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Looking to start a career in Deep Learning? Look no further. This course will introduce you to the field of deep learning and help you answer many questions that people are asking nowadays, like what is deep learning, and how do deep learning models compare to artificial neural networks? You will learn about the different deep learning models and build your first deep learning model using the Keras library. After completing this course, learners will be able to: • describe what a neural network is, what a deep learning model is, and the difference between them. • demonstrate an understanding of unsupervised deep learning models such as autoencoders and restricted Boltzmann machines. • demonstrate an understanding of supervised deep learning models such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent networks. • build deep learning models and networks using the Keras library....


15. März 2020

Interesting course. Forward propagation, gradient descent, backward propagation, the vanishing gradient problem, (+ Regression, Classification, and CNN with Keras) explained clearly.

24. Juni 2020

Good course. It is a very direct approach. It is a basic introduction to keras. Doing the labs is recommended, and also previous knowledge about machine learning is encouraged.

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von deepthi l

9. Okt. 2019

Loved the way the instructor has clearly set the expectations of the scope and breadth of coverage of topics in this course. However, if the course was a bit more deeper into intermediate level concepts, it would have given me more confidence to face interviews. Nevertheless, I would love to learn more from this instructor as he kept me motivated (and not bored) all through the course from start to the end.

von Aniket S

16. Dez. 2019

Queries are not getting resolved in the discussion forum. So, instructors should participate in the discussion forum to resolve such queries.

von Lam C V D

8. Sep. 2019

The teaching is not deep enough to solve the Week 5 assignment, please take note you need to plumb in other Keras courses.

von Amit T

28. Sep. 2019

Details very well covered. I found it very much interesting and well explained.

von Suhas S

19. Sep. 2019

It is a good Introduction course on Deep Learning using Keras.

von Jered W

16. Dez. 2019

The final assignment needs to be more user friendly.

von Sadabrata K

6. Apr. 2020

Lab assignments are really good as they help in building the concepts nicely. IBM has really put together the best instructors. The videos were also very easy to understand. One more thing I would like to add is that previously I have tried learning Deep Learning from other places too but this course is the best.

von Amitayu B

16. März 2020

Interesting course. Forward propagation, gradient descent, backward propagation, the vanishing gradient problem, (+ Regression, Classification, and CNN with Keras) explained clearly.

von Petr J

20. Jan. 2020

Quite good course on Nerual Networks. I would only welcome even more practical examples with practice coding but I was happy with this setup.

von Chuck w

10. Dez. 2019

Really enjoyed the class, felt that the level of challenge was appropriate. Thanks for making this class available!

von Andres H

2. Dez. 2019

Excellent i understood the main principles of neural networks and the recomendations were very usefull


3. Okt. 2019

Very intractive and benificial course for me .Thank you coursera and IBM for this course

von Rose C

10. Nov. 2019

I really enjoyed this course, specially for all the labs and assignments. Thanks much!

von Denis U

16. Jan. 2020

Very good course to start with Neural Networks & Keral lib. Recommend for beginners.

von Ani 0

6. Nov. 2019

It,s a very good course to get grip on keras and artificial neural networks.

von Ramiro R A

17. Nov. 2019

Nicely packed in a small course. And the examples are pretty good as well

von Laeeq K

26. Sep. 2019

Super Class course ever I see. Thanks for give such best production.

von Saeed A

16. Okt. 2019

Nice for start point

von Alex S

11. Mai 2020

Good course for absolute beginners. Would have liked an extra week or two to 'manually build' some of the key neural network concepts from scratch as in the first week.

von Sameer u

11. März 2020

try to add more case study problems and solve it on lectures so that we can understand how to start (initialize) the coding part when we receive any real world problem.

von Serge F

16. Nov. 2020

The title is not right. It is more a general presentation of deep learning then a présentation with KERAS.

von Frank S

22. Nov. 2021

This was a good course and well paced. But I have a comment about the final project. It was not clear to me if the same model was being re-trained and improved upon in 50 trials - or if the idea was to do 50 trials to capture just how good a model it is, using different splits of the data. Since we were asked to find the mean and sigma of 50 trials - I assumed those trials would be independent and each one performed with a fresh model - otherwise it is odd to find a mean and sigma of a system that is converging to a final result. In that case it's only the final mean and sigma of the final trial that matters. So I think some clarity would help there - without giving it all away with regard to how to do the project.

von Brandon C

10. März 2020

I found this course to be very beneficial. The explanation was consice and straight to the point without wasting any unnecessary time on explanations of concepts that a student couldn't readily put into practice. I found the labs to be equally as concise and to the point. It allowed me to understand fundamentals and build programs quickly. I would suggest this course to anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly regarding Deep Learning and Keras in particular

von Mary A P

26. Mai 2020

Best course yet of the IBM professional certification courses. Everything was clear and to the point. The final assignment lab was presented with clear instructions. I learned a lot and more importantly found a new favorite focus!

Although instructors never responded to questions I posted on the forum (usual), with a search was able to get clarity on details of the assignment. I enjoyed the lab.

von Hamsavardhini A

25. Aug. 2021

It was a excellent course for beginner who don't have any knowledge about deep learning. I am very impressed and got some knowledge about deep learning. The way he taught the lesson was excellent. Theory as well as practical session was very informative and easily understandable.