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Week One: Getting Started with Simple Styling

Welcome to Introduction to CSS3! In this course you will learn how to style your pages by taking advantage of the power of CSS3. We will focus on both proper syntax (how to write your styling rules) and the importance of accessibility design (making sure that your style enhances your site, not make it harder to navigate). It is so important that you jump in ready to make mistakes and typos in this course. The only way you will really understand the material is to practice typing it in on your own as often as possible.

8 Videos (Gesamt 80 min), 8 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
8 Videos
01-02 Cascading Style Sheets16m
01-03 Colors9m
01-04 Styling Your Text12m
01-05 Code Together9m
01-06a Display and Visibility - Part 111m
01-06b Display and Visibility - Part 27m
01-07 Optional -- Homework Description4m
8 Lektüren
Help us learn more about you!10m
Building Your First Web Page10m
Early coding3m
Code Placement5m
Homework One Description10m
Peer Review1m
1 praktische Übung
Styling Syntax and Theory26m
5 Stunden zum Abschließen

Week Two: Advanced Styling

Colors and fonts are just the start to styling your page. The nice thing about starting with these properties is that they are usually very straightforward to implement. You pick a color and boom - instant, expected results. This week we move on to new properties that tend to require a little bit of tweaking to get the desired results. In particular we will talk about the Box Model, background images, opacity, float, columns, visibility, and designing for different browsers.

8 Videos (Gesamt 79 min), 9 Lektüren, 3 Quiz
8 Videos
02-02 Code Together8m
02-03 Styling Links and Lists11m
02-04 Advanced Selectors12m
02-05 Browser Capabilites11m
02-06 Code Together7m
02-07 Designing For Accessibility6m
02-08 Optional - Homework Description6m
9 Lektüren
Coding Together1m
Supplemental reading on complex selectors20m
Shorthand rules5m
Code Together2m
Background Images and Opacity6m
Optional - The importance of headings10m
Homework Two Description8m
2 praktische Übungen
Optional Practice Quiz: Review26m
Advanced Selectors Quiz32m
1 Stunde zum Abschließen

Week Three: Psuedo-classes, Pseudo-elements, Transitions, and Positioning

Have you ever noticed on a web page that some links are blue and others are purple, depending upon if you have clicked on the links? How is it possible to style some anchor tags and not others? This week you will learn how to style pseudo-classes (e.g. a link that has been visiting, an element that has the mouse hovering over it) and pseudo-elements (e.g. the first-letter of a heading, the first line of a paragraph). These elements are not difficult to style, but do require careful coding. It is also the first step to adding simple animation to your site. We end this week with the subject of positioning -- how to get elements to stick to a certain part of your page. Think about annoying pop-up ads. How do the programmers get them to stay RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN despite the fact that you keep trying to scroll them away.

5 Videos (Gesamt 29 min), 5 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
5 Videos
03-02 Transitions5m
03-03 Transforms5m
03-04 Code together - Transitions4m
03-05 Positioning10m
5 Lektüren
OPTIONAL READINGS - Transitions, Transforms, and Animation2m
Why not a Peer Assignment this week?1m
Some Fun Links1m
1 praktische Übung
Final Quiz18m
3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Week Four: Putting It All Together

This week I am going to do some code review. I will show you how I used pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements to style a table. Then I give you a demonstration of three different navigation bars that utilize different styling options. We will want to step back and talk about how these different options may affect the accessibility of our site. The final step to completing this course is the completion of the peer-graded project. You will have the chance to demonstrate the ability to follow styling guidelines while still putting your own personal touch on the project. Just remember, you need to validate your work for proper syntax and accessibility.

7 Videos (Gesamt 34 min), 3 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
7 Videos
04-02 Creating Navigation Menus3m
04-03 Accessible Navigation7m
04-04 Creating Navigation Menus 23m
04-05 Creating Navigation Menus 35m
04-06 Optional - Homework Description6m
04-07 Conclusion2m
3 Lektüren
OPTIONAL: A Change to the Accessibility of Headings2m
Final Project Description7m
15 Minuten zum Abschließen

Where To Go From Here?

If you would like to do more now that you have finished this course, I have a few recommendations. The most important thing is that you continue to practice your skills and always have "something" that you are working on.

4 Lektüren
4 Lektüren
Coursera Options1m
CodeAcademy - other badge tutorials2m
Post-course Survey10m
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Top reviews from Introduction to CSS3

von AFDec 26th 2015

Excellent course! Well paced and the course really builds skills in using CSS3! Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get a good grounding in CSS or who wants to go over the basics again.

von PAAug 20th 2018

The lecturer is a marvellous person. She makes the course very engaging. It takes you through most of the challenges I shall encounter as I progress in the field. I shall continue to study with her.



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Web Design for Everybody (Basics of Web Development and Coding)

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