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Untertitel: Englisch, Koreanisch

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Beginnen Sie sofort und lernen Sie in Ihrem eigenen Tempo.

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Ca. 10 Stunden zum Abschließen

Empfohlen: 2 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week...


Untertitel: Englisch, Koreanisch

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Welcome to the first course in the Internet of Things specialization! We hope you’re just as excited as we are to begin this fascinating journey! Before getting started with the material, we would like to introduce you to the team that made this all possible, as well as give you a preview of what to expect throughout the entire specialization.

4 Videos (Gesamt 34 min), 2 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
2 Lektüren
Get your resources in order!30m
Course Slides (All Modules)30m
2 praktische Übungen
Intro Module30m
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Circuit Switched Networks

In order to answer the big question, “how did we get here?” we must start from the beginning. The beginning of what you may ask, well the beginning of telecommunication! In this course we will cover the birth of the telephone and its gradual evolution through different networks. Humans love to talk, which might explain the speedy growth of telephony networks.

20 Videos (Gesamt 68 min), 3 Lektüren, 5 Quiz
20 Videos
Birth of the Telephone6m
Control Plane7m
Data Plane6m
Introduction to Lesson 224
Broadcast Innovations9m
Broadcast Industry2m
Content is King2m
Introduction to Lesson 344
Sampling: Analog <-- --> Digital4m
Audio and Speech Coding7m
Shannon: Information Theory4m
C and UNIX1m
Introduction to Lesson 433
Regulated Monopoly2m
Breakup of AT&T4m
Impact on Research1m
3 Lektüren
History of Bell Systems10m
AT&T System in 195310m
More optional reading10m
5 praktische Übungen
Lesson 110m
Lesson 210m
Lesson 310m
Lesson 410m
Module 130m
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Packet Switched Networks

Now that we have looked at circuit switched networks, we will begin to talk about packet switched networks. Digital networking will change in the telephone industry is what allowed all of the exciting new features we see on mobile phones. In this course, we will clarify differences between circuit and packet switched networks, as well as reveal what digital networking allows us to do.

12 Videos (Gesamt 37 min), 1 Lektüre, 4 Quiz
12 Videos
Brief History5m
TCP / IP Protocol5m
Open Standards2m
Introduction to Lesson 234
Introduction to Lesson 335
Voice over RTP/UDP/IP or VoIP4m
Broadcast / Multicast6m
1 Lektüre
4 praktische Übungen
Lesson 110m
Lesson 28m
Lesson 38m
Module 230m
3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Computer Telephony

The convergence begins! Computers and telephones start working together which served a great opportunity for business in many ways. Imagine a world without caller ID or voicemail, scary isn’t it? Telephony begins to take the digital route, which brings a whole new experience in telecommunications. The digitization of telephones wasn’t all positive, for it created the possibility of hackers accessing personal information.

15 Videos (Gesamt 21 min), 1 Lektüre, 6 Quiz
15 Videos
Control Plane3m
Introduction to Lesson 240
The Big 51m
Power Shift1m
Introduction to Lesson 334
Message Machine2m
Interactive Voice Response1m
Call Centers3m
Introduction to Lesson 433
What happened to the dial tone?55
The 911 Fiasco1m
Hackers get into your phone1m
1 Lektüre
Pre-Module reading on the Carterphone10m
5 praktische Übungen
Lesson 18m
Lesson 24m
Lesson 38m
Lesson 46m
Module 330m
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Wireless Technologies

Telephones eventually become a new entity which we might recognize as the cell phone. Phone mobility revolutionizes the telecommunications market, phones are no longer apply to homes but rather to people. Cell phones were a game changer for telephone companies.

21 Videos (Gesamt 46 min), 1 Lektüre, 6 Quiz
21 Videos
AT&T almost missed the boat!3m
Introduction to Lesson 21m
Leveraging Telephony Infrastructure for Mobility4m
Billing and Prepaid2m
Introduction to Lesson 358
Get more spectrum2m
Improving Spectral Efficiency3m
Reduce data rate for each voice call8m
3G and 4G evolution6m
Introduction to Lesson 41m
Other low power radios1m
Introduction to Lesson 552
Telephony 1-to-11m
Broadcast 1-to-N44
Sensor Networks N-to-151
A platform for IoT1m
1 Lektüre
Further reading on 1G and 2G cellular10m
6 praktische Übungen
Lesson 110m
Lesson 210m
Lesson 310m
Lesson 410m
Lesson 58m
Module 430m
1 Stunde zum Abschließen

Features and Apps

Phone applications are born! This is probably the greatest contribution to the telephone industry because now phone don’t just make phone calls and take messages, but also handle finances, entertain, educate, control your home, turn on your car and anything you can imagine! The limits of a technology have never been more endless, if you can think it you can sure build an app for it.

7 Videos (Gesamt 27 min), 1 Lektüre, 2 Quiz
7 Videos
Unintended Consequences5m
Phones get GPS2m
Phones get Cameras, accelerometers, etc2m
Voice is not the killer app?5m
1 Lektüre
Advanced Readings10m
2 praktische Übungen
Lesson 110m
Module 530m
2 Stunden zum Abschließen

Future Outlook

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the last module in this course! At this point, you should know the history of the internet and many innovations that it has advanced with, but what is the Internet of Things anyway? That question and many more will be answered in this final course!

8 Videos (Gesamt 55 min), 1 Lektüre, 3 Quiz
8 Videos
Specialization in a Nutshell6m
Introduction to Lesson 21m
IoT: mHealth12m
IoT: Smart Homes9m
IoT: Automotive9m
1 Lektüre
Links for mHealth video10m
3 praktische Übungen
Lesson 110m
Lesson 210m
Module 630m
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von DRMar 8th 2016

Hello Everyone,\n\nI really enjoyed this course and definitely this is great learning experience for me..I am heartily thankful to Both Professors for given me this knowledge..\n\nThanks a lot..

von FHMar 29th 2016

I think i can never get the introduction to telecommunication and web integrated together in such an awesome pedagogical manner. Thanks for providing this course.



Harinath Garudadri

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Qualcomm Institute of Calit2, UC, San Diego

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Qualcomm Institute of Calit2, UC, San Diego

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Über die Spezialisierung Internet der Dinge

This Specialization covers the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services—including devices for sensing, actuation, processing, and communication—to help you develop skills and experiences you can employ in designing novel systems. The Specialization has theory and lab sections. In the lab sections you will learn hands-on IoT concepts such as sensing, actuation and communication. In the final Capstone Project, developed in partnership with Qualcomm, you’ll apply the skills you learned on a project of your choice using the DragonBoard 410c platform....
Internet der Dinge

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