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Using a simple and enjoyable teaching style, this course introduces the novice listener to the wonders of classical music, from Bach fugues to Mozart symphonies to Puccini operas....



Mar 07, 2019

Really appreciate Prof. Wright give us such rich content and sophisticated course. I really enjoy and love it. I am looking forward to seeing more high-level courses from Prof. Wright if there is any.


Mar 08, 2016

This course has a lot of information. It is well organized, and so many music illustrations. I am really enjoying this course, and will freely recommend it to anyone interested in classical music.

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von petya

Dec 27, 2018


von Joy S

Jan 07, 2017

Super long. Super informative. Loved the Beethoven week.

von Hermione F

Aug 15, 2016

I feel Professor Craig Wright offers a comprehensive, varied, accessible and fun overview of a very large subject, starting right at the beginning of musical history and bringing you up to the present day. He uses a wide variety of visual and audio resources including relevant works of art, architecture, artefacts, sketches, quotes from historical documents, surviving musical scores, music recordings, videos of live orchestral performance, music animations, costume, period instruments and interviews with musical colleagues of his who are able to share their expertise. In addition to all this he offers us his own photographs from his pilgrimages to cities such as Vienna, which adds further to the course's personal touch.

What comes across throughout Wright's course videos is his immense love of, and desire to share that love of classical music, which for me is a major factor in what makes the course so appealing. I also enjoy his sense of humour and efforts to appeal to a younger generation (Wright is in his 70s). At more than one point in the course he adopts fancy dress to reflect the period he is exploring. A highlight I feel is when the course features a clip from one of his lectures at Yale University where he enrolls some colleagues to enact a scene from Don Giovanni in which Wright plays an angry father, slain by Don Giovanni in a duel. It is a touching (and amusing) example of his good humour and ability to have fun with his students.

My only criticism would be his own piano playing which is often rushed and inaccurate, but I feel this is largely due to the time constraints of filming the videos. By his own admission, he realised early on in life that he was not up to the challenge of being a concert pianist - he is primarily a musicologist, not a pianist. Every piece of music touched on in the course is available via the course Spotify playlist (extremely helpful) so there is no difficulty in listening to professional recordings of all the pieces discussed.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a background knowledge of the evolution of musical history.

von Titus J M

Aug 17, 2017

now I have a new view and better dimension of classical music. thanks to Yale University, thanks to coursera.

von kundan p

Dec 21, 2015

Nice! I am enjoying it!!

explained in simple language, so it is easy to understand.

von Leen R

Apr 06, 2016

Great course! I learned a lot, discovered new music and the way mr. Wright presents the content is very good.

von Jean R

Aug 24, 2016

Excellent panorama of classical music.

I specially like the lesson about Mozart and the "Dark side of Mozart", and what was said about the social evolution of the musicians.

von Georgios K

May 23, 2017

I think it is a nice course, which helps you appreciate classical music more. Somehow, I feel the explanation of classical music up to Beethoven is stronger or at least less boring than the explanation after Beethoven period. nevertheless a fantastic work and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Professor Wright.

von Simon Y

Nov 14, 2016

I have taken this course before. If I remember rightly it was a longer course (11 weeks?) and the pacing felt good. It seems it has been compressed into a 9-week course, with some weeks having quite a heavy workload demand and the whole course feeling slightly crammed and rushed.

I realise that perhaps the longer the course, the higher the dropout rate, but I think people who made it to 7-8 weeks of the old course would continue it to completion, while for this course I found myself scrambling for time almost weekly -- I wonder if in fact the dropout rate wouldn't be higher at this kind of pace.

Content-wise the course was excellent -- stimulating, clear, engagingly presented.

von 柴洪源

Mar 01, 2016


von Dang M D

May 15, 2016


von Bruce F

Mar 08, 2018

A well designed, informative, course with an excellent teacher. One comment: when playing musical examples, it would have been helpful if the instructor's comments had been put in text on the screen rather than having the instructor talk over the music.

von Yaakov H

May 11, 2017

simply wonderful, but hated his gregorian chant bit. as well assumes you know a bit about music theory.

von Abhishek D

Aug 15, 2016

Amazing teaching

von Estelle S

May 05, 2019

beginner friendly

von Stephen H

Aug 20, 2019

An excellent course that taught me (Swiss retiree with moderate keyboard experience and knowledge of classical music) a great deal of very interesting background information. It has given me a thorough overview of the periods and composers in the history of music and insights into the lives of the composers and the artists and general public of the various times. Additionally it has provided very useful inputs on the form and shape of music composition which will prove useful as I write my own simple works using MuseScore for music notation and playback. I plan next to follow the NUS course on "Composing Like Mozart." Hearty thanks to Professor Craig and the whole Yale Broadcast Center team - fantastic experience!

von Deleted A

Feb 26, 2017

The content is interesting but the videos are quite long. Also, in the audit version all quizzes are blocked.

von Alex C

Jun 04, 2017

Good lecturer, nice focus on the subject... it awakes your sensibility for Music.

von Akash K

Feb 07, 2016

He is awesome in reaching every aspect of Classical music.

von Nikolay B

Jan 12, 2018

Great lectures, but absolutely no supplementary materials, no assignment, no lecture notes, nothing. Just video. Worst organised course I ever seen on Coursera

von Emil

May 13, 2019

Not exactly, what I've expected, but one could learn a few new things. It is informative.

von Павел В

Jun 03, 2016

The course looks a lot like advertisement of a textbook. I don't have anything against ads, but ads are not very suitable for teaching.

von afnan A

Jan 18, 2017

What I've watched wasn't as what I expected.

I would give it 2 out of 5 as addressing my needs.

von Jonathan G

Feb 13, 2018

Interesting course but it had way too many quizzes and was extremely tedious. I would not recommend this course to anyone!

von Tymothy S

May 16, 2016

Class was boring and the professor wasn't inspired nor inspiring.