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In recent decades, international law has undergone a series of major developments in order to accommodate the many new facets of freshwater management and protection. The adoption of universal, regional and basin instruments highlights how important it is to study the evolution of international water regulations and to be able to identify the main principles in this field. This course aims to provide the necessary background to understand and examine the regulation applicable to transboundary freshwaters especially to rivers, lakes and aquifers. It presents the principles and legal standards that govern the use, sharing, management and protection of these resources. The MOOC is made up of 5 modules. As each module addresses a different theme, they can be viewed in any order. However, the modules do follow a certain pedagogical logic and following in order will be especially helpful to those who are new to the subject. Each module is accompanied by an evaluation questionnaire or quiz. A certificate will be awarded to students who obtain an average of at least 80% in the quizzes. By the end of this course, you will be able to: 1) Describe the issues related to the regulation of transboundary freshwaters; 2) Explain how transboundary freshwater regulations have evolved; 3) Recall and interpret the key principles governing water resource regulation; 4) Understand the role of transboundary freshwater dispute settlement mechanisms in the development of international freshwater law (or to understand the role of international courts and tribunals in the resolution of conflicts) This MOOC was developed by the Platform for International Freshwater Law that is part of the Geneva Water Hub, assisted by the MOOC Team of the University of Geneva. Alongside the researchers and teachers of the Platform, several international experts have also participated. This MOOC is one of three courses supported by the Water Hub Geneva and the University of Geneva. The other MOOCS are "Water Management and Policy" ( and "Ecosystem Services: a method for sustainable development "( The Global Water Program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has funded this course. This MOOC was originally created in French. It has English subtitles....



Mar 19, 2018

This course really helps for all the legal field person specially for those who wish to build their career in ENVIRONMENTAL LAW not only at domestic but at also international level.


May 15, 2020

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of International Water Law and the need to protect and efficiently manage transboundary water sources. Highly recommend it !

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von Adeyemi M A

May 27, 2018

It is one of the best training on water management i have attend, it expose me to a lot of information which will improve on my decision making on my job order

von Eugène d G

Jan 20, 2019

I found this course to be so informative and the quizzes at the end of each module, a thorough test of the knowledge acquired.

Well done ! Loved the course.

von P R M

May 28, 2020

It's my longtime ambition fulfilled in acquiring exposure on the international water law and environmental law which is very important in management of Transboundary waterResources . The learning on principles of resolving conflicts on sharing common water resources and governance of Joint Mechanisms such as River basin authority,River Commission or River Boards very useful for developing cooperation and good faith among the riparian states to prevent and resolve water disputes thereby protecting the environment, ecology of the River basin and the riparian rights of human population dependent on the common resource. This knowledge enhances my career opportunities to work in the field of hydropolitics and conflict resolution in sharing common water resources through cooperation.

von Adedolapo A

Jan 02, 2020

This is a very illustrative program, for a person such as myself who has had no prior background nor interaction with water law, I found it quite easy to follow the lectures. I felt a genuine effort on the part of the lecturers to pass and create awareness on the applicability of conventions and the roles of basin commissions in the management of global water resources. Every module was relevant and I benefited a great deal in understanding how riparian states resolve disputes that arise from the use of water resources. I will gladly recommend this program to lawyers, global development experts and public administrators

von suha A I S I

Jul 27, 2018

a great insight into a very interesting field that I wish and will further take in my postgraduate studies. Smooth transferring of information, very helpful and important case studies and a very triggering quizzes that requires a full concentration in the presentations provided. On the other hand I found my self very interested in the French language and soon will be taking classes to learn it. Its kind of courses that encourage and in light you in different aspects, its the end of the course but definitely the start for new challenges, Merci beaucoup!

von Vihang P

May 08, 2020

First. I would like to thank all the course instructor for the in depth knowledge and the ease of language use throughout the course. The course was very informative and indeed useful for the benefit of the society, human health, ecology and the environment.

If given an opportunity, I will definitely like to a part of any such organisation dealing with water resources and environmental resources, ensuring sustainable development.

Heartfelt thanks once again !


Dec 14, 2018

Je suis passionné du Droit International en toute ses forme. Ce cours que j'ai débuté hier est très intéressant et je compte en tiré beaucoup dedant. Je donne 5 étoile.

Je remercie l'équipe dispensatrice pour le travail qui est fait en amont afin de nous donner cet MOOC. Étant donné que je n'ai pas encore terminé le cours je sais que le meilleur est devant .

von Aimara P C

Dec 24, 2018

Excellent option!! I just wish there were more options to get the tittle for people from underdeveloped countries. For example I come from Cuba, and do not have access to any of the required payment options. But still, I loved learning with coursera, the most important outcome is all the new knowledge, and skills, and for that: no titlle needed!!

von Vincent F M

Apr 01, 2018

Excellent MOOC allowing a non-specialist to put one foot in international water law. It is growing the appetite for more course about the "water topic" which is becoming of great concern.


Mar 19, 2018

This course really helps for all the legal field person specially for those who wish to build their career in ENVIRONMENTAL LAW not only at domestic but at also international level.

von Om D

May 15, 2020

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of International Water Law and the need to protect and efficiently manage transboundary water sources. Highly recommend it !

von Thabo B

May 02, 2020

This has been very engaging, but a worthwhile and fulfilling eye opener to the field of International Water Law....I won't hesitate recommend this to you and anyone else!

von Md F R

Dec 15, 2018

This is a fundamental beginning course on International water law. I have gained the fundamental basic knowledge in relation to many aspects of watercourse disputes.

von Waad A

Apr 07, 2020

Was a very good course I got a lot of new information and the way how the course presented was amazing thanks University of Geneva for this useful course

von Jamal C

Sep 04, 2019

Thank you for keeping encourging me , the course is super having it in both French and Englsih it is unique , kindly have one more on Maritime Disputes

von Abg. J L R C

May 12, 2019

Es un excelente curso. Aprendes sobre lo que es el derecho de las aguas y su legislación aplicable. Agradecido altamente. Muchas Gracias.

von Franz Z M

Apr 17, 2018

A great team of professors, an insightful presentation and about all a practical approach.

Thank you Laurance, Mara, Makanne and Komla!

von Steven S

May 23, 2020

Thanks for this course...very informative. I built my interest in this area. Going to apply for a full degree program.

von Rukundo K

Apr 27, 2020

Very educative course. Have learnt alot and it has given me agreat insight on International water law

von 郭逸飞

Apr 09, 2018

Thank you very much for your presentations! Hope to see all of you again!

von Joel A Z

Mar 29, 2020

This course was an outstanding introduction to international water law.

von Aishwarya B

May 29, 2020

From this course, I have learned a lot about international water law.


Apr 24, 2020

Excellent Course I have learnt a lot of new laws and regulations

von Jannu R

Mar 29, 2020

Excellent course,Thanks!

von Jegan r J

Apr 22, 2020

really helpful