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This course, Instructional Design Foundations, introduces learners to the conceptual and theoretical foundations of instructional design as well as the analysis aspect of instructional systems design in order to create an innovative instructional solution to performance problems in organizations. This particular course also introduces learners to concepts covered in the Instructional Design MasterTrack Certificate. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: ●Describe the major concepts of instructional systems design ●Describe the major learning and instructional theories ●Describe the process of instructional design and instructional design models ●Describe various analysis activities for instructional design...


15. Apr. 2021

Very clear course, provides definitions and/or discussion of terms that at are useful for a clearer understanding of the ID process. Good continuity between topics and good use of diagrams.

4. Juli 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is well taught and well organised. The material provided a thorough overview of the field, and the readings were particularly fascinating and helpful.

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von Benjamin K

20. Juli 2021

T​his course was a slog! There was no feedback on the quizzes and many questions were poorly written. The lectures were broad and meandering and there was very little practical/application of ID in the course, which is what I was hoping for. I would have dropped/asked for a refund but I was already halfway through. The assingments are pretty banal as well. For course on instructional design it was very poorly designed. I would search elsewhere if you're looking for something engaging and well designed. If you just want to watch ppt videos and regurgitate information in frustrating quizzes, this is course is for you.

von Akram Z

4. Apr. 2021

I have learned so many things with this course. The instructor can deliver the material as well and the design on this course makes me feel smooth and understand clearly the material

von Surbhi

6. Juni 2019

I really liked this course. The assignments were designed really well, giving us the sneak peek into what a instructional designer would do.

von Shana B

21. Juli 2021

I think it was helpful as an introduction course to instructional design, but I would have preferred more opportunities to gain more experience with real world scenarios. The project on Module 3 was the only one I felt I got that experience with. Even more short answer or challenges to do things like write learning objectives in place of a quiz on Module 4 would have been more beneficial to my learning application. Also, I would have liked to have access to correct answers on the quizzes after I submitted them for grades because on some questions I didn't understand why I got them wrong even though I went back through the videos and notes. I understand there is a concern about cheating, but I feel like I may have had misunderstandings that will never be corrected.

von christopher g

7. Juni 2021

Well thought out course that covers the basics initially, and then concludes with some good management hints for both projects and people that assist Instructional Designers in their work. Only issue with the course is that it is a MOOC so has to be all things to all people. A tough approach for any subject, at least the ones you want to be thorough. I do better with looking at a slide while the audio/briefer describes what they are showing me. But that's just me. I'd prefer seeing less of people talking. Once again though - this is good bargain - solid entry to the skills in the field and one of the few online courses that actually provides a certificate. So I recommend!

von Aderonke K

3. Feb. 2020

Quite an intensive online course. Insightful as a good foundation to Instructional Design Overall i will rate the course 3.5 out of 5.

It was quite heavy on theory; typical of a school course, with all of the journal readings, but practical real life scenarios and best practice ideologies would have been great to aid learning and engagement. For example having an Instructional Designer at a company teach one of the modules or run us through one of his past projects, So we get a feel of what a real life project is like, straight from the horses mouth.

Also the quizzes- The point isn't just to score 80% as a pass grade for the quiz. The quiz is to aid learning and ensure the participants can recall what has been taught.

Firstly, when attempting the quiz more than once it will be good to show the correct options to the answers the learner got right, and not make them attempt answering those right questions again. Let the answers to the right options be visible. Looking at them over and over will aid learning.

Also, after scoring the pass mark of 80 let the participant know the answers to the failed options. The point isn't just to score grades to pass, but for learning.

von Kailana D

28. Nov. 2020

Very useful overview of the material for people looking to explore this profession. However - and somewhat ironically for a course about how to design engaging and effective learning experiences - the lecture styles are very dry and mostly unvaried, and the unit quizzes are incredibly vague and hard to pass (make sure to retake multiple times!). The course focuses specifically on the learning theories that inform instructional design, but keep in mind that you don't get to practice any designing yourself - in fact, the course only focuses on the procedures for context-gathering and goal-setting that precede the active phases of design and implementation.

von Dr. P G

12. Juli 2021

As some of the other negative reviewers have noted, there is some serious irony to a poorly-designed course on Instructional Design (ID) that does not meet accepted best-practices standards for online education. I have ten years of teaching experience (including online) in higher education, so this critique is not completely unfounded.

Content is delivered by individuals who seem to lack any passion for the topic, and the majority of video modules are in the 15+ minutes range, which only adds to the drudgery. By about halfway through the second module, I resorted to simply muting the audio and reading the transcript: a strategy that I found to be far more efficient and pleasant than actually watching the lectures. In addition, there is a totally useless first "assignment" where you are told to find a posting for a job in ID, and then say why you chose it. Not sure what learning objective that was intended to accomplish, but I'm fairly certain it fell short.

So, is there any redeeming value to this course? Yes. The readings are useful, and some of the video content is fundamentally interesting, even when delivered with a complete lack of enthusiasm. In short, I learned a little bit more about the history, terminology, and principles of Instructional Design, but I will definitely not be taking any more courses on the topic from this institution.

von Regan J

2. Aug. 2020

The readings were the most useful part of this course. The videos were difficult to follow, and quite frankly, very boring, due to poor delivery. I felt that the essential learning points could have been taught in much more concise and more structured video lectures. It would have been easier for me to work through the content with slides using text only, with no speech. The video transcripts were not accurate.

The quizzes often contained elements that were not covered in either the lectures or the readings. Sometimes the wording of the quizzes was ambiguous, so it was not clear why the correct answer was the correct answer. For the final week 4 quiz, I had to retake the quiz about 8 times due to being unable to work out the correct answer for 2 out of the 8 questions. In the end, I just guessed until I got the right answer. I have no idea why the guess was correct.

While I learnt a lot, this learning came from the readings and not from the video content.

von Andrew P P J

27. Dez. 2020

Overall rough course. Auditors definitely recieved more out of this course because they are free of the abosulely awful assignments that come with this course. While the class offered a decent introduction to what ISDs do and how the field has changed over time, the value of this knowledge is lost in light of downright boring, monotonous, and long-winded video lectures. The professors did not display any mastery of the topics because they read scripted lectures. The assignments, particularly the last quiz, were unfair and designed to trick students. The covered insignificant details rather than big picture ideas. The list of things wrong with this course is a long one.

von Sophia S

23. März 2021

The videos in this course were difficult to follow and not very engaging. Many of the videos were largely filled with technical vocabulary and jargon, but not very well clarified or explained. As an introductory course, this was very challenging and difficult to get through. I felt as though this course could have been more interesting and had more real life application examples.

von Lee S Y

18. Juli 2020

I learned a lot of concepts, took copious notes but end of the day, I don't think this is a good course as an ID foundation. There could be more practical aspects to allow learners to internalise the concepts and more attempts to break down the chunks of information rather than a dumpster to throw out all the concepts at once.

von Amy W

6. Okt. 2020

Disappointing. Too much about Instructional Design history, not enough about how to actually design courses.

von Nick

19. Jan. 2021


von Atrayee G K

20. Mai 2019

This course gave me very useful insights into the world of instructional design. Although I am not an Instructional Designer, I am involved extensively in the activities of the Analysis phase to plan training programs in the organization I work with. In other terms I am a general L&D professional, and was at a career crossroad. I am now very sure that I would like to specialize in the field of Instructional Design and this course is an absolute first step in my journey.

A huge thanks to University of Illinois and Coursera for designing such insightful programs. I particularly loved the options for scholarships. Please keep doing the good work! Look forward to my next course.

All the best!

von Brittni Y

27. Okt. 2020

This course met my expectations in providing the foundational knowledge that I needed. I am used to taking traditional in-person college classes and was unsure how this course would operate online. However, I was very satisfied with this course and the various professors that led the instruction. I would suggest this course to anyone seeking a professional and structured course providing the foundational knowledge about Instructional Design. They provided several resources for learners to follow up on after the modules. As well, the quizzes and activities helped to reinforce the knowledge. Thank you for helping me to take my first step towards my career as an Instructional Designer.

von Rebecca C

31. Aug. 2021

As a former secondary English teacher, I found this information highly practical, and I wish I had taken this course prior to entering the teaching profession! It makes instructional foundations accessible and engaging. The content was so seamless and well designed, I found myself having "aha moments" about concepts that years of professional development and teacher training had not given me! After taking this course, I feel empowered as an educator, and more equipped as an aspiring instructional designer. I am so grateful for this course, and I appreciate the personable instructors! Thank you to the Coursera team, and all who made it accessible!

von Agha A u R

28. März 2019

This course is very comprehensive and gave me great knowledge of instructional design. Course is well designed and really helped me understand many concepts with a very well managed way. All the quizzes, study material and lectures are very well designed and really helped he novice learners like me a solid foundation of the course. The structure of the course and breaking up of concepts into smaller modules was really helpful. Overall, I had a great time.

von Muhammad K

10. Feb. 2021

This course teaches the basic instructional design process and provide an overview of Instructional Design Field. It focuses on the initial step necessary for the instructional design strategy. By the end of this course, I am able to have a vision to continue my learning pursuit of effective online and cohort teaching goals and to make useful decisions on the upcoming skill set required in the application of Instructional Design.

von Vinod B

16. Okt. 2020

This course covers the important aspects of Instructional Design and is good for beginners to understand concepts and gain a clear insight on what the profession is all about. However, in terms of the assignments and examples it would help if a short course is prepared by learners, through examples and/or actual courses prepared by professionals to better relate with the theoretical content.

von Natalia S

17. Feb. 2021

I loved the course because it reinforces the understanding of the background of instructional design, explain concepts and theories to improve how we create training and improve adult learning processes. Now I'm able to develop a better analysis including Needs assessments, learning analysis and super important task analysis which involves the creation of learning objectives.

von Filianti

10. Juni 2020

A very interesting course that facilitates many students to know the most important foundation of the instructional design world. The material presentation is very interesting, the instructor presents the material in a cool and easy to understand style. The task given is also very helpful in understanding the material that has been delivered. I really like this course!

von Salamullah

27. Juli 2020

Well crafted, Perfectly planned and excellently executed Course. It was a great time being part of this course. A value addition indeed. I highly recommend this course to everyone concerned with Instructional Material Development. The content is highly effective and delivered in a contended way.

von Dalton-Jesse C

9. Mai 2021

This course was awesome to learn and practice some skills. In addition, it allowed me to learn about the field, different strategies and structures, and implementation strategies to put to use in my career. This course gave me the skills to become a real instructional designer.

von Saleh R

18. Juni 2020

As introduction to the instructional design subject It is an excellent course, i strongly recommend it for the beginners, but it is better to add new module to clarify how we should transfer from the ANALYSIS stage to the DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT stages.