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Build on the software engineering skills you learned in “Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software” by learning new data structures. Use these data structures to build more complex programs that use Java’s object-oriented features. At the end of the course you will write an encryption program and a program to break your encryption algorithm. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Read and write data from/to files; 2. Solve problems involving data files; 3. Perform quantitative analyses of data (e.g., finding maximums, minimums, averages); 4. Store and manipulate data in an array or ArrayList; 5. Combine multiple classes to solve larger problems; 6. Use iterables and collections (including maps) in Java....


19. Juli 2018

The course was pretty challenging (and occasionally frustrating) for a novice programmer, but doable.\n\nI enjoyed the course, and came away with a greater understanding of computers and programming.

29. März 2017

Good and practical training approach to solve real worlds problems. Assignments and quizzes are quite challenging and interesting. Greatly motivates us towards programming and problem solving skills.

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von Hangyul M

3. Aug. 2018

It definitely makes you practice! But I hope it more dedicated to make us think how to use data structure more!! But If you are newbie to this field, it might be some challenging but help you to improve your coding!!

von Max V

26. März 2020

Weeks one and two were extremely tough. Need more examples with testing scenarios in those weeks. Maybe consider breaking problems down into smaller samples.

von Md. Z M

14. Juni 2016

The concepts taught were very useful and interesting, but the only drawback I found with this course was the confusing nature of the Mini-Project.

von wen c

30. Juli 2017

videos are good and course is helpful. However, no staff working for forum, so if anyone has any problem, no staff is helping you.

von Prithvi K

31. März 2020

The assignments were straight forward with the algorithm laid out fully. could have been a little difficult

von Vu M L

26. Feb. 2019

Still needs some reconfiguration to the quizes. I am not satisfied with those. Needs to be fixed!

von Kerstin K

29. Apr. 2017

Course and Assignments were good, but don't hope for an answer in the discussion forums.

von 36 - O S

6. Okt. 2020

Quizzes are very time-consuming. It will be better to give programming assignments.

von Amir R A

11. Sep. 2021

If you are beginner, this course is going to be difficult for you!

von P J

14. Juli 2018

the reading part has many errors and unneccessary methods

von Neng P

6. Nov. 2016

Discussion forums for this course was not quite helpful.

von Konrad D

25. Feb. 2016

OK, big improvement from first 2 in this series

von Frank T

12. Juli 2019

Poor Quizzes and little help on the forum

von Ernest D K A

5. Sep. 2020

Not foundational course at all.

von Olga V

9. Nov. 2018

Do not recommend this course and this specialization for beginners. Maybe worthy to make only if you have an experienced developer on your side to help you. Most likely, you're going to be really frustrated. Had high expectations on this courses, sadly was disappointed. Poor explanations, short videos, too complicated and multiple assignments, using BlueJ environment which nobody in a real world uses.

von Md. A

22. Mai 2020

The course asks for lots of programming and hard work which I appreciate as a way of learning better. But, some of the quiz questions have questionable wording which leads learner to answer wrong and have less grade even after knowing about the algorithm well and having correct program developed. This is frustrating.

von Asif K

22. Jan. 2016

Again, I wish the teachers would explain explicitly what is needed for the programming exercise. I felt abandoned by the faculty when I was trying to work out the programming exercise. There is an assumption that we as students know what the teachers are talking about.

von Chase A E

11. Juli 2020

Felt this was too vague for beginners, and too simple for those with experience. Spent a lot of time fighting with the quizzes to get it the answers it wanted, rather than focusing on writing good code.

von Jerrold

7. Okt. 2020

Fantastic course. Great assignments and lectures. Low score because the workload is excessively high and overwhelming for novice programmers

von Muhammad G

26. Mai 2020

Pretty Boring and absurd. Not a good way to describe the concepts

von Milton C

16. Okt. 2017

Too many weeks go by without feedback on forums.

von Mohamed M H

25. Jan. 2020

it was very hard

von Joseph M T

2. Juni 2021

This course barely touches Arrays, Lists, and Hashmaps (the only structured data they teach), and it is mainly focused on solving repetive mini projects which are very poorly taught. You must use their custom libraties and their IDE which are horrible, and most of the quizzes are just a repetitve as the mini projects.

DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE unless you are really bored and need to practice even poorly made assignments.

von Dr J R C

17. Feb. 2016

Not really useful ~ I would like to email in a PDF of my comments covering this course and the second course in this series

von Stanislav S

12. Feb. 2018

I hated whit all my bones this one, boring, repetitive