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Learn about iOS development by learning about the OS and the development platform. Discover how to set up and prepare a local environment. Get acquainted with the Swift playground and write code in Swift. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: -Demonstrate a working knowledge of the general principles of mobile apps and the iOS ecosystem -Set up and explore the XCode environment -Demonstrate an understanding of how XCode is used in the Swift app development process -Write Swift code and create UI with the use of Swift playgrounds -Navigate the Swift UI -Manipulate data in Swift You’ll gain experience with the following tools and software: -Swift application and software -iOS software and development environment -Mobile OS -XCode -Objective-C -UI frameworks -Testflight -UI storyboard -MVC -APIs...



26. Okt. 2022

Make sure you repeat videos, and have a basic technological understanding of how technology works before starting this course. Take the time to understand terminology as it moves quickly


20. Nov. 2022

I liked videos. Way things were explained was new to me although I have attended University and this experience wasn't new. Big thumbs up for professionalism.

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von Jeffrey C

26. Aug. 2022

Having been studying iOS development for the past two years, I found this course underwhelming in both its content and teaching style. Had this been my actual introduction to iOS Development I may have been overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged by this course. It focuses on telling rather than teaching, and gives you a lot of unnecessary information that could be saved for later when you are more comfortable with iOS development. I feel like a company of Meta's standards could have created a far superior course than this. I must say, after seeing how they handled this course, I'm not looking forward to the remainder of the specialization.

von Abdelkader A A

29. Aug. 2022

So far so good. A lot to learn but I have the feeling that I'm at the right place on the right path.

von Eric D R

1. Sep. 2022

good course but i wish there was more hands on work as opposed to a bunch of videos and quizzes

von Max M

3. Jan. 2023

good introduction to xcode and development, but not alot of content on how to make the app itself. luckily there are more courses in this series for this

von Diego C

10. Sep. 2022

Very good course to give you the bases of iOS development. This gives you strong theory to base your knowledge and starat your iOS development journey.

von Yamikani C

3. Sep. 2022

I've only gone as far as week 3, so I expect my thoughts of the course to change as I go deeper into it. So far so good. Just a few thoughts: (1) The course could be clearer about the prerequisites required. It’s not clear to me if the student is supposed to know Swift or not. Week 3 has a video titled ‘Swift Simple Terms’ where the instructor explains basic keywords like `var` and `String`. In the video that follows - ‘Create the player’ - the instructor glosses over an implementation detail that uses the `override` keyword. No explanation is given on what `override` actually is, only a vague mention that it is required to implement the feature. 🤷🏽♂️. What is the overall assumption/aim here? Are we being introduced to Swift or are we expected to know Swift already? Giving attention to basic concepts one moment and doing the complete opposite the next is confusing. I think the course would be better if the instructor was consistent. (2) The course could be clearer about the type of student engagement that’s expected in specific chapters. For instance, take the ‘Week 3 - Project Setup’ module. We’re supposed to be building a video player here. If this course is suitable for ‘individuals with no prior experience’ then a great deal of the concepts mentioned here will be foreign. Most students will simply copy and paste whatever the instructor is typing in her IDE. This is alright, I think there’s a place for that kind of learning - where you simply watch and listen to appreciate the power of a tool without being expected to understand the details. It would just be a lot less confusing if the instructor mentioned that this was the expectation, and students shouldn’t bother too much about some of the complexities of the video player implementation that are being glossed over. Neither should they be worried about coding along. On the other hand, if the instructor does expect the student to code along and grasp what’s being discussed then I don’t think a video player project is the most suitable project at this point in the journey. Developing a less complex feature/project may better serve the student.

von John S

18. Sep. 2022

overall the intro is honestly really good, but I was expecting the lecturer/mods to reply to students' queries at least, but for almost a month no one really interacts with you. Just felt like another youtube tutorial.

udemy is much more better imo for follow-up questions, the lecturer there replies at least.

von Carlos F

1. Dez. 2022

This course was extremely hard to follow and execute towards the end. The code in the AVPlayer Module just did not make sense. There were videos that started off in the middle of a sentence and the code that followed it just did not make sense. Hopefully this course can get updated with the proper videos to make the course easier to follow.

von Jeremy D F

15. Sep. 2022

Not much substance to it.

von Michael D

20. Sep. 2022

Youtube has far better instructions and examples that actually work, don't waste your time or money like I did

von Galadien

16. Jan. 2023

This is outdated. Things aren't done the way this app presents anymore.

von Eric K

9. Sep. 2022

A good introduction to iOS apps development. The instructions were clear and at a slow pace, so very beginner friendly. Not as much coding as I anticipated, guess that would have to be in the third course of the program. Most are intros to knowledge around the iOS environment. Including different mobile OS, what an iOS developer at Meta does, the importance of project planning, learning about Xcode, etc. Currently, the course is taught using Xcode 14. Not quite sure if in the near future when Xcode 14 and iOS16 roll out, they will manage to update the course to the newer versions. Really hope they do!

von Matías O

6. Okt. 2022

Fue un buen curso introductorio que ayuda a conocer toda la historia que hay detrás de este gran ecosistema hasta llegar al día de hoy. Una vez concluído dicho módulo, pasamos a conocer un poco más la interfaz del editor y posteriormente utilizar el simulador y escribir algunas líneas de código.

Principalmente este curso está enfocado a conocer todo el ambiente de desarrollo y su historia más que a escribir código que se vienen en cursos posteriores.

10 puntos!

von Shelton B

1. Okt. 2022

I would like to see more source code/code pens to interact with so that the course is a more of a hands on experience. Although, I expect I'll be able to do that down the line. Overall, this is a very well structured and informative introduction to iOS development.

von neue z

25. Feb. 2023

Hello! Thank you for providing an excellent course. Through this course, I was able to examine the overall process of iOS app development and confirm my learning through quizzes. I think I can recommend this course to others.

von Amir A

4. Feb. 2023

Very engaging course. Gives the basics to help get started with IOS development. Would mainly recommend this to anyone with zero knowledge in coding and app development. Would advice taking more advanced courses otherwise.

von Olga S

9. Okt. 2022

Very good course! I enjoyed it a lot.

For me was not very clear lesson with code in video_player. I didnt understand anything, just repeated the code and it works.

I think it will be explained in next courses.

Thank you!

von Kenneth F

5. Sep. 2022

This course was very good for a beginner. It helped me understand a lot of basic terms, reasons why apps are made, and we even did a project that in theory could be used in the real world, if touched up a little.

von Randal N

15. Nov. 2022

Very good overview of iOS mobile development fundamentals. The course outline introduces new content while maintaining the learner full engaged and looking forward to the next courses in the specialization.

von Jordan B

27. Okt. 2022

Make sure you repeat videos, and have a basic technological understanding of how technology works before starting this course. Take the time to understand terminology as it moves quickly

von Alejandra S G R

22. März 2023

Es muy interesante. Te lleva de la mano desde conceptos básicos hasta ya hacer tu reproductor de video. Es un gran curso impartido de la mejor manera para que todos puedan aprender.

von Luka E

17. Nov. 2022

It was great for beginners, if there were more coding people would really get lost in it. Even that little coding while making video player was challenging for me who never coded.

von Rodion S

21. Nov. 2022

I liked videos. Way things were explained was new to me although I have attended University and this experience wasn't new. Big thumbs up for professionalism.

von Ang W L L

30. Aug. 2022

Very well designed course to help students understand the basics. Does not feel too fast paced and ended well as to transition into the next course.