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Have you ever wanted to invest in financial markets, but were always afraid that you didn’t have the proper tools or knowledge to make informed decisions? Have you ever wondered how investment management companies operate and what fund managers do? AXA Investment Managers, in partnership with HEC Paris, will introduce you to the most important ideas and concepts in investment management, to help you better understand your financial future. This course will enable you to: • Define what type of investor you are, your investment objectives, and potential constraints. • Identify the main investable assets and important players in financial markets. • Understand basic portfolio management techniques. • Apply these techniques in real case studies from the outset, through practical assessments. Finally, we will provide a comprehensive overview of today's asset management industry: the product cycles, professionals, and regulations. For those who want to identify a talented fund manager to invest for you, we offer important criteria for selecting one. For those who are interested in learning more about this fascinating industry, we lay the foundation for your ongoing financial journey. Join us now to explore the world of investment management! Course Specialists The course has been developed in collaboration between HEC Paris, with Hugues Langlois managing the academic aspect, and AXA Investment Managers specialists, sharing their experiences and expertise and coordinated by Marion Le Morhedec. AXA Investment Managers participants include Maxime Alimi, Stephanie Condra, Nicholas Jeans, Elodie Laugel, Pierre-François de Mont-Serrat, Jean-Gabriel Pierre (AXA Group), Dorothée Sauloup, Irina Topa-Serry, Fiona Southall, Patrice Viot Coster, Susanna Warner, and Joachim Weitgasser. Recommended Background We expect most participants to have a basic level of knowledge in mathematics and economics. However this is not essential, and we believe that people from any background can succeed with commitment and a strong interest. Be aware that in the case study, you will have to use Excel. Course Format This course will run for 4 weeks and consists of 4 modules, each with a series of lecture videos between 5 to 8 minutes long. Each module contains a set of practice and graded quiz questions. A complete portfolio management exercise covers concepts learned in all modules Language The course is in English, with Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Chinese (Simplified) subtitles. The Project The preparation of this MOOC has been an exciting adventure for many professionals at AXA Investment Managers and HEC, both for the speakers and a wealth of contributors. Thank you to all of them. We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed creating it!...



25. Mai 2020

A course that has taught me more about the "Quantitative Methods" of calculations of Optimal Asset Allocation, Regression and Descriptive Statistics regarding Portfolio management techniques.


7. Juni 2017

Definitely rigorous and challenging. A great course to continue you maturation in investment management and portfolio analysis. Great resources and materials. Highly recommend this course.

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von Tomás O M

9. Okt. 2020

Muy bueno!

von Sokhna D

21. Okt. 2016


von Stylianos V

11. Okt. 2016



21. Nov. 2016


von Romain d L T

20. Okt. 2016


von Mark G

3. Nov. 2016


von youssef k

28. Nov. 2021


von petar.miroslav.zotovic

12. Juli 2017



26. Aug. 2021


von 司文杰

6. Mai 2018


von Ho J

18. März 2022

The course provided fundamental knowledge about portfolio management with quantitative method. However, there could be more examples or practices for student to work on those calculation. The content should explain the theory behind and the way to interpret the results. For the regression analysis, it just provide a brief part but the quiz goes quite deep and I need to do extra research in that area.

Nevertheless, this course offers an overall view on the asset management, recommend those who are interested in the industry to take the course and good luck!

von Anthony T

23. Okt. 2021

This is my third finance course from Coursera (the other two being specializations from university of Geneva and Gies college of business) and I would only recommend this course if you have prior maths knowledge. This is because none of the equations given throughout the course offer any examples, and it took me some time to learn how to solve them using external sources. With that said, if you are willing to put in the additional time to learn, then it is a very useful yet brief course.

von Jose M G

6. Sep. 2020

The initial part was very useful and practical my main takeaway is the preference metric as one of the factors to pick a stock based on the risk tolerance. I would have loved to see more real life (excel) examples in the weeks 3 and 4 of how to build a balanced portfolio and how to re-balance it in order to perform real life investments.

von Sara C

7. Juli 2017

I enjoyed this course and the way it was presented with videos, and the excel based exercises were very useful however I feel like some of the more challengin work was very intuitive (which I suppose was the point) but unfortunately there was not a lot of guidance on how to complete those exercises and get the honors certificate.

von Emilien M

10. Aug. 2016

Interesting course, even though it covers only topics relating to investment management within a portfolio and math formulas could be better explained using more concrete examples.

But for anyone who has not a finance degree and wants to acquire knowledge in this field, it's definitely worth it!

von Paul d B

30. Aug. 2019

Les notions et compétences apprises lors de cette course me serviront énormément dans ma carrière. Les supports annexes sont complexes mais très utiles pour les évaluations.

En revanche, les accents des intervenants nuisent à la compréhension du cours malgré la présence de sous-titres.

von Beka D

13. Juli 2017

very nice, lots of useful information and the course is really good for people who have some kind of knowledge about the subject. Giving the course 4 stars just because it is too short. I would like it to include more practical assignments, examples etc.

von Exploring G

20. Mai 2020

The content and the guidance is priceless, I mean the professors and their experience is a blessing to this course yet, the problem I faced was to understand the different English accent of some tutors and had to read it properly to understand.

von Sebastian A H

28. Sep. 2019

The course gives a clear and broad overview about the investment management industry. Recommended if you already have some foundamental knowledge in general finance and want to het more acquainted with asset management.

von Dorian W

22. Jan. 2020

Great course for understanding the basics and some in-depth topics of investment management.

In the last chapters there wasn't any explanation for mistakes in the tests though which would have definetely helped.

von Tashi K

16. Mai 2021

Good insights in the field of Investment Management and relevant techniques employed. I would recommend addition of review solutions for Honors assesments and elimination of minor quiz glitches.

von Anne L T

9. Apr. 2020

Unfortunately, the task descriptions in the honors quizzes are very unclearly formulated, making it hard to answer and understand these tasks. Apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

von David F

13. Juni 2018

Really good and interesting content. Really nice for beginners like me. Just one bad thing : a wrong translation in a module, but nothing more. Thanks HEC, AXA IM & Coursera ! :-)

von Charles-Henri S

27. Mai 2020

Thank you very much to all for this course. I really enjoyed the quant part and especially exercises in Excel. Would be interesting to add a quantitative recap chapter !

von Sharon S

1. Juli 2020

Key principles and overview are excellent. Technicals and quantitative aspects were too fast and detailed for me. Probably more useful for analyst level interests