings. Gives a good view of digital world innovation and explain the changes for entreprises

von Bouhet X

Aug 23, 2018

Very interesting online course even a few videos conferences links are 2013 dated. It shows how Christensen is a visionnary.... 5 years later.Congrats I enjyed this course.


Aug 02, 2019

Very interesting course. It allows me to understand that a real industrial revolution is on going and the impacts on the civil societies. And the adaptation and change I have to integrate to be part of it.

Only four stars because some links do not work anymore, also some difficulties to watch videos due to my company security features which obliged me to find other way to watch them. In addition, I find some quizzes questions not very interesting (e.g. who does that, which is not really what I need to remember from this course)

von Corina L

May 17, 2018

Cours très intéressant et instructif.

von Sarlandie B

Mar 17, 2016

Good subject and good selection of documents.

I don't appreciate the "speaker" voice on the presentation, I rather like to see and hear the author. Too fast and too short.

von Seyed I

May 03, 2017

Succinct, relevant & lively coverage of topics. ***** rating couldn't be given in the absence of Certificate. Frankly, issuing a certificate doesn't seem a lot of work.

von Enrico D B

Dec 22, 2016


von suvi f

Aug 17, 2017

Good course or understanding the basics and roots of digital world. Some broken links, tests were ok. Not too interactive.

von Pete J

May 08, 2016

Very informative although its a little bit too theoritical.

von Nazmul A T

Jan 25, 2016

Nice but required a certificate of participation.

von Fabienne L

Dec 31, 2015

My suggestions:

** videos: pace is way too fast, and without much visuals and a clear structure/plan, hard to fully grab in one view. I don't think your 5mn max duration really makes sense. When the content is of interest, better to make it longer to improve clarity. Positive: you provide written/text versions of your videos.

** support documents: way too many and not always relevant

** quizzes: i don't think that asking us the name of a founder etc. really test anything about our understanding of our lesson. Too many irrelevant questions.

All in all, it seems you applied one of the rules you discuss in this course: release fast, and adjust later on based on customers' feedback.. Unsure this is the right approach when it comes to online learning. I had higher expectations vs. Mines Telecom.

von Jorge A A L

Jun 12, 2018

Didn´t receive my certificate

von Sarah E B

Sep 11, 2016

The first segment on why "Digital Changes Everything" is good background but the rest was too abstract for me with nothing I could really take away and practice.