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Journey of the Universe weaves together the discoveries of the evolutionary sciences together with humanities such as history, philosophy, art, and religion. The course draws on the Emmy-award winning film, Journey of the Universe, and the book from Yale University Press. Journey explores cosmic evolution as a creative process based on connection, interdependence, and emergence. It examines a range of dynamic interactions in the unfolding of galaxies, Earth, life, and human communities. It investigates ways in which we understand evolutionary processes and the implications for humans and our ecological future. The Journey course, thus, is based on a new integration that is emerging from the dialogue of the sciences and humanities. Journey tells the story of evolution as an epic narrative, rather than as a series of facts separated by scientific disciplines. This changes our perception so that we begin to see ourselves as an integral part of this narrative. By situating ourselves within this story we can better appreciate the complexity and beauty of processes such as self-organizing dynamics, natural selection, emergence, symbiosis, and co-evolution. As we discover these intricate processes of evolution, we awaken to the beauty and complexity of our natural environment at this critical juncture in our planetary history....



May 05, 2020

Very, very insightful. Best course that I participated in. I simply loved it. And if you (the reader of this review) have any sort of curiosity regarding reasons of existence, this course is for you.


Oct 21, 2018

I love everything about this. Plan to go back sometime later and explore more of the websites and links that are referenced. I especially enjoy material from the American Museum of Natural History.

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von Zach V S

Sep 26, 2016

This is one of my all-time favorite courses.

von Jessica A

Jul 24, 2017

Excellent course! I had a lot of fun!

von Julian P P

Jan 28, 2017

Terrific, I've really enjoyed it!

von Suhaib N

Jun 25, 2020

excellent course learnt a lot.

von Anil K

Feb 10, 2018

Great learning experience!!!!

von Shubham M A

May 11, 2020

Very informative course

von Shinichi T

Apr 10, 2020

Very insightful course

von Liu S

Nov 20, 2016

fantastic!!!!I love it

von Winston A W

Jun 22, 2020

Excellent, thank you.

von Keke

Jan 09, 2018


von Raul F C

Jul 04, 2020

Excellent course!

von Shivam

Sep 18, 2018

Very good course

von louis f d m p s

Feb 26, 2017

wonderful jorney

von Asif S B

Mar 10, 2017

Amazing course!

von Therese M M

Sep 22, 2019

I am amazed!

von mansi g

Jul 01, 2018

nice n easy

von Tun L A

Aug 31, 2017

I love JOTU


Aug 18, 2020

курс супер

von Jiratchaya T

Jun 18, 2020



Aug 03, 2020


von Dibyanshu S D

Jul 22, 2020


von jeetendra k

Aug 06, 2020


von T.J. E

Jun 16, 2020

This course is at times thrilling and mind-expanding, at other times repetitive and dull. The topic, most of the readings, and about half the videos, are captivating and exciting and world-view changing. But the material (internal readings followed by video lectures followed by video interviews followed by video excerpts from a documentary followed by external readings, etc.) do not, in my opinion, compliment or add to each other so much as simply keep repeating the same thing in multiple medias. So, in this way, the course somehow achieved to be both thrilling and dull at the same time. However, the course is well worth it if you are interested in big ideas like deep history, human capacity for story-making, meaning-making, and mythology, and the human spirit. Despite the title, these are the big themes, while actual cosmology or astronomy are secondary (though important). I give a big thanks to the creators of the course for exposing me to Wendell Berry and this big idea of Cosmological storytelling.

von Al A

Oct 22, 2017

I liked this course however it seemed to center on the film as the core content, sometimes feeling like an elaborate advertisement for the film/book. It would be great to have a course that went deeper into the scientific findings that are described, and didn't draw on only the film as the source material.

von Susan H

Feb 23, 2017

Awesome documentary! Just sad that we can't do this course without having to subscribe. Is there any way to make it more accessible? Such as allowing the non-paying students to submit quizzes and assignments?