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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Introduction to Professional Communication von National Research Tomsk State University

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Upgrade your communication skills and become a more effective communicator in person, by phone and by email. DIscover more about communication principles, communication styles and reading between the lines. Improve your ability to influence others and respond to influence: learn influencing strategies, strategies for presentations, making requests, declining requests, and how to avoid mistakes in communication. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of modes, make connections to your colleagues, and understand how to influence others and respond to influence. But this is not all. I am glad to answer your individual questions. Please feel free to contact me by asking questions in the Discussion Forums. I aim to respond to 95% of questions within 24 hours....


24. Sep. 2021

Such a concise and great course, so simple and so impactful! Thanks to Instructor and Coursera

22. Aug. 2021

A very well taught and useful course. Short, clear and to the point.

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von Роман К

5. Nov. 2021

The course is useful, the information is easy to assimilate, it is pleasant to listen to the speaker, in the future I will apply the knowledge gained from the course, thank you very much.

von Evgeny G

2. Nov. 2021

Communication skills have always been just as important as professional expertise, and it is no wonder. Communication in its many forms pervades all aspects of your life. As a logical continuation of Dr. Peter J Mitchell's earlier course on career planning, a professional communication course will come in handy on your way to professional and personal achievements. It is effectively structured, always on point, with no compromises in quality. It has been of enormous help to me personally, so I cannot recommend it enough.

von Gleb G

21. Aug. 2021

Thank you for this course! I had severe troubles with my professional communication, but thanks to you, I started to work on my weak points and I have already succeeded in improving some of them!

von Shirshov A

18. Nov. 2021

I really enjoyed the course! There was a lot of useful information about how to improve communication with people.

von Zaitsev M A

5. Nov. 2021

Never thought there would be so many pitfalls when it comes to professional communication. It's like a completely new world for me. Thanks for the hard work! Didn't expect this level of production quality!

von Andrey S

26. Okt. 2021

As a student, I'm really happy that I could find the info contained in this course. It's a great start to enhance the future career experience.

von Gerasimov G S

25. Nov. 2021

A very well-done course with a lot of useful information, many thanks to P J Mitchell!

von Ryzhov A

20. Aug. 2021

Many thanks to Dr. Mitchell for his efforts. This course helped me a lot!

von S D S

23. Aug. 2021

A very well taught and useful course. Short, clear and to the point.

von Stepankov V

10. Nov. 2021

I took this course on the advice of my friends, and I think it is the best course on professional communication. I can point out the relevance of the information given. You can see that the author of the course has immersed himself in the topic he teaches. The course was easy and interesting to follow. I learned a lot of new things for myself.

von Pooja J

25. Sep. 2021

Such a concise and great course, so simple and so impactful! Thanks to Instructor and Coursera

von Gleb K

25. Nov. 2021

Hello everyone! I would like to share my impressions of this course. Firstly, I really liked the videos and presentations. There was also a lot of useful information regarding communication between people. Secondly, I would like to note the tests, they are really difficult and test knowledge.

von Dyshinevich M

5. Nov. 2021

The course is great! It gives usuful and relative information in a small amount of time. The instructor presents the materials of the course in a comprehensible and consistent way providing clear examples and sharing his experience. The technical aspect of the course is also admirable.

von Petrov N

5. Nov. 2021

This course is well-structured, understandable and simple. All general information about communication and buildings of relationships is given. Taking this course will save you a couple of years of trials and errors in building relationships with colleagues.

von Згерский Д И

5. Nov. 2021

This course turned out to be very useful, I recommended it to my friends (I am a student and took it for general development) who were looking for work and had worries about making a good impression, and it helped them. Thank you very much Peter Mitchell!

von Mitrofanov D

10. Sep. 2021

This course really got me re-thinking my communication style and gave me much food for thought and room for improvement. Everything is explained clearly in a calm manner. Would recommend this to anyone needing to improve their communication skills.

von Handsome J

23. Nov. 2021

This course helped me a lot to learn how to conduct business correspondence, as well as correctly and clearly formulate my thoughts. If you have difficulties with business communication with people of other cultures, this course is for you.

von Kozlov P

5. Nov. 2021

The course filled me in on the highly complex issue of professional communication. It also contains a wide variety of useful tips. For example, recording yourself while preparing for major events. Great work!

von Злобин С

3. Sep. 2021

This course is a good way to learn the basics of communication at work. The explanations are offered in a concise, easy-to-digest manner. Highly recommended to anyone starting a career.

von Рогозин В В

14. Nov. 2021

From my point of view, it was one of the best courses I have ever seen. This course gave me useful knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Mitchell for such brilliant explanations.

von Alex B

2. Nov. 2021

Nice course! Dr. Mitchell helps to understand the principles of professional communication, he also allows you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the course

von Shantagarov D

2. Nov. 2021

To my mind , this course would be rerally helpful for people who desire to upgrade their commmunication skills. I strongly recommend this one to study!

von Kaminskiy A

12. Nov. 2021

Very informative and the information is presented in an understandable language Moreover, I use the advice from this course myself and they work

von Andrey A

16. Nov. 2021

This course is really useful! It can help you communicate with your colleagues and perform your job more efficiently. Thank you!

von Максим Ф

5. Nov. 2021

The course is great! The professor narrates the material of the course very clearly. It will definitely help me in the future!