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The impact of technology and networks on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase. The very fact that you can take this course from anywhere in the world requires a technological infrastructure that was designed, engineered, and built over the past sixty years. To function in an information-centric world, we need to understand the workings of network technology. This course will open up the Internet and show you how it was created, who created it and how it works. Along the way we will meet many of the innovators who developed the Internet and Web technologies that we use today. What You Will Learn: After this course you will not take the Internet and Web for granted. You will be better informed about important technological issues currently facing society. You will realize that the Internet and Web are spaces for innovation and you will get a better understanding of how you might fit into that innovation. If you get excited about the material in this course, it is a great lead-in to taking a course in Web design, Web development, programming, or even network administration. At a minimum, you will be a much wiser network citizen....



11. Aug. 2020

This course was awesome. A combination of the history, sociology and practical architectural / implementation elements of modern digital and internet technology. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Chuck!


6. Jan. 2016

This is an extremely important course. I would love to see it taught in high schools or in the first year of university. We should all understand how the Internet was developed and how it functions.

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von Zaitsev D

7. Jan. 2022

Хороший курс!Подчерпнул много новой информации для продолжения моего обучения.

Вот только хотел бы бесплатно получить сертификат об окончании курса.Я пока учусь и не работаю и денег у меня пока нет.И я не могу себе позволить платить за это.

Но очень бы хотел получить сертификат о окончании курса!Спасибо.

von Helal a

26. Apr. 2020

Feeling successful is wonderful when you challenge yourself to learn something new and get tired to get that success..Thank you very much, I learned something new for me..It was fun and very useful and I am very proud of what I learned with you. You are wonderful and deserve all appreciation..Thank you

von Shashidhara G

28. Sep. 2015

This course gave me great insights into the evolution of the internet, computer networks. Interview videos of people behind all the magic is an excellent collection and it is really informative to comprehend the big picture. I am very happy that I enrolled into this course and I am enjoying it.

von Deleted A

10. Juni 2020

wow I am very very happy this course is amazing and also instructor

Dr. Chuck is a amazing person and his teaching style is very very nice

Thankyou very much Dr Chuck this hard and difficult subject you make very easy and amazing way of study I understand everything

And also thank you Coursera

von Jose L F F C B

5. März 2019

Very good course. Great instructor. Highly recommended.

It is truly beginner level, so as one that have already studied Internet protocols (in the early 90's) I feel that I didn't learn many new things, but it was fantastic as a recap.

The interviews with Internet pioneers were very insightful.

von Bart U

21. Sep. 2015

Excellent course! This with content brought by the tech Giants themselves. All of which is clearly explained and elaborated upon by Dr. Chuck. Ever wondered who invented JavaScript? How and why? You'll find out here and many more.

This all brought in the right flexible and mobile format for me

von Deepak R

19. Apr. 2021

This is really an informative course for anyone who has a keen interest in knowing how the internet was invented and how network architect works. Listening to great minds and their vision was really motivational and inspiring. I really enjoyed the course and Dr. Chuck's passion for teaching.

von Oana R

21. Sep. 2015

This course was great! It was also my first MOOC! It cleared up a lot of the things that were blurry before. I especially enjoyed the Security part, which I deal with tangentially at work and I could never quite grasp the concepts, but now I do.

Thank you very much, Dr. Chuck and the team!

von Deepa G

10. Sep. 2015

Wonderful course, delivered in a very fun way by Dr. Chuck. Enjoyed it, although it got slightly dry in places. Really loved how this course incorporated interviews with famous minds of the technology world so we can understand how they thought and what problems they were trying to solve.

von Camila C

17. Mai 2020

Muy buen curso para comenzar con la historia del Internet. Para principiantes absolutos como yo es , quizás, necesario complementarlo con algunos vídeos explicativo de otras fuentes (Youtube fue una salvación para mi) pero te da muy buena guía de los caminos a recorrer. Recomendable!

von Daniel J G

24. Aug. 2015

Aunque es el primer MOOC que termino, no es el primer MOOC en el que me he inscrito. Si he terminado este, es por que su contenido, así como el profesor (Dr. Charles Severance) es bastante bueno. Muy recomendado para todo aquel interesado en entender un poco más lo que es Internet.

von Sarvjeet S

20. Juni 2020

Another Outstanding course from Dr Chuck, I think He is an amazingly self explained teacher and also an interesting person(graduation ceremony was truly motivating :) ). So the course was great and interesting, content was really well managed. I loved it and highly recommend it.

von Ralph C

20. Aug. 2017

An informative and entertaining course. It was fascinating to see the interviews with luminaries from the history of computing and the internet. I highly recommend this course even to those who already have a strong background in the technical aspects of the subject matter.

von Map S

3. Sep. 2017

This is a wonderful course that gives you an introduction to TCP/IP and TLS/SSL. Strongly recommended if you are interested in either of the two, although you would find its account of the internet history is slightly not perfectly structured without a timeline in your head.

von mohit p

27. Aug. 2015

it is really good, what turing has been done for the british government and all history of internet...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done..keep it up......all coursera team......!!thank you for all your time and sharing valuable information with us....!Thank you....!!

von Шатилова В

28. Nov. 2020

Wow! Just wow! That was 10 exciting days. Dr. Chuck is probably the best teacher in the world. Now I'm working on application that has not a client only, but a server too. Information from this course really help me out what I should do to ensure the safety my application.

von Lorraine B

21. Aug. 2015

Really interesting material on the inner workings of the internet and how it came about. Would recommend it to anyone with an interest in computers and networking. Content is very engaging and pitched at a level that even a non computer scientist like myself finds it e

von Lódri P

12. Feb. 2016

Was very, very usefull and totally worth the time, energy to watch the videos, do the quizes. Dr. Chuck is a really great person, easy to understand. Recommend this class for everybody whose a little interested in the making of the biggest innovation in the 20th century.

von Jayro G F

24. Feb. 2016

I've learned so many good things i did not know about internet, it's just so amazing to look back in the history and find out how much effort people put into practice to build what we call today internet , Absolutely a great course!, Absolutely a great course!

von Nicholas H

16. Aug. 2017

I totally recommend the course. It is well paced and great for both people who use internet technologies in practice or those who just ant to learn the foundation of those practices and their origins. Take the course finish it up the lectures are fun and engaging.

von JM L

5. Nov. 2015

Additionally to the very interesting and useful content proposed in this course, I have found it very much enjoyable and pleasant thanks to the talent of Dr. Chuck. Thanks a lot Dr. Chuck you are really a wonderful person and I hope to meet you in person one day.

von Ting-Yun Y

6. Juli 2020

The professor is overall great. His lectures are amazing and humorous, and have a specific analogy to the concepts that he wants to describe. And there are awesome chances that we have the videos about how the scientists think when they create a new technology.

von Raymond L B

22. Aug. 2015

I loved this course! The professor did a great job explaining the history of the internet and more importantly the reasons behind a lot of the actions. I highly recommend this class for anyone that wants to know more about how a lot of today's technology works.

von Erez A

3. Nov. 2015

This is an amazing course. I love it! The topic is already interesting but the instructor makes it a top class. He makes us re-live the history of computing and the internet so we can feel what it was like

Thank you so much for offering the class on coursera.

von Stanislav K

7. Juli 2017

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