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This MOOC provides you with the foundational skill set required to write computer programs. If you are interested in learning how to write interactive, graphical programs from an introductory level in a real programming language, this is the course for you. You will begin by learning the basics of editing and running programs. Then you will learn how to create 2D graphics using shapes and coordinates. Finally, you will learn how to create interactive graphics that you can control with the mouse. You will even solve a set of interactive puzzles using your coding skills in the Sleuth game which has been created especially for this course. The course uses the Javascript language and the p5.js library....



19. Juli 2021

It's worth the hard work. I'm insatiable for learning and need more impossible looking projects or games that Coursera designed to help the student really get into the world of computer programming.


8. Juni 2019

The course is built up well, the steps are easy to follow. Even when there is some research required, the intentional gaps are highly manageable. The gamified deliverables were really fun to do! :-)

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von Emanuele M

16. Apr. 2020

The course is starts in medias res, it plunges you directly into the subject matter, no-frills. The chosen language is also fascinating as it is processing and you work with basic graphics. There is however an issue with the "exam" (which is a programming game). Once finished you get the diploma even if the game is in the second week. In fact, it becomes evident soon after that you're not supposed to finish it immediately, but only with the notions which will be introduced on week 3. The issue is still not fixed.

von Jay B

2. Juni 2019

They introduce all the assignments and assign them in week one. It stays red until you complete it and appears under week one in the menu. I struggled (though it wasn't that hard once you get started) all the way through every assignment thinking the entire assignment portal (called sleuth) was just the week one assignment.

When i finished what I thought was week one, it gave me the certificate. So in short, be clear that the Sleuth assignments correspond to certain content each week!!

von Deleted A

3. Jan. 2021

The professors are so good, But I have faced some problems including the problem that I do what the professor exactly do with brackets but it didn't follow my edits and commands, I don't know if that because he used Mac in his videos or because of the new version of Brackets. That's why I Unenrolled because I couldn't keep on learning. Although they explained so well with no application to me.

von Julia R

10. Mai 2020

Sleuth should be at the end of week 3, OR it should be at the very least be made clear that you can jump ahead and do week 2 & 3 to learn what you need to know to go back to Sleuth. Otherwise it was pretty good for beginners. Wish there was more support from teachers/ moderators.

von Turi T

7. Okt. 2020

I liked the course content, but not the course layout. The "exam" were due only a few days after I signed up and before the material had been covered. It was confusing to say the least.

von Huu T P N

23. Aug. 2021

The challenging course and interesting design and very enthusiastic lecturers. However, lack of instructions and ambiguity of tasks make the course hard to follow.

von MD.Ualiur R R

27. Juli 2020

I didn't like the course. I don't understand the merit of the homework that I needed to perform. Though I completed the course to complete the specialization.

von M s

21. Dez. 2020

Sometimes questions are too blur to understand. Since the scoring is done automatically, I recommend you to carefully read the question, and folum.

von Dylan G

6. März 2022

most likely had potential but i cant rap my head around the sketch and co course assignment, select folder does not work

von Nialish M B

7. Sep. 2019

Assignments are good.But there should be more teaching material required which helps us to complete our assignment.

von Jacob M H

6. Feb. 2020

The course was taught well, however the weeks were scheduled incorrectly. Week 1 should have been week 3.

von Gianna R O

8. Feb. 2022

The instructions on the tasks need to be more clear. If you like to read and solve things, it's good.

von dee c

17. Dez. 2021

T​he course would be enjoyed more by those really interested in Graphics Designing.

von Gariman S

9. Aug. 2020

I feel the course wasn't well organised and not much interactive.


1. Sep. 2020

In this course need a improvement much needed improvement.

von Baljot S

9. Apr. 2022

Could use more insruction for sleuth

von shrunal s

21. Mai 2021

misleading assignment date

von Deleted A

18. Apr. 2021

Good Knowledge and Quizes

von Shagufta M

11. Nov. 2020

I was actually expecting this to be more basic level. I am experienced but yet for a beginner level I found this course a bit confusing. Also there are a few things that can provide a better experience if improved. First, the assignment was placed in week 1 with limited knowledge relevant to attempt the assignment. It could have been placed at the last week and with enough knowledge to attempt the questions. Second, it was way too repetitive, I feel the idea here is to engage newbies with clear concepts rather than getting them to do repetitive tasks without a clear understanding. Third, I received the certificate soon after completing week 1 assignment. If for this course completion the requirement was to only attempt the assignment with 80%+ marks, I'd prefer to have it at the end of the course after I have gone through all videos otherwise I will loose interest to keep going through learning material after achieving the certificate.

von Robert M D

28. Apr. 2020

I had initial problems using the text editor, brackets. I eventually figured it out however it took me hours. there were many similiar comments to mine complaining about the same issues. the introductory portion to this class needs to have a better tutorial on downloading and using brakets and all other software that may be needed. when there are many similiar complaints about a topic and they are not addressed and adapted into the lesson it makes for a terrible lesson and class. I would gladly up my star review if they make changes to the tutorial of how to use brackets.

von Fatih G

6. Nov. 2019

everything was ok so far but sleuth was real disaster and very very difficult to get 80% especially for beginners without any video help. I spent hours to get 80%. Yes I learned so manythings but I dont think this should be the way of learning online.

von Muie M

27. Juni 2022

F​or a complete begginer it's not a good course. Instructions are not detailed, they expect you to self study mostly with trial and error.

von Loren D

2. Okt. 2019

sleuth assignments were frustrating. bit more theory could have been provided, examples on creating events, initializing objects etc.

von Medina b

28. Apr. 2020

I couldn't find the examples they were referencing and could not get any support

von Jose M M L

18. Mai 2022

N​ot for beginners.